How many characters of Marvel and DC do you know? Superman and Spiderman; Captain Marvel and Captain America; Batman and Iron man. Marvel and DC comics have created loads of superheroes in the last century that we can’t even list them all. The universe of Marvel and DC is such a grand narrative that someone has to spend ages to figure out. Marvel vs. DC comics, what are the differences between them? Just read on to find out.

Part 1: Detailed Comparison Between Marvel vs. DC Comics

Both as renowned comic books, Marvel and DC Comics were founded in 1939 and 1934 respectively and have been well received by comic fans ever since. Even though they share a lot of similarities in superheroism, there are fundamental differences between the two companies.


When it comes to location, Marvel vs.DC Comic is real vs. fictional. Marvel’s universe is based on the real world as ours, which makes it more grounded to reality. Marvel’s superheroes live in American cities we know such as Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Thus Marvel’s story seems to be more related to audiences. DC’s story often takes place in a fictional location that is kept vague, such as Metropolis, Coast City, Central City, etc. The most iconic fictional location in DC Comics is Gotham city, which is the fictional world for Batman to protect against Joker.

Super Power

There is a distinct difference in how the heroes got the power between Marvel and DC. In the aspect of power, Marvel vs. DC Comics is born vs. made. Marvel folks are just like us, who are regular but become heroes someday. A spider bite makes Peter Parker the Spiderman, gamma rays transform Dr. Robert Bruce Banner into a raging Hulk. When it comes to DC, superpower is something they live with and part of their identity. Superman is a super powerful Kryptonian right at birth, Wonder Woman is a daughter of Zeus who has divine power.

Tone and Style

Regarding tone and style, especially in the movies, Marvel vs. DC Comics is dark vs. humor. This can be seen in Batman, with Christopher Nolan’s directing, the film tends to be gritty and moody. Even though there’s sporadic humor but the overall tone of DC is darker than the counterparts. In contrast, Marvel lends itself to a touch of humor. One can easily find Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy funny that the Superheroes are not that distant and humor sort of deconstructed the seriousness of the hero character.

Theme and Character

Even though both comics are fantasy under the banner of Superhero-ism, the theme and character are fundamentally different from each other. Marvel vs. DC Comics is realism vs. fiction. Marvel brings more realism to the stories, one can be easily related to Marvel when seeing troubled teens Peter Parker or cancer-stricken Wade Wilson. The real world seems more hopeful when the suffering characters are endowed with the superpower. DC, on the other hand, showcases a mythical, far-fetched, and otherworldly universe.

Part 2: Comparison Marvel vs. DC Comics Characters

Superheroes make up the story of Marvel and DC, either they are conventional or not. All the characters are lively with their personality. Generally speaking, regarding characters, Marvel vs. DC Comics is idealistic god vs. flawed mankind.

Marvel vs. DC Comics as Mankind vs. Mythology

Superheroes are a bunch of normal humans who becomes great in Marvel, but with DC, superheroes are flawless gods stemmed from Mythology. Captain American is just an ordinary soldier who fights in WW2 later gets the power to protect the earth; Tony Stark is a genius scientist who invented the technology that can rival Thor, the god of Asgard. In regard to DC, Aquaman represents a sort of ocean force that resembles the power of Poseidon; Wonder woman originates from Greek Mythology, as the daughter of Zeus, ruler of Olympia Pantheon.

Marvel vs. DC Comics as Curse vs. Gift

Superheroes in Marvel consider superpower differently from those in DC. As in Marvel, superpower doesn’t come without a price. It’s perceived as a curse to characters. Spiderman has to suffer the spider bites to become a great hero. When you look at the X-Men, many of them have to struggle with their power that is accompanied by a painful past. On the contrary, one sees so much divinity in the heroes of DC Comics, their superpowers are often innate and gifted. The iconic Superman is the Messiah who protects mankind, a perfect exemplar of great humanity.

