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The 15 Best Kodi Sports Addons in 2024

“What are the best Kodi sports addons to watch sports on Kodi directly?” For most sporting fans that use Kodi to stream sports games, this might be one of the most concerns. We all know that Kodi could help you stream on-demand movies, TV shows, games, news, sports, etc., and even live streaming contents. By installing corresponding addons, you could easily watch what you want. What are the best Kodi addons for sports? Can you stream live sports games? Well, you will get answers in this page.

Part 1: Briefly Know About Kodi Addons

As an open source free media player, Kodi enables you to stream and watch movies, TV shows, news, sports, documentaries, and various other digital media files online from various streaming services. With Kodi, you could stream both on-demand and live streaming videos. Of course, if you want to play local media files from your computer hard drive, Kodi also lets you do that by uploading your local files.

kodi addons

When you try to stream online digital media files, Kodi itself doesn’t provide direct media streaming service. You have to install corresponding addons on Kodi so as to stream online titles from that streaming service. However, Kodi addons also do not host any content of their own. They are the aggregators that fetch the streams or streaming links from various sources on the internet. Kodi Add-ons contribute greatly to the success of Kodi. Only when you have installed corresponding addons can you watch movies and TV shows, satellite TV, or sports over the internet, or sports. In simple words, Kodi addons are absolute essentials for you to get started.

Part 2: Is Kodi Addon Legal and Safe?

Since Kodi offers totally free streaming service from various streaming sites by installing corresponding addons, you might be wondering whether or not Kodi addon is legal and safe. Actually, this is indeed a big concern nowadays. The answer is not a simple yes or no. Actually it depends.

The very first thing you need to make sure is that Kodi without doubt is a completely open source, free and legal software tool to let you download and install on any of compatible devices for streaming contents from officially sanctioned add-ons. That is to say those officially sanctioned Kodi add-ons from official websites should be legal and safe, and are fine to use without worrying about breaking any regulations and laws.

best kodi sports addons

However, besides the officially sanctioned Kodi addons, there are still quite a lot of 3rd-party add-ons that stream online videos from sources that are not authorized by the copyright owners. These 3rd-party Kodi addons might get their streaming contents from torrents, pirated IPTV streams, unauthorized streaming platforms, etc. In such case, these streaming services on Kodi might be illegal in most countries, depending on the local laws and regulations.

So, to make it clear, those officially released Kodi addons that have sourced their contents from streaming services that have been authorized should be legal and safe. On the contrast, those 3rd-party Kodi addons that have not been authorized for streaming their content are mostly illegal, and might be not safe.

If you are a decent person that worry about the legality and security issue, or there is no Kodi addons available for the contents you want to stream on Kodi, you could download online videos with 3rd-party online video downloader tools like CleverGet, which could download on-demand sports games from ESPN+ and other sporting sites and even live sports games from and other services, and then upload your local media files to Kodi for playback. You could also try this method if Kodi is not responding to you.

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Part 3: 15+ Best Kodi Sports Addons in 2024

It’s extremely easy to watch sports games from your local drive that you have downloaded before. But to stream sports games online directly on Kodi, you have to install certain sports addons. Here we have collected 15+ popular Kodi sports addons for you. Check them below.

1. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu has been widely known for its on-demand movies and TV shows. However, Hulu provides a Hulu + Live TV plan that enables you to get access to quite a big number of sports broadcast channels, where you could watch sports games, streams and news. You could watch CBS sports, ESPN, golf, NFL, etc. By installing the Hulu + Live TV addon on Kodi, you could stream not only Hulu movies, TV shows, and other on-demand streaming videos, but also sports and various live channels.

best kodi sports addons

2. NBC Sports Live Extra

By installing NBC Sports Live Extra addon on Kodi, you could watch live streams and on-demand content from various NBC sports channels, including NBC Golf and NBC Olympics, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, soccer, and more. You could also watch various sports-related news, talk shows, and analytical programs. This Kodi addon provides live stream at 720P and on-demand content at 1080P.

best kodi sports addons


As one of the oldest and most popular sports services, ESPN addon on Kodi enables you to watch live streaming content ranging from various matches like MMA, WWE, lacrosse, basketball, live MLB games and more.

best kodi sports addons


For sports fans, especially those UFC fans, DAZN is a must-add addon for Kodi since it offers on-demand channels and news channels upon UFC, MMA, and more on DAZN. DAZN offers an official addon for you to install on Kodi.

best kodi sports addons

5. SportHD

Another popular Kodi Sports addon. SportHD enables you to watch various channels including MMA, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, Hockey, and more. It has an official addon for you to install on Kodi.

best kodi sports addons

6. The TV App

The TV App is an HD streaming service that live streams HD Channels and live sporting events. The TV App addon for Kodi works smoothly on Firstick, Android TV and more devices, allowing you to stream Live TV, NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL games and events.

best kodi sports addons

7. Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is a popular sports hub to let you find y our favorite live events and matches in a unique way. Instead of showing different types of sports directly in the menu, Sportowa TV addon features sections for various unofficial sports streaming sites that include both on-demand and live games.

best kodi sports addons

8. The Crew

As an all-inclusive Kodi addon that provide nearly all media files you would like to stream online, The Crew offers a wide range of category options from on-demand movies and TV shows to live streaming sports games at HD quality after Real-Debrid integration.

best kodi sports addons

9. EndZone

On EndZone Kodi addon, you could watch and stream various sports games including Today, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Boxing, MMA, Baseball, and more.

best kodi sports addons

10. iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW is one of the best and most popular Kodi sports addons for live broadcasts, including the Super Bowl events and more.

best kodi sports addons

11. Asgard

By installing Asgard addon on Kodi, you could stream Boxing, UFC, WWE, sports replays and more. Besides, it still enables you to stream on-demand movies, TV shows, and more.

best kodi sports addons

12. Apex Sports

Apex Sports addon is another popular Kodi sports addon that enables you to stream all the live and recordings of your favorite sports, including live events, highlights, news, and more.

best kodi sports addons

13. Fights on Demand

If you are an boxing enthusiast, FOX, short for Fights On Demand, should be on your list of best Kodi sports addons. FOD lets you watch all the fighting sports like wrestling, boxing, and martial arts replays and fights.

best kodi sports addons

14. Fight Club

Fight Club addon on Kodi lets you stream MMA, combat sports, and wrestling, in both PPV options and recordings. The sports sections on Fight Club addon include RAW, Smackdown, NXT, UFC, PPV, Impact, and more.

best kodi sports addons

15. Purely Wrestling

Purely Wrestling addon is exclusively for wrestling fans to watch wrestling matches and live events ranging from behind the scenes documentaries, interviews, Wrestle Mania events, and more.

best kodi sports addons

Besides these 15 best Kodi sports addons, you could still get quite a few others such as TvTap Sports, Mad Titan Sports, Rising Tides, Atom Reborn, SportsDevil, Pro Sports, TvNSports, Veilside, Halow Live TV, etc. It should be noted that not all of these Kodi addons are sanctioned officially.


With so many Kodi sports addons, you could freely stream your favorite sports games and events for free on Kodi. Most of these Kodi sports addons are legal and secure, but there are still quite a few 3rd-party Kodi sports addons that are not officially authorized and sanctioned. These Kodi sports addons should have included most of the sports streaming titles. For those sports streaming services that have no Kodi addons, you could make use of online video downloaders like CleverGet to download on-demand sports videos and even live-streaming sports games to your computer, for uploading to Kodi playback easily.



Cassie is an experienced member of the Leawo editorial team. She provides information and valuable tips on entertainment and multimedia programs.

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