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5 Best Free PowerDVD Alternatives

As one of the most popular DVD players in the market, Cyberlink PowerDVD is told to be able to playback all the DVD and Blu-ray content. At the same time, this program can deliver fine-tuned media pictures and audio. However, some recent comments on this software reveal the potential issues that you may concern. Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 won’t play Blu-ray from time to time, which can be a headache as there seems to be no reason why it happens. Cyberlink PowerDVD Blu-ray not working will lead to the ultimate solution that good PowerDVD Blu-ray alternatives should be taken.

Part 1: Some Common Issues of PowerDVD

If you are considering what to do when my PowerDVD won’t play DVD, you may need to understand some common causes from Cyberlink PowerDVD software. As a matter of fact, there are way more frequent questions occurring while using the program.

First of all, the issue of Cyberlink PowerDVD Blu-ray not working is likely to happen when the DVD disc is being protected by particular methods. DVD movie discs can be encrypted by region codes and other CSS processes. To play DVD media smoothly, the corresponding decryption is required. That is to say, this Cyberlink PowerDVD player application does not have the capability of decrypting DVD discs.

In the second place, Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 won’t play Blu-ray movies due to the standard version limitation. After users upgrade with chosen payment, the Blu-ray features will open. If you think the paid edition will ensure all the Blu-ray playback, then it is necessary to notice that the Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 won’t play Blu-ray for unknown reasons once in a while. In this case, you may be regretful to spend money in vain.

Additionally, this software is claimed to obtain online streaming performance such as watching YouTube and Vimeo. However, the web search engine is not working properly. That’s why many users drop this function as there is not too much useful information about each video.

Part 2: 5 Alternatives to PowerDVD for Windows

Top 1. Leawo Blu-ray Player

The primary alternative to PowerDVD is this versatile Leawo Blu-ray Player. More than being a free solution for all Blu-rays and DVDs, Leawo Blu-ray player has been developed with forefront decrypting processes to bring out any video movies regardless of the region codes. This formidable PowerDVD Blu-ray alternative can completely support DVD, Blu-ray, video resolution of 720P, 1080P, 1080i and 4K (2160P). So you can use it as the best 4K Blu-ray player on Windows.

With this playback program, you are allowed to enjoy soundtracks and images of raw source quality. Apart from keeping the fabulous output, users are welcome to adjust a wide range of parameters. What’s more, it can offer the menu display with ease. Featuring all codec packs, it provides instant playback for media files along with a screenshots snapper. Unlike Cyberlink PowerDVD, this flexible software gives everyone the freedom to change skins and themes.

Top 2. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

The simplicity is what this alternative to PowerDVD mainly concentrates on. You can make use of this software as a free program to open most media files on Windows. Many Windows users replace the Windows Media Player with it for better support and less streaming issues. Since it is able to include a variety of simplified utilities, it can operate super-fast while costing less consumption of system resources.

Top 3. SMPlayer

The similarity to many other PowerDVD Blu-ray alternatives is the accessibility of a number of popular files. Developed with a sleek graphic interface, it has a special functionality that can memorize your changed settings. That is to say, all the modified settings can apply to other media files in order to save time repeating to adjust. This operation is called “above the shelf“. The marking mechanism is capable of fixing the playback points as well.

Top 4. RealPlayer

If you have heard of the format of RM, RMVB, or other similar files, you may have noticed that this RealPlayer has the full stack of codecs to solve those files. This is because this alternative to Cyberlink PowerDVD was born with the purpose to supply entire Real Network files. More than their own media formats, it can provide DVD playback without problems. The majority of mainstreaming videos even Flash videos and audio are listed in the supported array.

Top 5. Zoom Player

Featuring high-speed playback for DVDs, this PowerDVD Blu-ray alternative can perform zooming in and out with assigned values. The interface is relatively interesting as the layout shows the module and buttons with iconic colors. It is easy to find this program is handy to navigate around with the specialized design and bright elements.