Anti-heroes are similarities

Unlike conventional heroes, anti-heroes are refreshing and give off a different kind of charisma. Both companies produced attractive unconventional heroes that are unique. As one of the biggest successes of Marvel, Deadpool, a man who hides his pain beneath jokes, always resonates with fans, making you laugh to tears. In contrast, Harley Quinn in DC Comics, her madcap humor, and tenderness underneath are what speak to fans that make the character lively.

Part 3: Where to Watch Marvel vs. DC Comics for Free?

There are loads of resources of Marvel and DC online. If you want to enjoy Marvel and DC Comics for free, check out the list below to find out more.


Besides the main publisher, you can read Marvel and DC comics by ComiXology for free. Primarily as a comic online shop, ComiXology is one of the best places to read comics. Even though most issues cost money, there are still relatively free issues available. With ComiXology, you can not only find Marvel and DC, but also Dark Horse as well as other industry giants. There are also manga, independent releases from smaller publishers.

Amazon Best Sellers

When it comes to comics, one would not think of Amazon as a good bet. Surprisingly, there is a large amount of comic content including Marvel and DC Comics on Amazon. You can start from Comics and Graphic Novels Best Sellers list, or check out the Top 100 Free to see the most popular free titles available for download. Amazon Best Sellers updates regularly so you can check it out from time to time to find the Marvel and DC Comics you’re interested in.

Digital Comic Museum

In respect of online comic collections, the Digital Comic Museum is tough to beat. The online museum doesn’t only provide Marvel and DC Comics collections but also free comic books from the Golden Age (1930s-1950s) which has a great impact on modern comic books. To start downloading you will need to register an account first. It’s always good to browse some classic titles from decades ago and see how the way of storytelling changed over the years.

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is an online comic book platform that resembles the Digital Comic Museum, archiving comics from the Golden and Silver Age. You can find Marvel and DC here. The site is way beyond the call of duty, celebrating the whole genre which includes sections such as fanzines, pulp fiction, non-English comics, etc. If you are a true comic fan, this is the place you don’t want to miss. The resources here are so rich for any book fans to explore.

Get Comics

Get Comics is where you can find a large number of comic books online for free, including Marvel and DC Comics. Get Comics also provides many other comics such as Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, and many more. The platform is very easy to navigate and the menu has Marvel and DC highlighted so you can locate them directly. It’s one of the best platforms to enjoy Marvel and DC Comics online.

Part 4: How to Download Movies Based on Marvel vs. DC Comics?

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Part 5: How to Import Comics from Mac to iPhone/iPad?

You can download some of your favorite Marvel comics or DC Comics on Mac to watch them whenever you like. However, if you want these comics become portable, you can import them to iPhone or iPad for your convenience. When this idea comes to your mind, you may find you do not know how to make it. This is just the time for you to read this part to solve this problem. Leawo iTransfer for Mac, as one great software, will play an essential role in the importing process. It can be used to manage files among Mac, iOS devices and iTunes, which has powerful functions for you to apply and explore. Now let’s start to have a look at the detailed steps to add comics to iPhone or iPad from Mac. Here I would like to take iPad for instance.

Step 1. Insert iPad to Mac and Run iTransfer for Mac

Launch iTransfer for Mac and then connect iPad with Mac with proper USB cable. Your iPad will recognized quickly by the software.

Insert iPad to Mac

Step 2. Open Books tab

Open "iPad icon> LIBRARY > Books" tab successively. You can check out all books on iPad.

Open Books tab

Step 3. Add Comics to iPad

Click on "Add" to select either "Add File" or "Add Folder" button to browse Mac folder to find the comics you want to share to iPad. After you find the comics, you need to click on “Open” button to begin to add comics to iPad from Mac immediately. The process will only last for a few seconds.

Add Comics to iPad

Marvel and DC Comics have brought so many good stories during the past century. No one is ultimately better than another and both of them are amazing and legendary comics. As more and more movies are produced these days, with the methods aforementioned, comic fans like you can download Marvel and DC movies for offline access and future playback conveniently.