For people who used to buy DVDs, there probably is a pile of DVDs on their shelf that hasn't been watched for a long time. Most people had turned to Blu-ray for high-resolution enjoyment. It's kind of a waste to let them just staying on your shelf like that. Consider getting your DVDs converted to common videos to your computer. That way it'll be much more convenient for you to watch the movies and they will be usable again. And for people who have the habit of watching videos on the go, MP4 is the ideal format. So to help you make your DVDs usable again, I will show you how to convert DVD to MP4 on Windows 10 in this post.

A comprehensive DVD Ripper to convert DVD to MP4 Windows 10 users could use

The first choice you can have for ripping DVD to MP4 on Windows 10 is Leawo DVD Ripper. It provides a lot of different features for you when ripping a DVD. You have all kinds of popular output video formats to choose from. You can edit the video with the built-in video editor. You can even add 3D effects on the movie you are ripping off the disc. And it's capable of ripping DVDs with almost all kinds of protections.


Below are the detailed steps on using the program to rip a DVD. Note that it's not an individual program but inside a software suite called Prof.Media.

Step 1. Put the disc in your DVD drive and launch Prof.Media. The DVD Ripper shortcut icon is the fourth icon on the first row. Click on it to load the module.

DVD Ripper

Step 2. There's a sign in the center that shows you can drag the DVD files to the program. If you want to do it this way, just open the DVD folder in Windows File Explorer and drag the folder to the blank area of the program and drop it and the content in the disc will be imported to the program properly. Or you may directly use the Add Blu-ray/DVD button.


Step 3. On the left side of the main interface is the title list. You can see the length of every video next to the title name. And on the right is the video player that you can use to play the videos. It will come in handy when you use Custom Mode to manually pick the titles to rip. You can play the video and see if it's the video you want. But if you go with Main Movie, the longest video will be selected. And Full Movie will have all the videos selected for output. Click OK to import the chosen videos to the video list.

Options for DVD Ripping

Step 4. The program will set MP4 as the default output format for all videos by the first time you open the program. But you are probably going to need to change it in the future. So here's how to change it. Click on the button with the MP4 Video label on it and then on the menu that follows, click Change. Pick one format from the following page and click on it to confirm your choice. The parameters of format you chose are adjustable. If you want to adjust them, click on the MP4 video button (will be changed to whatever format you just chose) again and click Edit and it will take you to the Profile Settings page.

Select MP4 as output format

Step 5. Click the Convert button in the green background and a sidebar would pop up. On it is the output path. The program will have an output path set in advance. You can change it by clicking the button next to it. And then there's nothing left to be set. Now you can click the Convert button to start ripping the disc.

Start ripping DVD

A Free DVD Ripper on Windows 10:Handbrake

To rip DVD to MP4 Windows 10 users also have another choice: Handbrake. Many people would think MakeMKV is the better choice here but MakeMKV can only convert DVD to MKV. Not exactly what we want here. But Handbrake can directly convert DVD to MP4 on Windows 10. Normally, Handbrake can only deal with DVDs with no copy protection. But all it needs is a file libdvdcss-2.dll. You can go download it online and have it put in Handbrake's program folder which is C:\Program Files\Handbrake by default. After placing the file in the right folder, let's begin with the DVD ripping process.

  • 1. Open Handbrake and then click the Source button. On the following Source Selection sidebar, click on the DVD Disc option to import content in the disc to Handbrake.
  • 2. The videos imported to the program will be in the Title drop-down menu. Click on the menu and select one title you need. And then click on the Add to Queue button to add the video to the video ripping queue. If you have more than one title that you want to rip, choose each title from the Title drop-down menu and add it to the queue one by one.
  • 3. Select a location for the videos you've chosen to rip by clicking the Browse button. Then the output path will be shown in the output path box on the right side of the Browse button.
  • 4. Select a preset for the video from the Presets list on the right side of the interface. If you plan on watching DVD on Apple TV, you can choose the presets for Apple TV. And it's got other presets for other devices. If you don't have a specific preset in mind, just go with regular presets like Normal or High Profile.
  • 5. Click the Start button and Handbrake will start to rip DVD to MP4.

Handbrake rip DVD

Handbrake is a simple and easy-to-use DVD ripper to convert DVD to MP4 Windows 10 users could use. But it doesn't offer as much features as the Leawo DVD Ripper. And the libdvdcss file might not be able to cover all copy protections. But Handbrake’s free and Leawo DVD Ripper is not. So you can make your choice according to what you need from a Windows 10 DVD ripper.