Maybe you've got a large collection of Blu-ray discs and want to watch HD videos on your iTunes. But unfortunately iTunes currently doesn't support Blu-ray disc playback, or even never will. In such case, you don't need to re-purchase HD videos from iTunes store. If you want to enjoy Blu-ray movies on any Apple device you have to firstly rip Blu-ray to iTunes videos then import Blu-ray to iTunes for freely playback. Some of you may have not figured out a proper way to convert Blu-ray to iTunes on Mac. Read this article carefully to find out the right solution.

Basic Knowledge about iTunes

Developed by Apple Inc., iTunes is a combination of a media player, media library, online radio broadcast, and mobile device management application. Through iTunes, users can play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems.

Blu-ray movies cannot be directly played on itunes, therefore we need to convert Blu-ray to iTunes. Whatever operating system your computer runs, you need to have a clear mind of what audio and video formats that iTunes supports. Below we've listed the video and audio formats supported by iTunes.

iTunes supported video and audio formats

iTunes supports any video format that works with QuickTime and files purchased or downloaded from iTunes store. Files with a .mov, .m4v, or .mp4 file extension could be recognized by iTunes.
iTunes supports MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless and purchased M4A and M4P music files from iTunes. Also, iTunes can convert audio files between MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless.

Solution 1: Rip Blu-Ray to iTunes on Mac with Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper

With Leawo Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, you could easily watch all your HD Blu-ray movies on iTunes. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper for Mac could act as professional Blu-ray to iTunes converter for Mac users to rip and convert Blu-ray movies to iTunes compatible videos on iMac or Macbook, including the latest Mavericks. This Mac Blu-ray to iTunes converter could rip and convert Blu-ray to MP4, MOV, M4V videos that are compatible with iTunes on Mac. You could learn how to convert Blu-ray to iTunes videos via the below Blu-ray to iTues conversion guide.

Guide - How to convert Blu-ray to iTunes videos on Mac

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Blu-ray Ripper for Mac


Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper 

☉ Decrypt and rip Blu-ray/DVD discs with disc protection and region code
☉ Convert Blu-ray/DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and other 180+ HD/SD formats
☉ Convert Blu-ray/DVD main movie to videos for space saving
☉ Convert 2D Blu-ray/DVD movies to 3D movies with 6 different 3D effects
☉ Fast conversion with NVIDIA CUDA, AMD APP and Intel Quick Sync acceleration technologies

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Step 2: Load Blu-ray movies

Open this Blu-ray to iTunes converter for Mac, then click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" icon to browse source Blu-ray movies for loading.


Step 3: Output settings

For Blu-ray to iTunes conversion, you need to select video formats that're compatible with iTunes, like MP4, MOV, etc. Click the clickable drop-down box before the big "Convert" button and then select "Change" option to enter "Profile" frame and choose desired MP4 or MOV from "Format" group.


If you need, you could customize the video and audio parameters of output videos, including: video codec, audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, video size, quality, channel, etc. Enter the Profile Settings panel by clicking the "Edit" option on the drop-down box before the big green "Convert" button. This is optional. Most of the preset profiles would suite your purpose well.


Step 4: Convert Blu-ray to iTunes on Mac

Back to the main program interface. By clicking the big green "Convert" button on the sub-menu bar, this Mac Blu-ray to iTunes converter would pop up a sidebar to let you set output directory in "Save to" box and then start converting Blu-ray to iTunes videos after you click the bottom "Convert" button.


After conversion, if you want to watch the converted Blu-ray movies to iPad, just connect your iPad to computer and then sync the converted Blu-ray movies to iPad via iTunes or other ways.


  1. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper helps Windows users convert Blu-ray to iTunes videos on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  2. This Blu-ray Ripper for Mac requires Blu-ray drive and internet connection if it's required to rip and convert Blu-ray discs to iTunes videos on Mac.

Solution 2: Rip Blu-Ray to iTunes on Mac with MakeMKV and HandBrake

MakeMKV and HandBrake combined can help rip Blu-ray to iTunes on Mac as well. Download and install those two programs, and then begin to rip Blu-ray to iTunes on Mac.

Step 1: Rip Blu-ray to MKV with MakeMKV

Combination of MakeMKV and Handbrake is ideal for ripping Blu-ray to iTunes videos since MakeMKV only generates MKV files and couldn't re-encode video files, while Handbrake outputs MP4 files with encoding but has no ability to decrypt Blu-ray disc. MakeMKV is capable of ripping selected parts of a Blu-ray disc into an MKV file that can then be used by Handbrake to encode the video into the right format that iTunes recognizes.


Insert target Blu-ray disc into computer's Blu-ray drive and then launch MakeMKV to wait for Blu-ray disc loading. Click the wrench icon on the program interface and then navigate to "General" tab to set output directory for saving the result MKV file. At last, click the disc icon field on MakeMKV to start Blu-ray to MKV ripping.

Step 2: Convert MKV to iTunes MP4 with Handbrake

With Handbrake running on, click "Source" to load the MKV files you've generated with MakeMKV, specify the output path and filename, then click the "Start" button to convert. The output format is set as "MP4″ by default.


How to Import Blu-Ray to iTunes on Mac After Converted?

After trying one of the two solutions above, you can get Blu-ray converted into iTunes compatible video format. The only question left is how to put Blu-ray movies on iTunes on Mac. Well, after converted, you have iTunes friendly video files, and then you can import them into iTunes so they appear in your iTunes Library. Do either of the methods below to import Blu-ray to iTunes on Mac.

  1. Drag a file or folder from the Finder to the iTunes window. Please take note that if you add a folder, all the files it contains are added to your library.
  2. In iTunes, choose File > Add to Library, locate a file or folder, and click Open.

After you successfully import Blu-ray to iTunes on Mac, you can play Blu-ray movies on iTunes on Mac.