MKV, also known as Matroska Video, is a container file format that is capable of holding unlimited number of videos, audio and subtitle tracks, along with any metadata. As one of the most popular video formats nowadays, the MKV video format is accepted by most popular video player applications and devices. However, despite the popularity of this video format, there are still many devices don’t come with a native MKV support, and iPad is one of them. If you have an iPad in your hands and you want to play an MKV video on it, you may find that the video cannot be played directly without being converted to another format that is supported by iPad. So in today’s article, let’s see how you can convert your MKV videos so that they can easily be played on your iPad. Also, after converting the MKV video, we will also show you how to transfer your converted video to your iPad in the most efficient way. Now let’s get started.