If you are a social network fan, you must be familiar with Facebook, a place to record your daily activity, and a place to share funny videos as well. What if you find so many funny videos on Facebook and want to enjoy them offline, you can try to download videos from Facebook with the help of an online video downloader. The way to download Facebook videos online is nearly the same as the way to download YouTube videos. Here in this article, I will show you four methods to download videos from Facebook online. Check them out and choose the one that best suits you.

Part 1: Download Facebook Video Online with Leawo Video Downloader

First of all, you can install a desktop video downloading program called Leawo Video Downloader to download Facebook video online. It is a program allowing you to download videos from popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook,Vimeo, and so on. It is said more than 1000 websites are supported in this program. Moreover, 50X speed is provided to download videos and users are free to choose to download HD videos. It offers an excellent user experience by embedding the search engine and media player in the program, which allows users to search and play videos within the program. Years of expertise in media tool development make Leawo, the developer of Video Downloader well received around the world and become a top-ranked software developer. And to make things easier, it can download MP4 format videos online, which means you don’t need to spend extra time in converting the downloaded video to a format that is universally compatible with your device or media player. Leawo Video Downloader supports all together 11 kinds of languages: English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Armenian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

If you are using Mac computer, you can switch to the Mac counterpart of Leawo Video Downloader. Download and install the right version of Leawo Video Downloader on your computer, and follow the guide below to download videos from Facebook online.

Step 1. Open Leawo Video Downloader
The program is included in a software bundle: Prof. Media. Kick off the bundle, and click the Video Downloader tab to open the downloader.


Step 2: Enter Facebook Video Link
When you enter the video downloader, the built-in web browser would open YouTube.com automatically by default. You can change it to other websites in the settings. You need to input/paste a new Facebook video link in the address bar to open a video. This Facebook video downloader would detect all the downable video sources on the current page and provide you with the option to download them.


Step 3: Download Facebook Videos
The downloadable video sources would be listed on the sidebar on the right. If you can’t find the sidebar, click the button in the middle of the scroll bar on the right to call it out. Click the Download button on the desired video source to download the video.


Step 4: Manage Downloaded Videos
All the downloading tasks would be listed in the Downloading Tab, and when the downloads are finished, check them out in Downloaded Tab. If you want to go back to the video page, just click on the address bar.


After getting the downloaded Facebook video files, if you are not satisfied with the video format, you can make good use of a professional video converter to convert it to your desired video format.

Part 2: Download Facebook Video Online with Getfbstuff

Alternatively, you can try Getfbstuff to download Facebook video online. This online video downloader functions as a simple Facebook video downloader which directly grabs the MP4 or FLV video links for the Facebook video. It is a free web-based tool for Facebook video download and easy to use. You don’t need to install any software or plug-ins; all you need is the Facebook video link which you should paste it in the input box to download Facebook video. Steps to download video online from Facebook are shown below.

Step 1: Copy the link or URL of the video on Facebook.
You can find the link by right clicking on the "video" and "Copy Link Address".

Step 2: Paste the link or URL in the box.
Go to the official site of Getfbstuff, and after you copy the link, you need to paste the link into the blank box.

Step 3: Start to Download Facebook Videos
Click Download to download the video from Facebook to your computer. Once a downloading task completes, you will be able to stream the video any time you want.


Part 3: Download Facebook Video Online with JDownloader

The third Facebook video downloading program is Jdownloader, which is a free, open-source download management tool to make downloading as easy and fast as it should be. As an easy-to-use tool, it can save hours of your valuable time when downloading videos online. Check out the detailed steps to download Facebook video online with Jdownloader.

Step 1. Copy and Paste Video URL
Visit the Facebook video you'd like to download, and with the JDownloader client open, highlight & copy the URL of the Facebook video.

Step 2. Choose Output Format
Click on the “Linkgrabber” tab on JDownloader to view the downloadable formats of this Facebook video. You can choose “MP4” as the output video format for downloading Facebook videos.

Step 3. Start to Download
Click “Continue with selected link(s)” to start to download Facebook video. After downloading process completes, you can open your downloads folder and locate the file, and then transfer downloaded Facebook videos to your portable devices for offline enjoyment.


Part 4: Download Facebook Video Online with TubeMaster++

TubeMaster++ is an application allowing users to download multimedia content from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Megavideo and DailyMotion. What makes TubeMaster++ different from other video downloaders is that it lets us search for the videos directly in the different websites from its interface and it also lets you navigate the webs directly from its interface. Check out the guide below to download Facebook video online with TubeMaster++.

Step 1. Choose Video Search Module
After you download and install TubeMaster++ on your computer, launch it to enter the main interface where you need to click “Video Search” button to enter the video finding page.

Step 2. Search Facebook Videos on Keywords Inputting Box
Input your proper Facebook video keywords into the blank box on the top left, and click the Magnifying glass icon to search your Facebook videos. It will show you a list of videos and when you click on them it also features a preview on the left side and you can reorder the list of videos by date, name, length. At the same time, you can see video description at the bottom. If the description interests you, you can preview the corresponding video

Step 3. Choose Output Format and Download
Once you have selected the one you want to download, you choose if you want it as FLV, AVI or PSP&iPod compatible. After a while, you can get Facebook video for offline enjoyment.


Part 5: Download Facebook Video Online with Video Download Helper

The fifth one for you to download Facebook video is a Firefox add-on called Video Downloader Helper. As an extension for the Firefox web browser and Chrome web browser, Video Downloader Helper allows you to download videos from sites including Facebook that stream videos through HTTP. Claimed as the easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of sites, Video Downloader Helper is able to download Facebook video. Method to download videos with Video Download Helper is simple: when Video Download Helper detects videos, the browser toolbar icon activates; just click on it to see the available videos, and just pick the desired one. Check out the detailed steps below.

Step 1. Download and Install Video Downloader Helper
Go to the official Video Download Helper page on the Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button. After a while, the extension will be successfully added to the Chrome browser.

Step 2. Visit the Video URL
With the extension on, visit Facebook link that contains the video you wish to download. Once at the site you’ll be presented with to options (depending on the website).

Step 3. Start to Download Facebook Video
When visiting Facebook, you’ll notice that the Download Helper icon appears next to the title of the video you are watching. Click on the icon to expand the menu, and then click on “Download” from the drop-down to download the video you are viewing.

Note: If the Download Helper icon does not appear on the website, simply click on the icon located in the toolbar and click on Download to download the video.