Some superheroes in comics are quite popular among readers, such as Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and so on, which are owned by Marvel or DC Comics. The two comics companies have taken much of the comics market all over the world, and they are both located in America. The difference between Marvel and DC is a hot topic among people who love to compare them in detail. The characters of these two companies have some similarities and differences as well. You can check out the contents in this guidance to have a look at them.

Part 1: Difference between Marvel and DC

The difference between Marvel and DC Comics is obvious, for they are different companies. It is interesting analyze the companies, although there is not a strict guideline to do so. Here I would like to introduce them in brief.

 Difference between Marvel and DC

1. Marvel Comics is owned by Marvel Entertainment, which is also the publisher. It belongs to The Walt Disney Company at present, and now its HQ is in New York.

DC Comics is owned by DC Entertainment, which belongs to Warner Bros.. Its HQ was also in New York City, but it moved to Burbank, California in the year of 2015 with the assistance of Warner Bros..

2. Marvel Comics has no offspring companies at present.

DC Comics has some offspring companies.

3. By 2017, Marvel Comics took four spots in the ranking for single-issue comics.

DC only held six of the top spots.

4. At first, the two companies displayed distinct differences in the storytelling.

DC Company was once famous for telling colorful stories of gods. Marvel was popular for owning a more human means.

After you read through this part, you may be clear of what is the difference between DC and Marvel. In the following part, I will compare the characters of the two companies in detail. If you are interested in Marvel Vs DC characters comparison, you can continue to read this tutorial.

Part 2: Marvel Vs. DC Characters Comparison

Although Marvel comics or DC Comics now has lots of superhero characters and they have attracted numerous audiences to go to the cinema to watch the movies, maybe you have no clue on the differences and similarities of these characters. This part will show you a specific Marvel Vs DC characters comparison for you to refer to.


1. It was DC that first began to produce heroes with super-human anilities, such as Superman, and Wonder Woman. Marvel also became interested in these heroes and made efforts to produce these characters into superheroes via probable methods, such as Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four, and later it began to produce heroes with more abilities beyond nature like Thor.

2. Another difference of DC Comics Vs Marvel Comics characters is that Marvel applies an actual life location for a large part of its heroes, such as Spider-Man, X-Men, The Defenders and so on, but DC Comics are fond of using fictional locations to create its heroes, including Gotham City (for Batman), Coast City (for the Green Lantern) and etc.

3. DC displayed gods in men’s clothing, but Marvel would like to lift Men (and Women) to a god-like height.



1. Some character types were produced by both companies. For instance, Sub-Mariner is a Marvel superhero, who lives in the sea that is located in the e fictional kingdom of Atlantis, which is seen as one amphibious character. The character of DC, Aquaman, is also one amphibious role, who hails from fictional Kingdom of Atlantis as well.

2. The organizations of superheroes of the two firms also has similarities. For example, Marvel’s Avengers with DC’s Justice League share parallels. The X-Men (by Marvel) and Doom Patrol (by DC) are both teams of superheroes, and the society shuns them. The leader of them are both wheelchaired men.

The superheroes DC Vs Marvel have some differences and similarities or connections. The difference becomes blur to some kind. Sometimes you may not care about which company the comics belongs to, and you just love the characters of both firms.

Part 3: How to Import Comics from Mac to iPhone/iPad

You can download some of your favorite Marvel comics or DC Comics on Mac to watch them whenever you like. However, if you want these comics become portable, you can import them to iPhone or iPad for your convenience. When this idea comes to your mind, you may find you do not know how to make it. This is just the time for you to read this part to solve this problem. Leawo iTransfer for Mac, as one great software, will play an essential role in the importing process. It can be used to manage files among Mac, iOS devices and iTunes, which has powerful functions for you to apply and explore. Now let’s start to have a look at the detailed steps to add comics to iPhone or iPad from Mac. Here I would like to take iPad for instance. If you don’t have an iPad, you could also read comic ebooks on iPhone as well.


Leawo iTransfer for Mac 

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Step 1. Insert iPad to Mac and Run iTransfer for Mac

Launch iTransfer for Mac and then connect iPad with Mac with proper USB cable. Your iPad will recognized quickly by the software.

Insert iPad to Mac

Step 2. Open Books tab

Open “iPad icon> LIBRARY > Books” tab successively. You can check out all books on iPad.

Open Books tab

Step 3. Add Comics to iPad

Click on “Add” to select either “Add File” or “Add Folder” button to browse Mac folder to find the comics you want to share to iPad. After you find the comics, you need to click on “Open” button to begin to add comics to iPad from Mac immediately. The process will only last for a few seconds.

Add Comics to iPad

This solution is really amazing for you to use. You can also transfer comics from iTunes to iPad with the help of iTransfer for Mac. Thus, you can read comics on iPad whenever you want.