As you know, a 3GPP Multimedia file with the 3GP file extension refers to the file created by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project Group (3GPP). And the 3GP is also a video container format that was often created from or transferred between mobile devices. While an MP4 file is an abbreviation for an MPEG-4 Video file, which is a compressed file format that can contain video and audio as well as subtitles. MP4 files are usually used for online videos and DVD supported videos. And MP4 would be the most popular video format and so many video players can play MP4 video files well, such as VLC player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc. Thus, sometimes you should convert 3GPP to MP4 for better enjoyment on your computer. Fortunately, there are some 3GPP to MP4 video converters that can greatly help make this. In this post, 4 powerful and popular tools would be mentioned to help you convert videos from 3GPP to MP4.

Part 1:How to Convert 3GPP to MP4 with Leawo Video Converter

First of all, the best or probably most efficient video converter that can convert from 3GPP to MP4 would be Leawo Video Converter, which is a top-notch video transcoding program that can convert video files in over 180 formats from one to another. It supports various video and audio formats as input and output profile, such as AVI to MP4, 3GPP to MP4, MP4 to MOV, WMV to MKV, AAC to MP3, etc. What’s more attractive is that the video converter can customize the loaded video files for personal preferences, including trimming or cropping the video, adding subtitles or effects to the video, or even adding watermark or 3D effects, and so on. Furthermore, the program is easy to use, works fast and ensures high output quality.
It’s Windows version that can perfectly function on Windows 7/8/10/Vista. But if you are Mac user, you can get Leawo Video Converter for Mac so that you can convert 3GPP to MP4 on any Mac computer. Now you can get Leawo Video Converter downloaded and installed on your personal computer and follow the guide below so that you could be an expert on how to convert 3GPP to MP4.

Step 1: Load source 3GPP video files
After running Leawo Video Converter, you can load source 3GPP video files into the program by clicking “Add Video” button on the sub-menu or a direct drag-n-drop. And now you are allowed to convert all the loaded video files in batch, which means it can transcode a myriad of 3GPP videos to MP4 format at a single time.


Note: The program allows you to merge all the loaded files into a single file by clicking the “merge into one file” button next to the big green convert button. Besides, to personalize the loaded video files is also available by using the internal video editor. You can just click the edit icon to enter the editing panel for customization.


Step 2: Select MP4 as output format
Click the button between the “Add Photo” button and big green Convert button to call out the drop-down box and then choose “Change” option to enter the Profile window, where you can select “MP4″as the target format.


Note: If you want to adjust the parameters of the loaded files, you can go back to the drop-down box and choose “Edit” instead to enter the Profile Settings panel where you can set the video and audio parameters, including video quality, codec, bit rate, etc. as well as audio quality, codec, bit rate and channel.
Step 3: Convert 3GPP to MP4
Since all settings are done, you can hit the big green “Convert” button, and then, if necessary, change output directory by default on the popup sidebar. After that, hit the “Convert” icon right below to start converting 3GPP to MP4 immediately.


After several minutes, the conversion will be finished and you can get the converted MP4 video files on your computer by clicking the file folder icon. Feel free to play the video files with your favorite video players.

Part 2: How to Convert 3GPP to MP4 with Handbrake

Handbrake is an open-source video transcoder, powerful and popular for converting video files from any formats to MP4 totally for free. It supports most common multimedia files and any DVD or BluRay videos without any kind of copy protection for input files, including 3GPP video files. For output files, it supports .MP4 and .MKV file containers within video encoders like H.265, H.264 MPEG-2, VP8, VP9, etc. and audio encoders like AAC, AC3, FLAC, Vorbis, etc.

Besides, it is also a multi-platform program capable of running on Windows, Mac and Linux so that almost everyone can take advantage of it to convert 3GPP to MP4. Moreover, it has more features, such as batch-scanning and queuing, constant quality or average bitrate video encoding, video filters editing, subtitles inserting and so on. To be a free 3GPP to MP4 video converter is just a small part of it. After downloading and installing the video converter on your PC, you can follow the steps to convert 3GPP to MP4 with Handbrake in minutes.
Step 1. Click the “Open Source” button to browse and import the source 3GPP video file to the converting program.
Step 2. Choose “MP4” from the format drop-down list as output format. You can also edit the dimensions, set video parameters, add audio track or subtitles and so on.
Step 3. Save the converted MP4 files. Click “Browse” for selecting a destination path.
Step 4. Click “Start Encode” button to start converting 3GPP to MP4.


Relatively speaking, Handbrake has a comparatively complicated interface, which makes it a little bit difficult to use for beginners. However, its transcoding function still makes it an undeniably powerful converting tool to handle 3GPP to MP4 video conversions.

Part 3: How to Convert 3GPP to MP4 with ClipConverter

ClipConverter is a free online media converter that can be used to convert any video link or file to .MP3 or .MP4 formats. Since it is an online web application fully compatible with all modern browsers, you can feel free to make use of it without installing any software on your computer. With this tool, you can download any videos from video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vemo, Dailymotion and Liveleak as MP3 or MP4 files with HD quality. 
Actually, ClipConverter online supports audio and video formats in different quality:

  1. MP4 format up to full HD1080p
  2. MP3 format at 128kbps to 320kbps
  3. 3GP format for low mobile
  4. WebM 360p format

It is claimed that ClipConverter has been the best online video conversion utility as it offers high quality and super fast conversions. Well, it is indeed easy to use and convenient to convert online videos from 3GPP to MP4 anyway. 
Step 1. You just copy and paste the URL of 3GP P online video to the web application.
Step 2. Choose .mp4 for output and then press “Convert” button to start converting 3GPP to MP4 video format. After several minutes, you could download the MP4 video and watch it on your computer.


Part 4: How to Convert 3GPP to MP4 with Online-Convert

Online-Convert is also a free web application that is designed to convert video files or videos from the computer, Dropbox, Google drive or URL to various formats in HD quality. It is very convenient to quite an extent and there is no software installation required and you can just convert any video formats from one to another easily and fast.
Step 1. Upload 3GPP video files to the web converter.
Click the “Choose file” button to select your 3GPP source video from anywhere you stored the video for uploading. 
Step 2. Choose MP4 as the output format from the format drop-down list.
Step 3. Press “Convert” button to start uploading and converting 3GPP to MP4 video files.
Step 4. Download the converted files to your PC.


There is no doubt that this online video converter is easy to use and powerful when converting any video formats. However, it is just free for the video conversion limited less than 10MB. Otherwise, you should sign up and pay for it to upgrade, which costs so much.

Obviously, there are so many different kinds of video converters that can help you convert from 3GPP to MP4. Handbrake is somewhat powerful for the MP4 and MKV as output file and there are many other video formats unsupported. While Clipconverter and Online-convert are both online converter which is advantageous for no software, but not cost-efficiency.

All in all, Leawo video converter would be the strongly recommended tool since it has been considered the safest, easiest and most effective video converter ever so far. Its multiple input and output formats support almost all the commonly used video formats so that you can convert not only 3GPP to MP4 but also any other formats around. And you can try it totally for free or pay for the full version with little fee. You can choose any one of them relying on your actually situation anyway.