Some movie studios started to digitally remaster some of the old movies and release a Blu-ray version of them. It makes a great replacement for your old, scratched DVDs. But some people who have a thing for enjoying movies in the old-fashioned way, like me, would prefer to stick with DVDs. If you are one of those people, then you should probably get your DVD collection backed up before all those scratches culminate in permanent data loss on your disc. But most DVDs are protected, even older ones wouldn’t allow direct copying on PC. So if you want to copy and back up your DVDs, professional protected DVD copy software is needed. Here in this post I will recommend to you software to copy encrypted DVD movies on PC. With them you can easily have your favorite movie backed up.

About DVD copy protection

Content creators use copy protection software to protect themselves from losing sales to piracy. There are various kinds of copy protection software used on DVDs. For DVDs there are two commonly used form of copy protection.

#1. Region lock

Some Blu-ray/DVD discs are region locked. What it means is that a region locked disc can only be played on a player that contains the same region code as the disc. Otherwise the disc would be unplayable.

#2. Disc encryption

Disc encryption is another widely used form of copy protection. Some discs are encrypted with different set encryption keys. It will require a valid key to decrypt the content. Otherwise it would be unplayable. It could prevent the disc from being copied or burnt to other storage devices.

Best DVD Copy Software

There are computer software that’s capable of decrypting and copying DVD discs. Below are two nice pieces of DVD copy software you can use to copy your DVD collection.

My first recommendation is Leawo DVD Copy. It’s the example of what a good piece of DVD Copy software should be. It can perform 1:1 lossless DVD copy, it’s got lightning fast DVD copying speed, and it can perform DVD copy in 3 different ways. You are offered with the choices to copy the DVD to your PC’s hard drive as a DVD folder or an ISO image or directly to a blank disc if you have two DVD drives. It’s also very user-friendly. There’s basically no learning curve when using the program even for the first time. The interface is simple and straightforward. You should find no challenge in mastering the program.

No.1. Best Protected DVD Copy Software: Leawo DVD Copy

No.2. Best Free Protected DVD Copy Software: MakeMKV

If you know anything about MakeMKV, you should know that it can rip Blu-ray and DVDs. And the feature that I admire most is it barely compresses the original DVD movies. So you will get a digital copy of your DVD movie that’s basically as good as the original movie regarding quality and as large regarding the size of it. And as the resulting output video is of the original quality, you can later burn the video back to a blank disc using software like Leawo DVD Creator to create a lossless DVD copy of the original disc.


How to Use Protected DVD Copy Software to Copy Encrypted DVD Movies

To help beginners get the hang of copying protected DVDs with protected DVD copy software, I would include a detailed guide in the content below.


The program used in the guide is Leawo DVD Copy. Notice that it’s not an individual program but inside a software suite called Prof.Meida that Leawo uses to pack some of its best products.

Step 1. Launch Leawo DVD Copy

The shortcut to launching DVD Copy is inside Prof.Media. Once you launch the program, you can easily find the shortcut on it. Click on the DVD Copy icon on it to directly get to the interface of Leawo DVD Copy.

Launch Leawo DVD Copy

Step 2. Load DVD content

Have the DVD disc put into your DVD drive beforehand so that when you get to the interface of DVD Copy, you can directly click Add Blu-ray/DVD>Add from CD-ROM>[your disc drive] to import the videos and other content like audio tracks and subtitles in the disc to the program.

Load DVD content

Step 3. Choose content to copy

Usually, different users have different requirements. So Leawo offers you with 3 different copy modes to copy different content in the disc. If you don’t have any special requirements, just choose Full Movie to directly have all content in the disc selected. Main Movie will only include the main movie, which is typically the longest video in the disc, in the copy of your disc. Custom Mode is provided for users to manually choose what content to be included in the backup. So if you go with Custom Mode, you can select the titles, audio tracks and subtitles you need from the above lists.

Choose content to copy

Step 4. Choose disc format

The provided disc formats for the backup are DVD-9 and DVD-5. The option for selecting disc format is hidden in the bottom right-hand corner. Click on the option there and select between the provided two formats on the drop-down menu. Depending on the format of the original disc and the blank disc, your available choices include DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-9 to DVD-5 and DVD-5 to DVD-5.

Choose disc format

Step 5. Choose the form of the backup

Click the green Copy button on the interface. The rectangular box that follows contains several different options that will decide what form the DVD will be copied and saved and where it will be saved. On top of the box are 3 options: Folder, ISO File and a drop-down menu of the disc drive(s) connected to your computer. If you want to copy the disc to your computer as a DVD folder, then check Folder. And by checking the ISO File option you will have an ISO image file as the copy of your disc. And the last option which chooses the DVD drive as the target is for when you are copying a disc, disc folder or ISO image on your hard drive to a blank disc. If you have two drives then you’d be able to perform direct disc to disc copy with the program. If you decided to go with Folder or ISO File, set the location for the copy in the output path box under Save to. And start the copy process by clicking the big Copy button below.

Choose the form of the backup

If you wish to copy a disc to another disc but only have one drive, note that you can use the program to copy the disc to your hard drive as a DVD folder or ISO file first and burn the copy you just made to the new disc using this very program.

How to use MakeMKV to copy your DVD

The Leawo DVD Copy generally have the whole DVD disc copied to your hard drive or to a new disc. But what MakeMKV does is different. It mainly have the videos, audio tracks and subtitles packed inside an MKV container with no compression. The good thing about it is that you have a video directly playable on your computer. But if you want to make a new disc, you are going to need a video burning software to burn the MKV video to the disc. If you want to make a digital copy of your DVD, MakeMKV is one excellent choice to go with. Check out how to create a digital copy of your DVD using MakeMKV.

  • 1. Insert the DVD disc in your DVD drive and start MakeMKV.
  • 2. When MakeMKV detects the disc, click the Disc Drive icon to load the DVD’s content.
  • 3. Check the videos, audio tracks and subtitles you need from the content list after DVD contents are loaded to MakeMKV.
  • 4. Set where to save the MKV video in the output folder box.
  • 5. Click the Make MKV button to start copying the DVD with MakeMKV.

What’s great about MakeMKV is that the MKV video is lossless, so when you decide to burn it to a DVD disc, there won’t be quality loss.

DVD players to play DVDs protected by region codes

What DVD Players you can buy to play a DVD disc protected by region codes

If the DVD discs you have are protected by region codes and are unplayable because of it, just get a region-free DVD player. It’ll be able to play any DVD disc you have.

1. Panasonic DVD-S700EP-K All Multi Region Free DVD Player

The Panasonic DVD-S700EP-K is a region-free DVD player capable of playing DVDs of region 1-6. It can also play and rip CDs. The biggest attraction would come from its upconversion feature which allows it to upconvert DVD to 720p or even 1080p resolution with HDMI output. With it you can enjoy old movies with a higher resolution and crisper image.

Panasonic DVD-S700EP-K

2. Pioneer DV-3052 Multi System All Region HDMI 1080p Upscaling DVD Player with USB Playback

The Pioneer DV-3052 is another region-free DVD player capable of improving the DVD image by upscaling it to 720p or even 1080p. It can read and play certain media files like photos, music files and videos of certain formats. And it can improve the quality of compressed MP3 audio file during playback.

Pioneer DV-3052

With one of the region-free DVD players above you shouldn’t find problems playing region-locked DVD discs.