Nowadays, the hands-free feature of iPhone enables you to operate iPhone more easily than before. Can Siri read a text? Yes, of course. You can do something like navigating in Maps, listening to music, searching for information by requesting Siri to help you. Sending hands-free texts, editing notes, sending emails, and more can be done via Siri. For iPhone users, all the dictation needs can be satisfied by Siri commands. If you prefer text dictation rather than using the keyboard, Dictation can be enabled on your Apple devices. Here we will teach you how to dictate messages, edit notes and send emails to others by using Siri since you would like to get the keyboard left behind thoroughly, let’s go ahead and get started with dictation commands.

Part 1: How to dictate your message by using Siri

You can send a text by using Siri, just tell Siri “Send a text to”, then say the contact name you have kept in the list of your Contact. Dictation can be started at once, or Siri will give you a response “What do you want to say?” After that, you begin dictating the text you want to send. Once the dictation is finished, stop talking. Then Siri will read the text for you and ask you whether to send it or not. If the text is no problem, you can say to Siri “Yes”, then Siri will get the text sent to the contact you need. If the text is not correct, you can respond “edit” and then the text will begin editing again.

  • How to get dictation enabled on your iOS devices?
  • If you would like to use your voice to command Siri to do more things but not just sending the messages, you can get Dictation enabled, then you can dictate the longer messages, edit notes, send email and more by asking Siri. Dictation can be used in many Apps that have a keyboard. You can follow the steps below to get Dictation enabled.

    1. Enter Settings and then tap on General.
    2. Scroll down until you see Keyboard, then tap on it.
    3. Switch Enable Dictation to On position.
    4. When you run an app that offers dictation, you can see a microphone icon. Hit on the microphone and then dictate your text, you can refer to the picture shown below. If you want to be back to type, you can tap on keyboard icon.


    But it is frustrating that you are not allowed to delete mistakes with voice command. If you need to remove something, you should begin a new text or hit on the screen to choose the text that you need to replace, then hit the microphone to begin dictating the corrections.

    Part 2: How to edit notes on iPhone using Siri

    Notes app is always to write down memos, random thoughts or others. If you are lazy in typing, Siri is a great tool for you, here you can refer to the instructions as below:

    1. You can perform a voice command to Siri by pressing and holding Home button, then run Siri by saying “Hey, Siri” to your iPhone.
    2. Tell Siri “Take a note” and then begin dictating your note via Siri.
    3. After your talking is done, the dictation to Notes app will be saved in an automatic way by Siri.
    4. You can go back to your Home screen again by pressing the Home button. Editing note by using Siri is not so perfect as you expected, but it is much faster than typing on the keyboard.

    Part 3: How to send email using Siri

    Using Siri to send an email to the individuals or multiple recipients is also available on your iDevice.

    1. You can activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button or saying “Hey, Siri”.
    2. Tell Siri to send email to whom, like “Send an email to Jack” or “Email Thomas and Tony”.
    3. Hit on the email address that you want to send the email to once Siri offers you the options. Or you can tell Siri, such as send an email to Bob at work”, then Siri will know the email address that the email is sent to.
    4. Dictate the subject of your email. For instance: “Holiday plans”, “Meeting schedule” or “Trip arrangements”.


    5. Dictate the contents of your email to Siri.
    6. Wait for the confirmation of the email content by Siri.
    7. Hit on Send or tell Yes to Siri, then your email will be sent out.


    If you are not satisfied with this email, you can tell Siri “change subject”, “change message” or “add”. Also, you can tell Siri “cancel” to give up this email completely.

    Part 4: How to back up message on iPhone without Siri

    Here you have known you can send messages, make a note and send email via Siri dictation guide. This handy iOS devices assistant is great tool for you when your hands are busy with something or you are driving. Therefore, you may have many messages to send and receive every day. But have you been aware that if your iPhone is broken or the data is deleted accidentally one day, a lot of important messages will get lost from your device? You may get panic in this unexpected situation, right? Is there any simple way that can help you find back the lost or deleted messages without Siri? Yes, why not? If you have backed up your messages previously from your iPhone to computer, it is much easier to retrieve your messages from computer. You are lucky to be here to find a great way to back up your data without hassle. Here we will recommend you a wonderful third-party tool Leawo iTransfer to help you back up the message on your iPhone in a simple way.

    Leawo iTransfer is powerful transfer program for iPod, iPad and iPhone. It provides a great solution to the transfer issue between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. Up to 12 types of data which include music, photos, apps, contacts, SMS and more are supported to transfer by Leawo iTransfer. In addition, multiple kinds of files can be backed up to computer from iPad, iPod and iPhone easily with iTransfer. Apart from this, Leawo iTransfer is an excellent music management tool to help users to get their playlists of iOS devies and iTunes managed well with no limit.

    Based on the advanced technology development of scanning and transferring, Leawo iTransfer can transfer or back up the data in a fast and safe way. 100% security and reliability even are guaranteed by Leawo iTransfer during the transfer process. Below are the specific instructions of how to back up messages on iPhone with Leawo iTransfer. You can download this software by clicking the specific button, and then follow the instructions to finish the message backup step by step as follows:

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer and then launch Leawo iTransfer on your computer. You iPhone will be recognized and detected by iTransfer automatically, then the detailed information of your iPhone will be shown in the left sidebar of iTransfer window.


    Step 2. Choose “SMS” tab in the left column and each message will be listed on the right part. You can even view the specific content of each message when clicking the single message on the right part. Then, just select the specific messages which you want to back up to computer from your iPhone. After that, click on “Export” button on the center top of the iTransfer window.


    Step 3. Once you have chosen the messages to export to computer, a dialog will pop up and request you to choose an output folder to save the exported messages from your iPhone. Hit on “Save” button when you have selected the location for the exported messages. Finally, the messages on your iPhone will be backed up to the output folder on your computer. If you want to find back the lost or deleted messages one day, you can open the target folder which have saved your messages previously and get the messages back with ease.


    Now that you get a trick of using Siri to do anything you like on your iPhone in an easy way, dictating messages, notes and emails via Siri will get your hands free if you are busy with something. The powerful feature of Siri will help you send and receive many messages every day, so don’t forget to back up your messages to prevent against data loss. Take an action to back up your massages with Leawo iTransfer right away in case that your messages will be deleted or lost accidentally, the most important point is that you will enjoy a great experience of backing up the messages from iPhone to computer in rapid way without hassle. You will find it amazing to back up your messages with such a powerful transfer tool. Besides that, if you are a music lover, it also can be a great tool to help your manage your playlist of your iPhone due to its multiple functions.