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How to add watermark to video?

Q: How can I add a logo to a video?

Hi, guys. I have some original videos and I'd like to share them online for publicity. My friends suggested me that I should mark my logo on it, so everyone who watched the video will know me. It's awesome. Emm, the question is that I don't know how to add a logo to a video. Anyone knows the way? I will be very appreciated for your kind help.

Definitely, we often add a logo or watermark to some documents, pictures, photos and videos, etc. to prevent them from being copied or stolen so as to protect the copyright or sometimes more for anti-fake, advertisement and publicity. For documents or pictures, as it is known to us all, it is quite simple to add a logo or watermark. But not everyone knows how to add logo in video. As a matter of fact, it is not so difficult as you think at all. Several helpful solutions would be recommended here for you to take advantage of.

Part 1: How to add watermark to video in PC with Leawo video Converter

First thing first, if you would like to add logo to MP4 video on your PC, the best solution is to refer to the professional software. Leawo Video Converter, for instance, is regarded as one of the most effective software for both converting and editing a video file. It supports over 180 video and audio formats as well as some common portable devices. And it not only allows you to convert video and audio files from one format to another, such as convert MP4 to MP3 or convert AVI to MP4, but also allows you to edit video files, including trimming video length, adding watermark and so on. With the help of Leawo Video Converter, you can easily add a watermark to a video by following the simple steps below:

Step 1: Install Leawo Video Converter

Download Leawo video converter and install it on your PC. Then, you start Prof. Media on your PC to enter the main interface, click on "Convert" on the top menu bar or "Video Converter".

Leawo Video Downloader

Step 2: Import Video to the program

Click on "Add files" to browse and choose the video you prefer to add a watermark for importing. Or you can directly drag and drop the video into this converter.

Import Video to the program

Note: You can click the rightmost blue “Merge all files into one” button to make several videos into one if necessary.

Step 3: Edit the Video

On the processing panel where the imported video is listed, click the "Edit" icon at the right of video title to get into a real-time video previewing window, then you can edit and customize the video as you like.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Trim video length

On the right bar of the previewing window, you can click on "Trim" to enter the section where you can set the video length as you need by directly dragging the side bar or setting the "Start time" and "End time".

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Add Watermark

Then, switch over to "Watermark" section, enable the "Watermark" and you will be able to add either text, logo or image as video watermark. Besides, you are allowed to adjust the Watermark Transparency, Left Margin, Top Margin and Image Size if necessary. Check on "Apply to all" to add the adjusted watermark to all videos. Remember to press "OK" to confirm the settings

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Moreover, you can crop video clips and adjust video effect including "Brightness", "Contrast", and "Saturation" etc. to alter the video to make them ready to be uploaded to the Internet for your different needs. Anyway, now you finally add watermark to video and you can watch the video with your own personality. This would be the most convenient and secure way to add logo to MP4 video. Surely, there are also useful apps for android and iOS devices to add watermark to video.

Part 2: Apps on Android to add watermark to video

For Android devices, there are so many featured apps developed to add watermark to video so that you can directly edit your short video clips on your phone or tablet PC. Aiming to diversify the solutions on how to add a logo to a video, two frequently-used apps on Android will be referred here.

1. Video Watermark Logo

Video Watermark Logo

Video Watermark Logo is a free app for Android which allows you to add watermark to video to create a logo or brand identity and protect your video copyright. Besides, this app allows images, custom text, graphics etc. to be added to video as watermark so that you can establish your own professional logo, upload your own and generate high-quality video. After you install the app on your Android device, here comes the simple guide on how to add watermark to video:

Step 1: Load a video from gallery for watermark.

Step 2: Add a Logo and click "Text" to write the words for your favorite settings.

Step 3: Choose Slow/Fast mode of converting.

Step 4: After the conversion, you can preview the watermarked video to see whether you are satisfied with it. And then you can save and share it in Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Video Watermark Logo

1. Video Watermark Logo

Video Watermark Logo

This is also a common app people often use to create a special watermark video with custom text and images. Usually it can be useful for professionals, business and Personal use since you can regulate the position, color and opacity of text watermark or image watermark over your video to personalize or copyright the video. Let's see how to add watermark in a video with Video WaterMark:

Step 1: Tap "My Videos" to select the video you need to add watermark from gallery.

Step 2: On "Preview" page, select a beloved image/logo from gallery to watermark the video.

Step 3: Write your featured text with fonts, style, size and position on video.

Step 4: Play the watermarked video and then save it or share the watermarked video to the popular video sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and so on.

Video Watermark Logo

The two apps mentioned above are particularly for Android to add a watermark to a video. If you are using iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, you should use the special apps designed for iOS system.

Part 3: Apps on Android to add watermark to video

For iOS devices, there are also a lot of watermark apps developed for adding a logo or watermark for video. And the most commonly used apps are iWatermark+ and eZy Watermark lite-Video.

1. iWatermark+


iWatermark + is one of the most popular apps to add watermark to video, photos and files. There is a trial version for users to have a try. It is simple to use and the features are great. You can choose the prepared signets or create your own watermark. Here comes the steps on how to add watermark in a video with iWatermark:

Step 1: Choose video to the app by pressing the picture icon in the left corner.

Step 2: Press the signet icon to choose a proper stamp for you or tap "Create New Watermark" to create your own. You can write the text for the video watermark by setting the font, color, size, position, etc.

Step 3: Tap the cloud icon to store and share your watermarks online.


There will be “Create with iWatermark+” on the video, if you would like to eliminate it, you should upgrade it to full version which needs you to pay for it.

2. eZy Watermark lite-Video


EZy watermark is also a frequently-used app for iOS devices users. It allows users to add a single video as well as a bunch of multiple videos from your camera or Instagram and Facebook to add watermark. Let’s follow the steps to know how to add watermark to a video with this video watermarking tool.

Step 1: Tap "Single Video" to choose a video from "Library", and tap "Use" to add it.

Step 2: "Add Watermark" panel will pop up. You can choose "Text", image from your Library and Stickers, etc. to be the watermark. When you write text on the video, you can choose the font, color, opacity, size and manually move the text and adjust the angle of the text.

Step 3: Click "√" icon to save the watermark and preview the video.

Step 4: Click "√" icon to save and share the watermarked video to Facebook, Instagram and Email, etc.

eZy Watermark lite-Video

There will be "eZy Watermark" on the video, if you would like to eliminate it, you should upgrade it to full version which requires some payment.

To sum up, if you are intended to add logo to MP4 video or add watermark to personalize or copyright your video, you'd better use Leawo video converter to fulfill it in simple steps. Besides, there are also apps for android and iOS, somewhat useful. You can choose the best way that works for you in different occasion. All the guide on how to add watermark to a video mentioned here will definitely help you a lot.


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