"I am very fond of Chaplin especially for his silent movie, which is really hilarious and makes me laugh all the time even though there is not any narration or voice in the movie. I am growing up dreaming to do something in likeness with Chaplin. And yes, making videos silent is my first step to foresee the silent movie effect. The obstacle lying ahead is how to remove audio from video files and make them voiceless? Somehow I heard Avidemux extract audio not bad. Is it true? "

Certainly it is true to some degree. If you wish to explore more, take a deep look into this article and get a more comprehensive idea about Avidemux remove audio.

Part 1: Basic Introduction of Avidemux

Like fast food, Avidemux is best for making quick edits and cuts. It is a free video editor which is very simple to use, even if you are a beginner. It offers quite a number of quick edit features to users who wish to clip a video, cut, copy and delete sections of video, and append one clip to another etc. Among all these feature, Avidemux's extract audio is worth mentioning as we are going to extract audio from video files and make the video silent in the end.

Part 2: How to remove audio from video using Avidemu

If you are a newbie, Avidemux remove audio may not sound easy for you but never mind, a step-by-step guide is here for you. All you need to do is to make sure your computer is installed with Avidemux as nothing can be done without Avidemux. You don't need to mess with any other settings or to convert/re-encode anything, all you are doing is to make a copy of the video minus the audio track.

Step 1: Launch Avidemux.

Step 2: Import your video. Note only a video can be processed at a time. Never put multiple videos in the program as it won't work.

Windows Media Player

Step 3: Go to the "Audio > Main track > (drop down menu) Audio source > None" option to disable audio tracks in source audio files.

By muting audio tracks, you could successfully remove sound from audio files within Avidemux.

Part 3: How to remove audio from video files using Leawo Video Converter

As I said previously, Avidemux remove audio is suitable to do simple edits to the video. It would be so simple for advanced users that many of them are not satisfied with it. Besides, multiple video processing is not supported by Avidemux, causing a huge time cost if multiple videos need to be edited. To better serve users' requirements, we have another video editor here for removing audio from video files. Leawo Video Converter is both a converter and an editor, by which users can freely convert videos from one format to another and edit their video/audio features to export better files. In total, over 180 popular file formats are supported and many more are on the way. Users enjoy the same quality file after conversion as this program adopts powerful technology to retain 1:1 output quality. It 's also easy and convenient to remove or extract the audio from any videos. Let's have a look on the following.

Step 1: Install Leawo Video Converter.

Make sure your computer is installed with this program before proceeding to process files.

Step 2: Add video files to the program.

Either directly drag and drop the video files here or click Add Video to import the video files.

Add videos

Step 3: Keep the same output format as original one.

As we are simply going to remove audio from video files, we can keep the same output format as the original one. Click Change under the format drop-down list to locate the correct format.

change output format