"I just bought a new Philips TV and there is an old DVD player machine in my room, can I play DVD directly on my TV? If that's possible, how to play DVD on Philips TV?" I have been received so many questions while being a DVD amateur. The coincidence is that there are some Philips TV models from my friends. And basically, they can be connected to DVD players with ease. Thus, I will write down all the instructions from hooking up the DVD player to set the playback mode on Philips TVs in the following content.

Part 1: Connect DVD Player to Philips TV

DVD discs are one of the most pervasive tools for entertainment in our daily life. The ways to play DVDs can be distributed to multiple platforms such as DVD player devices and computers with a DVD drive. While you have Philips TV at home, then you need a DVD player machine for how to play DVD on Philips TV as the preparation step. And in the growing market of DVD players, the price could be very reasonable to get some best budget DVD players if you don't have one. In most cases, I believe that every family would possess one previously. Maybe the DVD player you obtain is a little bit outdated, just please make sure it works properly for reading DVD discs.

When you are ready, you can go with the steps for connecting DVD players to Philips TV below:

Step 1. Place your DVD player on a spot next to the Philips TV and make it power on.

The power cable usually has a limited distance. Therefore, you should look for a location where you can both link the Philips TV and the outlet for power. When the DVD player is plugged in, push the power button until it shows some lights or signs indicating the player is working properly. Then shut both the DVD player and TV off for security when getting into the next step.

Step 2. Confirm the connection ports and hook up the DVD player to your Philips TV.

In general, you can find the most common connection type at the back of the Philips TV and DVD player. That is called the A/V Cables (Three-Prong), which stands for Audio/Visual cables. They are labeled with three colors - red, yellow, and white while they group together widely. Connect the component audio/video cable to the video out and video in sockets on the DVD player and Philips TV respectively by matching the colors.

Notice that the Red and While sockets of Philips TV could come out separately from the video in.

If the new Philip TV is able to accept HDMI which is the most modern technology that only uses one USB cord, then you have the best choice to save all the hassles. The HDMI connector has better performance on image and audio output. Find the HDMI socket from both the DVD player and TV then snug each end of the HDMI cord into the corresponding ports.

Step 3. Switch on both Philips TV and DVD player.

When Philips TV has also connected to the outlet, press the power button to turn it on. At the same time, power on the DVD player again and insert one DVD disc to verify if the connection functions.

For how to play DVD on Philips TV, there are some settings to be finished in the next part. Keep moving.

Part 2: How to Play DVD on Philips TV

Now it is the part for doing the system settings from the Philips TV. No matter what connecting cables you use, there is always a requirement to set up the TVs.

Step 1. Enter the source panel.

If you cannot find a button for "Source" on the Philips TV, then use the remote control. There must be a key named "Source" on it. Press the AV input source button for reaching the panel.

Step 2. Navigate to the "Other" settings from the Setup page.

The source button will take you to the Setup panel with 6 different tabs for all the basic options. Under the "Audio" and "Video" choices, you should look for the "Other" label. The remote is quite convenient to operate by the direction buttons then hit the "OK" to access the next page.

Step 3. Select the HDMI option.

The "Other" panel is organized by a couple of detailed parameters. It is not hard to note the HDMI at the first glimpse, which is sitting in second place. Move down to approach HDMI then click the right direction to view the popping side menu.

Step 4. Choose the "HDMI Video" continuously.

You will be given choices on the "HDMI Video" menu where you need to let the DVD player output the video automatically. In the end, go with the "Auto" option. Now you are all set for how to play DVD on Philips TV.

Part 3: How to Burn Your Favorite Movie to DVD and Play on Philips TV

The solution to helping figure out how to play DVD on Philips TV is for providing DVD watchers with the most convenience. But under some situations that there are a few high-quality movies that you expect to play by your Philips TV, I also have a method to make the best of it. DVD discs store many wonderful movies while everyone is enabled to make one via the professional DVD burner - Leawo DVD Creator.

Leawo DVD Creator is a piece of top-of-the-class software burning any videos to DVD. While it has the strongest technology to support the entire movie formats on your computer, it causes zero image detail damage to any DVD production. One main goal of this burning program is to protect the source movie quality. In addition, it has been granted with the specialty of creating DVD menus from over 40 preset templates. Meanwhile, the feature all opens the door for you to edit full settings for menus, such as titles, text colors, text font, even more. There is an inbuilt video editor for personalization if you demand. It can be regarded more than a video to DVD converter since it also has the capability of creating slideshows from photos you like. Besides, you will find this application is with lots of hidden gems as it offers diverse handy toolkits and features that you might never experience.

The interface is novice-friendly and I will accompany you with a simple guide. Through the process, you can enjoy favorite movies any time as you know how to play DVD on Philips TV.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo DVD Creator on the Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Import favorite movie files into the best DVD burner.

The software supports the drop-off function which enables users to pull the videos directly over the top of the main interface. Alternatively, it is available to use the "Add Video" entrance.

Step 3. Adjust the DVD disc settings and the video output.

The movie file will come up with a brief information bar. Meantime, there are several options at the bottom being activated. You can change the disc type between DVD-9, DVD-5. Or modify the video aspect ratio that supplies 4:3 and 16:9. The file size indicator will tell you the occupation in percentage.

Step 4. Get ready to create your DVDs.

You can always make alterations when you change your mind before this step. However, this software can also give you a quick-burning process. Click on the green "Burn" button on the home interface right above the menu templates. The burning sidebar will pop up immediately with a directory board. Tick the last option of the "Burn to" and get the inserted blank DVD disc as the target. Finally, put one single click on the "Burn" beneath.

Part 4: Another Way to Play DVD on PC

As a matter of fact, there is a huge group of people opting to play DVD movies on personal computers instead of TV devices. In spite of the hardship going through how to play DVD on Philips TV, more indications are explaining the good sides of playing DVD on computers. On the one hand, some standalone DVD players are not designed well with decent software to decrypt the content due to the region issue. On another hand, sometimes the old DVD player device won't play new DVDs. And there are a lot more problems involving DVD players. If you are having trouble with those situations, then try the best DVD player on the computer with hassle-free solutions.

Leawo Blu-ray Player has been a perfect tool since it released to playback all the DVD discs. Including every common video like AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV/MKA (Matroska), QuickTime, MP4, etc., its breakthrough of the decoding technique lifts the watching experience from all the aspects. If your DVD is containing 4K high-resolution content, this program has the ability to cope with it seamlessly and generate the original video quality for delight. The amazing feature that keeps you away from the DVD player device is the robust decryption process. So you will gain a region-free disc player even for all the Blu-ray discs. Other practical functions are embodied and users can all feel the expediency from the upgrade version, which can convert DVD to MKV files without quality loss.

Part 5: Conclusion

Obviously, solving how to play DVD on Philips TV will take some time because you have to puzzle out what connection the Philips TV or DVD player supports. Once you are clear about the cables, there are some efforts on matching the ends to miscellaneous sets of sockets. I know the process requires patience and carefulness to have it work successfully. Furthermore, it would be so much fun if you can watch your own DVD content after you just settle down all the DVD preparation tasks. Hence, why not check out the Leawo DVD Creator and get your best-loved movies and videos on the new TV! Personally, I'm prone to play DVD videos on my computer from time to time because the fabulous DVD player can also bring out the best support of unique 4K resolution.