"All my contacts were stored in hotmail, and I haven't created any new contacts on iCloud. I need to import my hotmail list of contacts to iCloud in both my phone and in iCloud.com, because I don't want to create these contacts all over again to my iCloud. Is there any way to do this?"

This is a simple task. But before you want to get it done, you need to know that iCloud only sup-ports importing the contact in a vCard set, which means the precondition for you to do this is to ex-port hotmail contacts to computer in vCard file.

When it’s done, you can upload hotmail contacts to iCloud directly or you can simply download Leawo iTransfer to get it done. This tutorial will instruct you how to sync hotmail contacts with iCloud in detail.

Part 1: Export Hotmail Contacts to Computer in vCard File

No matter which method you are going to use to sync hotmail contacts with iCloud, you must go through this step.

Step 1. Import hotmail contacts to Google contacts.

Google Contacts is an online address book. It is integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products. To get a vCard file, you need to import your hotmail contacts to Google contacts first. Go to Google.com > Sign in your Google account > Click Contacts > Choose Import > Click outlook.com. Then you need to follow the prompts to finish the process.

import Hotmail contacts to Google contacts

Step 2. Select contacts to export.

Now you should be able see the contacts that you just imported from Hotmail. Tick the contacts that you want to export. Then click More > Export.

Select contacts to export

Step 3. Export contacts.

A window will pop out for you to confirm the contacts that you want to export and the format of the exporting file. Choose vCard format then click Export.

Export contacts

When this step is done, you successfully get the file that we need for our next step. You could ei-ther upload the contacts to icloud.com directly or put contacts to iPhone and then left the synchro-nizing work to iPhone.

Part 2: Upload Hotmail Contacts to icloud.com

Just like sync other things to iCloud, this step can be easily done by several click. But mind you that if the file is much too big, it might take you sometime to complete this process. Before you start to follow this process, you should make sure the “Contacts” option of the iCloud on your iPhone is turned on.

Step 1. Now log into iCloud, then click on Contacts.

login iCloud

Step 3: Now you should choose the vCard (.vcf file) from your computer, and click "Open". The vCard contacts will be added to your iCloud Contacts automatically. Then you just succeed to im-port vCard to iPhone, so go to your iPhone Address Book to check the contacts.

check the contacts

If you want to see these contacts on your iPhone, you need to download them to your phone.You do not have to download any software to complete this step yet it is time consuming. If you want to finish the task as soon as possible, you may need to try Leawo iTransfer.

Part 3: Sync Hotmail Contacts with iCloud with Leawo iTransfer

Leawo iTransfer is specialized in transfer files among iDevices. Besides, it also supports transferring files from PC to your iDevices. If you want to sync hotmail contacts with iCloud, you need to transfer vCard file of hotmail contacts from pc to iPhone first, which can be perfectly done by Leawo iTransfer, then sync the contacts to icloud.com via iCloud settings on iPhone.You need to make sure you have installed iTunes before all the steps because iTransfer needs the assistance from iTunes.


Leawo iTransfer 

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Step 1: Plug your iPhone to computer and run Leawo iTranfer. Your iPhone will be automatically detected. If this process is successful, you should be able see an interface as what is presented be-low.

launch iTransfer

Step 2: Now you should add your files to iTransfer. Click Contacts> Import to import your vCard file.

Choose songs

Step 3: After adding your contacts file to the software, the transfer begins. A dialog of transfer pro-cess will show up. It will show you the percentage of the transfer.

add contacts to iTransfer

Step 4: Now the contacts are transferred to your iPhone. You can see these contacts but they have-n't been synced to iCloud yet. Now, you need to synchronize them to your iCloud. It is just as sim-ple as your sync other files to iCloud. Tap Settings on your iPhone.

Step 5: Tap the top area that says "Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store"

tap Apple ID

Step 6: Tap on “iCloud” and find the "Contacts". Toggle on it and when it shows green, it's on and will back up your contacts. Note: the sync from iPhone to iCloud will work only when your iOS device connects to WiFi network.

sync contacts in iPhone

Now, you should successfully sync your Hotmail to iCloud. Apart from transferring contacts to iCloud, you can also transfer movies, music, etc., by Leawo iTransfer.