This post is about how to back up your DVD collection on Mac and what kind of DVD backup software you can use on Mac to do so.

If you haven’t think about getting your DVD collection backed up, it’s time to give it a thought. Keeping a pile of DVD discs is no easy thing as you know how fragile they are. Chances are you might get it scratched when trying to put it in a DVD player. Usually, slight scratches won’t do any hard to the data in the disc, but it still carry the risk of being severely damaged. So getting your DVD collection backed up is always a necessity. For Mac users, there are a few great choices for the best DVD backup software for Mac. Depending on what form of backup you need, you can use DVD copy software or DVD ripper software as DVD backup software. Check out our recommendations of the best DVD backup software for Mac in below.

Best DVD Backup Software for Mac

No.1 Leawo DVD Copy for Mac

Our first recommendation of a DVD backup software is a typical DVD copy software. Leawo DVD Copy for Mac is a powerful DVD copier with well rounded features. 1:1 lossless DVD copying is supported and it also supports compressing DVD-9 to DVD-5. It provides two forms for users to back up their DVDs into. One is as a DVD folder and the second is as an ISO file. It also provides the option for direct disc to disc backup which requires two DVD drives and one of them should be a DVD burner. You can also use it as a DVD burning software to burn the DVD folder or ISO image you got from the original DVD to a new disc. It’s our top choice for the best DVD backup software for Mac.

No.2 Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac

Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac is a DVD to video converter on Mac. It’s the best software to backup DVD movies as it can rip DVD to lossless MKV and a lot of other popular formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. That means you can watch the DVD movie on your mobile devices if you want. All you need to do is rip the DVD to MP4 with Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac. You can consider the converted video as a digital copy of your original DVD disc.

No.3 MakeMKV

MakeMKV is known to most people as a Blu-ray/DVD Ripper. MakeMKV only does one thing:ripping Blu-ray/DVD to lossless MKV. And that’s the main reason why it’s behind Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac for the choice of the best DVD backup software for Mac. You can’t convert the DVD movie to other formats for playback on mobile devices. If you want to do so, you will have to find another program to convert the lossless MKV to a compatible format. But the DVD ripping feature is offered to users free. That’s a big attraction for a lot of users.

How to use the best DVD backup software for Mac to back up your DVD collection

I’ll show you how to use Leawo DVD Copy for Mac, the best DVD backup software for Mac, to copy and back up your DVD collection in the traditional way: creating an exact copy of the original disc.


The backup process is simple, but you should know that Leawo DVD Copy for Mac isn’t an independent program. It’s merged into Prof.Media, Leawo’s software package for faster media processing for users. Here’s the detailed steps.

Step 1. Now that Leawo DVD Copy’s inside Prof.Media, you will have to find the shortcut to loading DVD Copy inside Prof.Media. Fire up Prof.Media on your Mac and hit the DVD Copy button on the main interface once the program finishes loading.

Open DVD Copy

Step 2. Insert the DVD disc into your disc drive, you can do this before launching Prof.Media or in this step after loading DVD copy. When the disc is recognized by your Mac, you can start to import the content of the disc to the program by dragging the DVD folder from the Finder window to the program interface or clicking Add Blu-ray/DVD>Add from CD-ROM.

Load DVD

Step 3. You might not need all the content in the disc to be backed up, so you can use the 3 buttons provided on the left sidebar to select the content you need and eliminate the content you don’t want. Full Movie is for when you want to copy the whole disc. Main Movie helps you back up the main movie in the disc and Custom Mode allows you to select the content you need from the content lists above. After making the choice, select a suitable format for the backup from the format drop-down menu in the bottom left-hand corner.

Select content to copy

Step 4. Click the green Convert button for more options and settings. The following sidebar has some important settings we need to go through. First, check out the 3 options on top of the sidebar. The DVD Folder option is for you to create a DVD folder from your DVD disc. The ISO File option is for creating an ISO image from your disc. And the third option is a drop-down menu for you to choose a DVD disc in your DVD drive to copy the original disc into. The third option can be used when you have two DVD drives and want to perform directly disc to disc copying. The first two options will have the backup stored on your hard drive so you will have to set an output path for them in the Save to box. And then start to copy the disc by clicking the Copy button at the bottom.

Start backing up

To perform DVD backup Mac users could use either one of the programs we recommend. They are the best software to backup DVD movies. If you want to get a digital copy of your DVD discs and watch the DVD movie on other devices, Leawo DVD Ripper would be the best choice.

How to back up DVDs as a video file on Mac

If you have a program that can convert your DVD collection into common video files on your Mac, would you consider using it. A program like that can help you make copies that can be played not only on your Mac but also mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or other handsets you have. It’s a kind of backup that’s more commonly accepted by different devices. And when you need to create a new disc copy, you can also burn the video files to new DVD discs. So it’s a practical way for backing up your DVD collection.

With all those choices for ripping DVDs on Mac you have, I would recommend that you use Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac that we introduced to you above. It’s a one of the best choices for ripping DVDs on macOS. The program can rip all kinds of DVDs including commercial DVDs with copy protection and region codes. It offers you with a great amount of output formats to choose from. You can freely choose from common video format like MP4, AVI, WMV to the more rare lossless MKV. It guarantees you a high quality video file for backup. Learn how to use it to back up your DVDs on Mac in the content below.


Step 1. Leawo DVD Ripper is included in a software suite that Leawo calls Prof.Media. After having Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac downloaded and installed on your computer, Leawo Prof.Media is what you will find in the Launchpad. Just open Prof.Media and then you will see the DVD Ripper icon. Directly click on the icon to open the module.

Load DVD Ripper Mac

Step 2. Put the source DVD disc you want to back up to your DVD drive. If the Mac you use doesn’t have one, get an external drive first. The disc will soon be recognized by your Mac. You can then click the Add Blu-ray/DVD button from the menu bar in the upper left. On the menu that follows, choose Add from CD-ROM and click on the new option that appears later to have the data in the DVD disc loaded to DVD Ripper.


Step 3. Use one of the 3 buttons in the upper left of the interface to select different videos for backup. The Full Movie button will help you select all the videos in the disc. It’s the option for when you want all the videos in the disc backed up. If you only want the movie but not other extras, just click the Main Movie button and the program will only rip the main movie. When you feel like choosing the videos by yourself, click the Custom Mode button. It would allow you to choose whichever videos you want directly from the list below. After making the selection, you need to click the OK button to have the chosen videos transferred to a new list as there are more settings in the upcoming phase.

Select Video

Step 4. Click the second button from the right side of the menu bar which shows “MP4 video” by default to display a new menu. On the menu, click Change to get to the panel with all the supported output formats. Find the output format you want from this panel and click on the ideal one to set it as the default format for the program to convert your DVDs into.

Select format

Step 5. Click the first button from the right side of the menu bar, which is the Convert button, to display a new panel. On top of the panel is the output path box with the default output directory. You can change it by clicking the “…” button next to the box. Afterwards, click the Convert button at the bottom of the panel to start backing up your DVDs to your Mac.

Start backing up DVD

There are a few formats that you can consider converting your DVDs into. The first one I would recommend is MP4 as it would allow you to play the DVD movie on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and other devices without further converting or processing them. Also the lossless MKV format is a good choice as it’s the format that offers the highest level of quality.