I always like to combine several images into one. On one hand, it saves space on my iPhone. On the other hand, those images can make a funny story and convey what happened on that day. It is quite interesting to combine different pictures into one with beautiful photo frame and funny bubbles. To actualize that, we need a good collage app. Is there any free collage maker for iPhone? Today, I am so pleased to introduce top 10 best free collage app iPhone for you.

Part 1: What is Photo Collage

To put it simple, photo collage means to make a collection of pictures into a single picture. It can be traced back to 200 B.C. when Japanese calligraphers glued papers and fabric together to make paper for their poetry. Today, it is mixed with more advanced technology. We can make photo collage simply via iPhone or other electronic devices. Usually, there is always a theme for a photo collage so that you can easily memorize your day. Besides, you can use different photo collage apps to cut them into different shapes and combine them in a beautiful photo frame.

Part 2: Top 10 Best Free Photo Collage Maker for iPhone

If you are looking for combining a beautiful photo, you will need top photo collage apps for iPhone. Next, 10 best photo collage app for lots of pictures will be introduced.

1. iCollages Pro

iCollages Pro

As one of best free collage app iPhone, it offers over 240 collage templates, color tools and splendid backgrounds. Besides, you can add doodles and frames to the picture combined. After the picture is combined, you can also share the photo collage to your Facebook or your friends. iCollages Pro is also superior in adjusting frame's border size as you need.

2. PicZone


PicZone is featured by photo editing and photo collage making. This best photo collage app for lots of pictures can helps you to easily create photos with your own style. It supports to collage up to 60 photos together. Quite amazing, right? This free collage maker for iPhone allows you to change background, colors, wallpapers and photo frame. You can also add stickers.

3. PicFrame


PicFrame allows you to combine up to 9 photos into one. You can customize texts, shapes, effects, patterns and shadows to your photo collage. Similar to iCollages Pro, you can also share your photo collages to social websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

4. Diptic


Diptic enjoys 194 layouts for photo collages, which helps you create beautiful photo collages. It is also abundant in many tools like collage adjuster, stylish photo filters, border tool, text, stylish frames and so on. It has premium version which allows you to design and edit your own photo collages.

5. Photo Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker

This free collage maker for iPhone enjoys unlimited layouts and collage templates with different occasions like holiday, party, birthday, wedding day and so forth. It allows you to add up to 16 photos into one with customized styles of frame, color, stickers and effects. It is really one of top photo collage apps for iPhone.

6. Pic Collage

Pic Collage

With this best free collage app iPhone, you can create a bunch of wonderful photo collages on your iPhone. When you complete them, you can also share them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or to your friends via email. It enjoys hundreds of grid layouts and offers freestyle collage for you. Anyway, it is really the best photo collage app for lots of pictures.

7. Moldiv


Moldiv pitches itself as one of top photo collage apps for iPhone. It is three in one app that combines photo editing option, collage market tool and beauty camera option together. This best collage app for iPhone offers magazine layouts for users. To ensure you have a beautiful single picture, you need to make sure each of the photo you use to combine is beautiful. Under this circumstance, its beauty camera for selfies is very useful.

8. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder

This photo collage for iPhone X enjoys a lot of features like photo editing suite, live photos filter for camera and so on. It also provides beautiful backgrounds and face beautification tools for your photos. You can also use this collage app free iPhone to add stylish photo effects, apply professional photo filters.

9. Photo Grid

Photo Grid

This iOS app photo collage allows you to easily create your own photo collage. It has a wide range of customized freestyle collage layouts with many features like photo stickers, photo filters and photo editor including blur, crop and ratio. Besides, it has over 200 AR filters like flowers, animals and so on.

10. Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram is a good app photo collage iPhone. It is easy to use and allows you to import many pictures once from your album and to create one beautiful picture. You can also share it to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram. Anyway, Layout from Instagram can be said the best photo collage app for iPhone.

Part 3: How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer

With super clean and concise interface, Leawo iTransfer allows users to transfer various kinds of contents like photos, TV shows, music and so forth between iOS devices, computers and iTunes. You can also directly manage files on this software. For example, you can add or delete playlists on your iPhone, or you can back up some files to iTunes. Now let's take a look at how to transfer iPhone photos to computer via Leawo iTransfer


Leawo iTransfer 

☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

1. Connect iPhone to computer

Connect iPhone to computer

Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable and then run Leawo iTransfer. iPhone can be automatically detected by Leawo iTransfer.

2. Select photos to transfer

Select photos to transfer

Go to "iPhone > LIBRARY > Camera" in the left sidebar and select photos in the right interface by pressing "Ctrl". After that, right click selected items to choose "Transfer to > My Computer".

3. Choose a destination folder

Choose a destination folder

In the pop-up dialogue, click "Change" to choose a folder on computer as the output directory. Click "Transfer Now" and it will begin transferring photos from iPhone to computer. With the help of iTransfer, you could backup iPhone photos to Google photos too.