With more than 10 years of development, YouTube has become a huge UGC video platform, and its billions of users spend billions of hours watching videos on it every day. For merchants, this is also a super traffic platform. With the widespread of the YouTube contents all over the world, a lot of users joined this platform and some of which have the ambition to become a top influencer on YouTube. YouTube has also provided a lot of channels for users to present themselves, including becoming a YouTuber whose daily job is to post their self-produced videos. But not all the YouTubers have the bright future if they don’t obtain some successful keys on how to be a YouTuber. Now in this post, you would be provided more useful information on how to be a good YouTuber with some important tips.

Part 1: What is a YouTuber?

What is a YouTuber

Everyone knows that the Youtube platform is the world’s largest video site. The content of the site contains a variety of news and information, various musicians, interesting people and things from various countries. With hundreds of millions of users, it has become the largest video traffic pool on top of the world. Those users who are influential and appealing on YouTube rely on the platform and hold huge economic value. They are the so-called "YouTubers". This is a new profession with free working hours and reputation. Being a YouTuber (self-produced person) who produces content should be a dream career in many people's minds. It sounds easy and looks bright and beautiful, so it has become a career that many people yearn for.

With increasingly sophisticated content and the presence of a large number of advertisers, the multi-channel network MCN has gradually emerged. These MCN agencies complement each other with the YouTube platform and many YouTubers, forming a good win-win situation, and all parties can get very generous benefits. The YouTube platform launches a partnership plan: if a YouTuber’s number of fans can reach 1,000 within 12 months, and the total video viewing time could reach 4,000 hours. The revenue per 1,000 views is $5, which is very high. Therefore, everyone can become a YouTuber on YouTube, open their own channel, and set up their own video channel. Also, they can upload videos on mobile computers and what you only need a mobile phone to shoot post-editing. But it would stop here.

Part 2: 7 Successful Keys on How to Be a YouTuber

If you have the dream to be a successful YouTuber, you have to have a deeper research about the rules to be a YouTuber and get to know what are the fundamental elements should be included so as to acquire the attention of the audience as well as gaining popularity and wealth. Follow some special platform rules and you can be the next famous YouTuber.

1. Follow Your Passion

In order to make your YouTube videos more outstanding and attractive, you need to take several factors into consideration, including passion, creativity and high-quality final videos. The first thing you need to do is to follow your passion. Make full use of your passion and interests on the YouTube videos. Don’t simply post YouTube videos, you have to pay attention to the video playing algorithm so as to create high engagement.


2. Find a Niche & Define Your Target Audience

What is a niche on YouTube? Simply speaking, niche is the topic that you have chosen for your videos. In details, a combination of what you love and what you are good at. The key point to find a niche is to look through the whole popular niches on YouTube right now. The popular niche choices include unboxing videos, life hacks, fitness, fashion, food and technology reviews and so on. Secondly, you have to define your target audience. Even though the above listed niches are most profitable, you have to analyze your video audiences, including their ages, occupation, and consumption ability. Before that, you had better deep discover your video contents. Once you have selected a topic, you should get to know the audience of that topic.

Find a Niche Define Your Target Audience

3. Be Creative and Be Original

The YouTube contents would make YouTuber stands on the mountain. Exactly, your YouTube videos should be creative as well as original. In order to express the best value and culture, you have to express yourself in a creative and original way so as to make your contents stand out others. Please show audiences what they really care about.

Be Creative and Be Original

4. Plan Your Content & Create a Schedule

Before becoming a YouTube, you had better have a general view and comprehensive plan for your career. What do you want to post? What kinds of contents do you want to express and who are your audiences? Do you have a schedule for the future videos to be posted? Think them clearly and you would obtain more information.

Plan Your Content Create a Schedule

5. Invest in Recording Equipment

Without doubts, for a professional YouTuber, the high-quality videos would be the essential factor for the success. If you could invest in recording equipment, that would present better audio quality and at the same time, you have to put more efforts on the post-production. Select a powerful editing program to create a great voice as well as obtaining better effects and graphics.

Invest in Recording Equipment

6. Post Consistently

Roman is not built in one day. The famous proverb could also applied here. For a YouTuber, asides from the exact analysis about the market, you have to persist on what you are doing. Make sure the videos you have posted are related with each other, best of all, please be consistent to what you have posted. After entering your homepage, users can obtain the complete tutorials or information.

Be Consistent

7. Learn SEO & YouTube Analytics

Just as mentioned above, in order to be a successful YouTuber, you should follow the social platform rules. You can optimize your content for the robots. SEO, stands for search engine optimization, could let the Internet knows what your channel is about. Then audiences could find the videos in front of the right people. Furthermore, do some YouTube analytics would further help you to make the robots what you are about. You had better provide the correct video descriptions and titles based on the YouTube rules.

Learn SEO YouTube Analytics

Part 3: What Are Needed to Be a YouTuber?

If you make your determination to be a YouTuber, then you had better prepare the following equipment to meet your general requirement.

1. Camera

For sports Vlog, sports cameras are undoubtedly the most suitable. Abundant fixing methods can get the most shocking motion pictures with action cameras. Anti-impact and waterproof characteristics make it suitable for shooting in more environments. The mirrorless camera is relatively portable, suitable for YouTubers who have requirements for both image quality and portability. If you need to shoot outdoors, it is best to choose a DSLR camera.


2. Tripod

In order to present a stable shooting effect, it is best to use a tripod. The tripod can stabilize the picture and shoot all kinds of movement effect you want. Most importantly, tripods and gimbal stabilizers are great tools for stabilizing your photos and videos. It is also useful for post-production and editing, making the overall picture more professional. There are various types of tripods in the market, you can choose the most proper one with the decent price based on your own needs.


3. Recording Equipment

If you are using a mirrorless camera, the most convenient way is to use a USB microphones for recording. But in order to record a more professional sound, it is best to use a mini shotgun microphone or a condenser Microphone. And when recording, make sure that you are in a quiet environment without too much external interference, and make sure that the distance from the microphone is the same.

Recording Equipment

4. Lighting

Lights would make the whole performance or the live show in a better statement. You can search for some stage-purpose lights over the Internet. You can decide the light size based on your shooting requirements. By the way, you can turn asides to Softbox, Umbrella light or ring light.


5. Video Editing Software

If the videos you have shot are not satisfied or can't meet your final requirements for some specific purposes, then you can refer to video editing software in order to obtain better effects via post-production. If you are running on the Windows system, you can you depend on Adobe Premiere Pro program. For Mac system, Final Cut Pro could meet your general requirements on the video editing.

Video Editing Software

6. Recording Software

As an important output program, an excellent recording software could record your voice in the best way. A good recording program would reduce the noisy effects and make your sound heard in a better way. If you are to plan to be professional YouTuber for some language programs, such as News reporter, recording program would seems to be much more important. Here, Leawo Music Recorder could also be your optional choice if you would like to record your voice without any quality losses.

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