As a convenient alternative to personal computer, tablet has outweighed among other digital peers in the past years. Due to its lightweight and comprehensive features, tablet is able to meet your general requirements that you obtain from a computer, for example, watching movies, listening to the music, processing various worksheets or PPT as well as playing DVD discs if your tablet has contained a built-in DVD player. Here are some more information about tablet with DVD players.

Part 1: Why to Buy Tablet with Built-in DVD Player

Why are you searching for a tablet with built-in DVD player? What are the advantages of a tablet with internal DVD player? Actually, a tablet is able to allow you to get access to all kinds of online resources via Internet connection. However, things are not always so perfect all the time. For example, if you are a movie fan and one of the most exciting things in your life is to hold up to the top released movies , then perhaps obtaining the latest DVD disc movies is a necessary action for you. However, now you are not able to take a DVD player with you when you are on a flight or in a trip. Then if the tablet you have already owned contains a built-in DVD player, things mentioned above will not be an issue at all.

Furthermore, for business use, a tablet with built-in DVD player is quite accessible and convenient in sharing public information during a meeting or official uses. Compared to the combination of a single TV or a monitor and an independent DVD player, a tablet with built-in DVD player is much cheaper which can be easier to handle with among the young groups. With such a light device for home and road trips, you can freely grasp the whole functions of both computers and DVD players. It is worth buying.

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Part 2: Tips for Buying Tablet with Built-in DVD Player

Since you are going to shop for a tablet with built-in DVD player, what are the factors you should consider before buying? The following are the tips you should focus on.

Tip 1. Screen and size. For those who prefer a tablet with Built-in DVD player, a larger screen will be better because it will be much more awesome to watch movies in a larger screen.

Tip 2. Wireless connectivity. There are two types of internet connection for tablets. One is Wi-Fi only and the other one incorporate both Wi-Fi and cellular service. This is based on your own needs.

Tip 3. Display. As another important factor to watch movies, a display with higher resolution and some other technology factors such as anti-reflective coating will matter the brightness, the color contrast and so on.

Tip 4. Ports. If you have additional needs in expanding your tablet by using an USB flash drive, then a table with a port will be necessary that can allow you to connect to third-party accessories.

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Part 3: Top 5 Tablets with Built-in DVD Player

Based on the overview of the above factors, you can refer to the following tablets for your further options.

Top 1. Zeki TBDV986W 9-Inch Tablet with DVD Player

First of all, you can turn your eyes to Zeki TBDV986W 9-Inch Tablet with DVD Player. This is a fast Tablet with built-in DVD player which is running on Android Lollipop 5.1 system. As a well-connected tablet, Zeki TBDV986W is quite light in its appearance and fast in its running speed. With 8GB memory card and 1GB RAM, this tablet can allow you to watch movies or play DVD discs on the DVD player efficiently on-the-go. It has 800 x 480 native resolution and built-in microphone as well as music player, movie player, web browser and other common digital supports. You can obtain the movies with superior video and audio effect with this tablet.

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Top 2. RCA 16GB 10-Inch Android Tablet with Built-in DVD Player

Next, RCA 10-inch Android tablet with built-in DVD player is an excellent option for you. It is definitely a good choice for your kids to keep silent in the backseat during long road trips. The large screen and HD 1024 x 600 resolution will provide you with clear pictures on its 10-inch display. It is running on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, with 16GB storage and microSD memory-card slot supported. This tablet with built-in DVD player doesn't only support disc playback, but also is able to present a sleek movie experience due to the HD touchscreen and Android OS.

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Top 3. DDAUTO 10.1-Inch Tablet Portable DVD Player

DDAUTO 10.1-Inch Tablet Portable DVD Player is a player with full combination of Android tablet and DVD multimedia monitor. It can easily allow you to play DVD discs and other personal entertainment. It is perfect for both home and car uses due to its compact size, amazing screen and sound quality. The Android 6.0 and 1.3GHz CPU and 8GB ROM as well as the 1GB RAM ensures an ultra-smooth gaming and speeding multi-media using experience. It is portable with built-in 4000mAh battery in the crafted shape without other connection, and it supports Bluetooth 4.0, Airplay, HDMI, FM, USB drive, TF cards and so on.

