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1337x Proxy Sites & Top 1337x Alternatives for Free Movies

“Recently I had access denied when visiting 1337x. I couldn’t open this torrent site any more. What is the problem? Is 1337x proxy site down? Are there any 1337x alternative proxy sites?”

You might be familiar with this great source of free movies, TV shows, games, and tools, if you prefer to torrents. The 1337x site is famous for its magnet links and peer-to-peer sharing torrent catalog. Sometimes you might find that you can’t access the main 1337x site because of internet censorship or legal issues. In such case, you could make use of 1337x proxy sites or 1337x alternatives for free movies. In this post, you will get some top 1337x proxy and mirror sites, as well as some 1337x alternatives for streaming free movies online.

Part 1: Is 1337x Safe for You?

Is 1337x safe to use? This might be one of the top concerns of people that visit 1337x site frequently for torrents of free movies. Being the 2nd-most popular torrent website in 2023, 1337x is a torrent site that enables you to download various things including movies, games, TV shows, software, and music files for free. You could take it as a torrent search tool to search torrent within this site for free downloading. It makes use of BitTorrent protocol for torrent searching and downloading.

1337x torrent

Is 1337x safe for torrenting media files? 1337x claims to be one of the safest torrent sites for you to download movies, shows, games, software tools, etc. as long as you are visiting its official website and keep your concern on the torrent itself. There are indeed potential security risks including malware and viruses in the torrent files. You are suggested to download and install a wonderful anti-virus software tool to protect your computers from any potential risks.

Is 1337x legal? This depends on where you are living and what you are torrenting. 1337x provides both free media files and tools, and copyrighted contents as well. It’s generally legal to download free contents from 1337x torrent sites. But downloading movies from 1337x and other copyrighted contents would be violating the copyright protection laws and regulations. It’s highly recommended you check the local laws and regulations before you choose to download contents from 1337x torrent site.

Part 2: 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites That Works in 2024

Sometimes you might find that 1337x torrent site is not accessible. This might happen due to various reasons, such as internet censorship, region restriction, etc. In such case, you could turn to VPN software to see if it is accessible or not. If the 1337x site is still not accessible with VPN proxy, the site might be down temporarily. You might need to turn to its proxy and mirror sites. Here we have collected several 1337x proxy and mirror sites that work as of April, 2024. Check them below:

These are all the official websites of 1337x sites. You could visit these 1337x proxy and mirror sites if you can’t access to the 1337x site you frequently visit. If still, you couldn’t open any of these 1337x proxy sites, you might need to turn to 1337x alternatives, which are listed in the following part.

Part 3: Top 1337x Alternatives to Stream Free Movies Online

As mentioned above, once you find that you can’t access to the 1337x site, you could firstly make use of VPN software to proxy your internet, and then try to visit 137x proxy and mirror sites to see if they work smoothly. If all the above solutions don’t work, you could still make use of 1337x alternative sites. Some of these 1337x alternatives might not provide torrent download feature, but you could directly download free movies from these 1337x alternative sites with 3rd-party online video downloaders such as CleverGet, a professional online video downloader program that could download movies and shows from hundreds of streaming sites.

  • CleverGet All-In-One
  • CleverGet All-In-One

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Pluto TV is a 100% safe and legal free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service that offers a big number of free movies and TV shows, and even some live streaming channels for you to watch for totally free. Different from 1337x site, Pluto TV allows you to directly stream and watch on-demand movies and shows, without the need of download. If you want to download Pluto movies and TV shows, you could make use of Pluto video downloader software. owned and operated by the Paramount Streaming division of Paramount Global.

1337x alternative

2. YouTube

As one of the most popular online video sharing and streaming services, YouTube provides not only free and regular videos, but also free movies and TV shows, and even paid movies and TV shows. It is safe and legal to stream movies and shows on YouTube. You could watch a big number of free movies and TV shows in the YouTube Movies & TV channel with ads, or purchase or rent paid contents easily. To download free movies and TV shows from YouTube Movie & TV channel, you could make use of YouTube Movies Downloader.

1337x alternative


Another legal and safe streaming site as 1337x alternative, CWTV provides free movies and TV shows for you to stream directly. It even gets a mobile app for your mobile devices. You could watch many blockbusters and download on CWTV site for offline viewing. The shortage is that you can’t get the latest movies and TV shows on this site. Most movies and TV shows on CWTV are a little big old and not up to date.

1337x alternative

4. Tubi

As one of the best free streaming services, Tubi TV offers totally free combination of on-demand movies and TV shows, originals, and live TV streaming channels, without requiring you to subscribe monthly or even create an account. There are quite a lot of contents for you to watch on Tubi TV, like Lovecraft Country, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Goodfellas, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, RBG, Vice, etc. It doesn’t offer you download feature, but you could still download Tubi TV videos via 3rd-party Tubi video downloader software.

1337x alternative

Except the above-mentioned 1337x alternative sites, you could still get multiple other legal and safe streaming services that offer you legal and safe contents, like Amazon’s Freevee, Crunchyroll, Sling Freestream, etc.

Part 4: Other 1337x Alternative Websites for Movie Torrents

Besides the legal and safe streaming services listed in the above part, you could still get other 1337x alternatives that provide torrents for you to download. The below are some of the best movie torrent sites. Some of these movie torrent sites even provide 4K movie torrents.

1. The Pirate Bay: The most renowned 1337x alternatives to adopt BitTorrent platform, with an extensive content library of games, videos, apps, and audio files. Each torrent comes with brief description.

2. Kickass Torrents: A wonderful 1337x alternative hosts a plethora of torrent files in different categories. It enables you to download movie, game, and software torrents easily without any account sign-up.

3. RARBG: The most user-friendly 1337x alternative that comes with easy-to-use interface and substantial variety of torrents.

4. YTS: The best 1337x alternative that is mainly famous for its free movies, TV shows and anime torrents. It provides each torrent with details including cast, synopsis, trailers, ratings, etc. Related movies are as well suggested according to your search.

What's more, you could also try other torrent sites as 1337x alternatives, such as TorLock, EZTV, Nyaa, Yify, ExtraTorrent, Zooqle Proxy, etc. These torrent sites are similar to 133X site in providing free contents for free, but might not be legal and safe.

Part 5: FAQs

  • 1. How to download torrents from 1337x site?
    It’s extremely easy for you to download torrents from 1337x site: simply open the site, browse and search for the torrent, and then click to download the torrent.
  • 2. How to safely use 1337x sites?
    We would like to recommend you use VPN software for opening 1337x sites. Meanwhile, don’t click any suspicions icons and pictures on these 1337x sites.
  • 3. Is it legal to use 1337x alternatives?
    The 1337x alternative sites mentioned in Part 3 are all legal and safe streaming sites, while those in Part 4 might be not authorized for distributing its contents. Meanwhile, keep in mind that downloading and sharing unauthorized copyrighted contents from any streaming sites, including 1337x alternatives, might not be legal, greatly upon your local laws.


Cassie is an experienced member of the Leawo editorial team. She provides information and valuable tips on entertainment and multimedia programs.

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