If you find a favorite song I DO IT FOR YOU from the Internet, how do you get this new music? Will you purchase CDs or buy the music via the the digital stores such as iTunes or Amazon? Nowadays, even we are living in the era of rapid Internet and the different devices with new technology, it is not easy to gain mp3 music freely. Of course, there are also some websites authorized by the artist offering free mp3 songs to their admirers. To make your own mp3 music player fill with multiple kinds of tracks, you just need to download mp3 music and save them in your music player. This article will teach to how to download mp3 music and save it to your computer for offline listening.

Part 1: Introduction to I DO IT FOR YOU

I DO IT FOR YOU is a popular song created by Bryan Adams who is a Canadian singer and songwriter. This song is written by Adams with the producer Robert and the composer Michael Kamen. Kamen composed this song based on the orchestral music coming from the film and it was created in 1990 at Adams studio in London. Adams and Lange just spent 45 min to write this song and then get it recorded in March of the next year.

This song showed up in the movie called Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves which was made by Kevin Costner, it was played on the credits of this movie. A line “I DO IT FOR YOU...” was used in this movie by Adams, which was the basis of this song. But Adams responded that this song originally did not get approved by Hollywood, because this film company needed to get this song to own the instrumentation the same as the films’ age like the lutes and the mandolins.

Michael Kamen wanted to compose this song originally from Maid Marian perspective instead of Robin Hood. But this initial version was too bland and was refused.
I DO IT FOR YOU gained the enormous success globally and ranked No.1 on the music chart of no less than sixteen countries. The song became successful especially in United Kingdom, where it got the number with 16 consecutive weeks on the single music chart in UK. The global sale of this song exceeded 15 million pieces, which became the most successful single song for Adam, also it was one the best hot sale songs all the times.

Part 2: How to download Bryan Adams I DO IT FOR YOU to mp3 free with Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is an outstanding and easy-to-use recording tool of different kinds music. You are allowed to record the free music sourcing from the built-in input audio, the computer audio and the online music. The recorded music finally can be saved to MP3 output format in high sound quality. Because of this smart music recording software, music tags can be added automatically and the tags also can be edited manually for the recorded audio files. You can easily search and find what you have recorded in the built-in library. Furthermore, if you want to share the recorded audio to iTunes, just one click can complete this operation in an easy way. As a professional and powerful music recording tool with advanced and innovative technology, different kinds of settings such as Task Scheduler, Audio Source and Output Format and the like are provided by this software to make your recorded music customize according to your needs. Below we will guide you how to complete the task of I DO IT FOR YOU Bryan Adams free mp3 download.

1. Launch Leawo Music Recorder on your computer and you will be directed to the main interface of this software. Then click on the icon “Audio Source” on the main interface to set the audio source and output format before recording. As we need to record I DO IT FOR YOU from online source, we have to select the option “Record Computer Audio”. After that, click on “Format” on the same pane and choose mp3 as the output format for your recorded music file.


2. Click on the red button “Start” to make Leawo Music Recorder begin to work. Then click and the songs “I DO IT FOR YOU” from online music source. You should note that the music recorder should start working prior to getting the song played. If necessary, the feature Task Scheduler can be used for your recording. You can click on the icon “Recording task Scheduler” on the left corner bottom to pull out this function. Then the begging time and the duration time can be specifically set here to meet your needs.


Part 3: How to download I DO IT FOR YOU using online music downloader

To get Bryan Adams I DO IT FOR YOU mp3 download for offline listening, using online music downloader will a great help for the downloading. This website allows you to convert any video into MP4 or MP3 music file freely, you are not required to register and install any software before music downloading from this online music downloader. You just need to enter the website address https://freemp3downloads.online on your computer browser, then the website of online music downloader will be opened immediately.


Next, type into the song name “I DO IT FOR YOU” on the search bar or paste the link of this song on it. Then, click on the button “Go” beside the search bar to begin to search the song that you want to download. The search results of various videos about “I DO IT FOR YOU” will be listed under the search bar. Select the one you want to download and click on the “Download” button below the video. Finally, the song “I DO IT FOR YOU” will be downloaded as an output format MP3 music file in the specified folder on your computer.


Part 4: How to download Bryan Adams I DO IT FOR YOU mp3 with Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound Recorder is able to capture any sound on your computer which includes streaming audio from Internet. No matter the local music or the online source music, both can be recorded with free sound recorder in an easy way. Any sound captured by Free Sound Recorder is in high quality because it has the particular virtual sound driver. Below are the guidance of how to download Bryan Adams I DO IT FOR YOU mp3 via Free Sound Recorder.

1. Run Free Sound Recorder on your computer. Select sound source in the drop down menu “Recording Mixer” by clicking the button “Show mixer window”. Multiple kinds of audio source can be chosen like Stereo Mix or Phone Line or Video Volume or more. Then, choose the appropriate recording device in the drop-down list “Recording Device”. The volume and the balance also can be adjusted on the same pane.


2. Press on the button “Options” to open the Options tab. The output format like MP3 or OGG or WAV or WMA can be specified in the General Settings. The recording quality can be adjusted via pressing on the button “Settings” . Click on “Change” button, you can choose an output folder for the recorded audio files. Furthermore, the recorded music files can be named automatically in terms of the date and the time.


3. Click on the button “Start” to start the recording work. Click the button “Stop” to end the recording. The recording audio “I DO IT FOR YOU” will be saved to the output folder directly and the files with the information like the location, the title, the time and duration will be displayed in the list as well. The internal player can be used to play your recording.


Part 5: How to download I DO IT FOR YOU mp3 using Chrome extension

You can download I DO IT FOR YOU which is playing from the current tab via the Chrome extension “Chrome Audio Capture”. The downloaded audio can be saved into the output format mp3 or wav. You can choose to mute the audio that is being recorded on the current tab. Below, we will teach you how to get Bryan Adams I DO IT FOR YOU mp3 free download with Chrome Audio Capture.

1. Get access to Chrome Web Store via the Chrome browser.
2. Enter “Chrome Audio Capture” into the search bar.
3. Click the option “Add To Chrome” to install the chrome extension on Chrome.
4. Press on the red button which locates on the top right corner.
5. Click the button “Start Capture” and the audio from Chrome will be downloaded.
6. Once the recording is completed, click the button “Save Capture” to get “I DO IT FOR YOU” music file in the target folder.


But, some limitations are existing in this Chrome extension.
1. The recording time is limited to below 20 minutes.
2. There are something wrong with the playback sometimes.
3. If the recorded time is above 20 minutes, the audio file cannot work in the playback.