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Top 4. Sylvania 11.6-Inch Portable Tablet with DVD Player

If you prefer a larger display, then Sylvania 11.6-Inch Portable Tablet with DVD Player is in the case. This player is combination of Android tablet and multimedia player with 11.6-inch screen and HD touchscreen and 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. It can allow you to play your favorite DVD discs via the DVD player and connect to the Internet or via Wifi to check your emails, Facebook or other applications and games. Additionally, it includes internal Bluetooth, Micro HDMI, Micro SD, Micro USB port, 8GB storage and 1GB RAM. Also, its battery lifespan will be up to 4 hours for playing DVD discs.

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Top 5. Envizen 9-Inch Android Tablet Portable DVD Player

The last tablet with built-in DVD player you can refer to is Envizen 9-inch Android Tablet Portable DVD Player. As an affordable tablet, Envizen 9-inch Android Tablet is good for you if you would like to purchase a comprehensive tablet and DVD player combo with the limited budget. It is powerful due to the support of 16GB quad-cord. It also allows you to connect to Internet via internal Wi-Fi and easily stream online YouTube or Facebook contents. The intermediate size screen is quite appropriate for car use.

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Part 4: How to Play DVD on Your Computer

Now, if you need a powerful DVD player for your computer, then Leawo Blu-ray Player would come here for your selection. As a 100% free and 6-in-1 media player software, Leawo Blu-ray Player contains all media playback solutions you need for your leisure entertainment, including 4K, Blu-ray, DVD, CD, HD (4K), MPEG, WMV and so on. Yes, this is a free 4K & Blu-ray/DVD player. With advanced image and audio processing technology, Leawo Blu-ray Player provides you with extraordinary movie playback and cinema-like experience. Furthermore, within Leawo Blu-ray Player, you could obtain some personalizing settings according to your preference such as trimming video length, cropping video size, adding watermark and so on. In the following, I will list the detailed tutorial


Leawo Free Blu-ray Player 

☉ 100% free movie player to play Ultra HD 4K, 1080P Full HD and 720P video without quality loss.

☉ Free 4K Blu-ray disc player to play 4K Blu-ray disc, regardless of disc protection and region code.

☉ Support multiple audio decoding systems like Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.

☉ Adjust subtitles, video and audio during media playback for better movie experience.

Step 1. Download Leawo Blu-ray Player and install it.

Step 2. Enter the main interface and load the DVD on the computer. Once you have inserted the DVD disc into the drive, you can immediately see the movie icon on the main interface of the player. Just click it and you can enjoy the DVD movie.

Leawo Blu-ray Player 1

Step 3. Set more player parameters. In order to obtain the customized watching effect, you can do some more player settings. You only need to click on the drop-down menu panel on the top right which includes Playback, File Associations, Audio Output, DVD Blu-ray etc.

leawo Blu-ray Player 2

Part 5: How to Play DVD on Your iPad

The tablets mentioned above all contain the built-in DVD player. But just as you know, iPad is also a quite excellent choice but that doesn't support DVD disc. Now if you would like to play DVD on your iPad, are there any ways to get you there? Positively, you can achieve this purpose by making full use of the best DVD rippers for iPad that could rip DVD disc to any digital formats compatible with OS X system, such as MKV. Leawo DVD Ripper has all the features you need in DVD ripping software. By converting DVD to lossless MKV, you can watch the DVD movie on your iPad with no quality loss. Here is the tutorial.


Step 1. Download Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Put the DVD disc of the movie you want to transfer to iPad to your optical drive and give your computer and the program a few seconds to read the disc.

iPad 1

Step 3. Select the output format for the DVD. You can go to "Format" > "Lossless Video" and choose multi-track "MKV" to create a lossless MKV video from the DVD

iPad 2

Step 4. Confirm the "Save to" route. Save the MKV video on your computer and finally click "Convert" to start ripping the DVD to MKV. Wait in patience and you will get the new MKV voutput in several minutes.

iPad 3

Last of all, just transfer the MKV video to your iPad for viewing the DVD content with ease and with original quality retained.


If you prefer to purchase a tablet with built-in DVD player, that is OK for you because it is quite convenient and economic. If you go for Apple tablets such as iPad, you can take use of Leawo DVD Ripper which allows you to rip the DVD content to other iPad-compatible formats for your viewing. Of course, you can still find a lot of player or ripper alternatives, but here Leawo Blu-ray Player and Leawo DVD Ripper will be your best choices.