Part 3: 5 Alternatives to PowerDVD for Mac

Top 1. Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac

As the best PowerDVD Blu-ray alternative for Mac, Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac has the caliber to carry out all the DVD and Blu-ray tasks with seamless operations on Mac systems. While hosting all the PowerDVD playable codecs, the program has the capability of decoding all other kinds of over 180 media formats including HD MP4, HD MKV, HD AVI, HD TS, HD VOB, etc.

It is a totally free alternative to Cyberlink PowerDVD embedded with the remote control, power manager, a screenshot snapper, even more. Settable skins and backgrounds will bring out the maximum customization. Want to acquire quality-lossless MKV from discs? Needless to possess any additional software, you can create such files directly within the premium application. In case you want to make MKV files from DVDs and Blu-rays, it contains an upgrade version.

Top 2. VLC Media Player

Ranking among the top places for what is a powerful PowerDVD Blu-ray alternative, I believe there are many media users familiar with this program. The most excellent capability is the flexible properties generated by the open-source traits. It is indeed renowned for diverse feasible methods to make every DVD and Blu-ray media file available on the screen. If you need more external codecs, just get the extra codec packages and merge them with VLC. It also allows users to transcode particular formats to each other. The attached ability can fix AVI files.

Top 3. 5K Player

Aiming at the best PowerDVD Blu-ray alternative, 5K Player has been equipped with the modern needs of supporting Airplay for Mac computers and other iOS platforms. In other words, while playing DVD and Blu-ray content on Mac computers, you can cast movies to other monitors and screens. At the same time, you can download Youtube videos online. But if you require specific resolution sources of videos, it is suggested to use other professional downloaders.

Top 4. MPlayer

Inbuilt with the neat and simple user interface, this alternative to Cyberlink PowerDVD illustrates another good model in terms of DVD playing performance. It holds a considerable amount of media sources with 90 kinds of audio codecs. Meanwhile, around 150 types of video codecs are contained. This alternative to Cyberlink PowerDVD can assist to take a screenshot by hotkeys. And you can configure distinct shortcuts according to your preferences.

Top 5. DivX Player

DivX Player intents to get rid of all Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 won’t play Blu-ray issues on Mac. Via the adaptable presentation of displaying Blu-rays and DVDs, it also draws attention to the supremum feature of coping with DivX files. Not only does it run on Mac devices but it also has another version for Windows users. It is slightly favorable of the interface layout even though the whole parameters may be constructed like puzzles.

Part 4: Better than PowerDVD – Leawo Free Blu-ray Player

If you want to fully understand what a perfect Blu-ray player program is without costing a penny, this Leawo Blu-ray alternative to PowerDVD would be the optimal choice. While it thoroughly beats other PowerDVD Blu-ray alternatives around, it exceeds Cyberlink PowerDVD software from every single aspect. There are some tips for the relevant extending.

Tip 1. PowerDVD is not the region-free player software.

The caliber to break down region codes plays an essential role in physical-digital content. This technology can aim for both DVD and Blu-ray solutions. That is also one factor to the Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 won’t play Blu-ray problem. In contrast, Leawo Free Blu-ray Player will save all the hassles.

Tip 2. Multimedia support is not ample from Cyberlink PowerDVD 10.

Speaking of the possibilities to playback media formats, Cyberlink PowerDVD displays its drawbacks by supporting a narrow range of video files like MKV, AVI, DivX, ASF, MP4, MPG, WMV, FLV. For instance, the app cannot offer the VP6-FLV solution. But the Leawo Free Blu-ray Player can totally handle video and audio files of any kind.

Tip 3. Cross-platform operation is not available for Cyberlink PowerDVD.

If you try to take advantage of the Mac running system, sadly, Cyberlink PowerDVD is not compatible with Mac OS computers. To make the best out of your media sources, Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac is ready for serving any time.



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