Let’s say, you have two or more WMV files and want to join them together into one file. What will you do? We often run into this kind of situation in our daily life. We need to adjust the parameters of these several video clips, merge them into one file and add a transition between various clips. It is an easy job if you have a professional video merger tool. But in most cases, you will get one with original quality loss. So the question is: what video joiner or video merger can combine video files without quality loss? In this article I will recommend several video joiners/mergers to easily combine videos. Also, you will learn how to merge videos with different video merger tools.

Part 1: Merge WMV Files with Leawo Video Converter

Before introducing video joiners, let’s look at Leawo Video Converter, which can automatically merge video files together without or with transitions. It merges videos in 1:1 quality, whatever the files are with the same or different file extensions (mp4, wmv, mov, mkv, avi, etc). Merging video is only a subsidiary function of this software, in fact, its main purpose is to convert video format. It is a professional video converter that allows users to quickly convert not only video files in 180 formats, but also audio files without losing quality. Now read on to get more information about this easy-to-use video merger and learn how to merge videos together.

Step 1. Download and Install Leawo Video Converter

Click the link below to download and install Leawo Video Converter. If you are using Mac version, you can download and install Mac counterpart of Leawo Video Converter.

Step 2: Import WMV Files into Leawo Video Converter

In fact, before using the conversion function, you can find some technical parameters of Leawo Video Converter on the official website to facilitate our consultation. Once we understand our own needs, we can use this powerful software to the fullest. For importing video files to the program,you should click the Convert tab to enter the interface of Leawo Video Converter. You can drag and drop the files that you prepared to white dotted frame. And alternatively you can click the "Add Video" option to import WMV files as well.


Step 3. Set Video and Audio Parameters

You can also adjust video and audio parameters to meet your own demand. After you click “Edit” green option under the default “MP4 Video” panel, you can adjust video and audio parameters of selected output profile, including: Video Codec, Quality, Video Size, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio as well as Audio Codec, Quality, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Channels, etc.


Step 4. Adjust the Order of Video Clip and Merge

Before merging different video clips, you can click up or down arrows to adjust the order of those video clips. Then click the blue bubble to merge all files into one.


Step 5.Choose Output Format as WMV

It should be noted that the default output format of this software is mp4. You need to click the drop-down box named “MP4 Video” and click the green “Change” button to choose WMV as output format.


Step 6. Choose Output Directory

Click the green “Convert” button to pop up a side bar for output directory setting. At last, you need to click the “Convert” button at the bottom to start the video merging process and it will take a while to complete the conversion. After the conversion is finished, you can find the merged WMV file in the output directory.


Part 2: Merge WMV Files with DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft Free Studio is a set of simple and completely free video conversion tool, and users can use 20 free conversion tools through this free video conversion tool. Check the steps and learn how to merge WMV files.

Step 1.Add Videos for Merging.

After downloading and installing DVDVideoSoft on your computer, launch the program to enter the main interface, where you can drag the WMV files directly into the converter, and alternatively you can click green "Add Video" button to browse and choose your WMV video files on your PC.

Step 2.Choose Output Format

This software can only output four video formats, MP4 being one of them. So we can convert WMV to MP4 format by choosing MP4 as output format.

Step 3. Choose Output Directory

In this step, firstly, you should click the “Tools” tab and click “Options”. Then you can browse and choose the output folder at the “Options” interface.

Step 4.Merge Videos

After you set up the output folder, you should check “Merge into one file” before clicking the blue “Convert” button. However, a popup window will appear indicating that you need to pay for the full version using “Merge into one file” option. Click “Get Premium” to get registered version and then start to merge video files.


Part 3: Merge WMV Files with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is another program that allows you to join several WMV video clips into one on Windows. It has all the editing capabilities that any user would love to use. Before making any progress, you must import the video files into the program. After that, you will be good to go in combining your video clips. Follow the below steps to combine WMV in Windows Movie Maker:

Open the contents pane and then hold the “CTRL” key on the keyboard down. Once that is accomplished, proceed to click on the adjacent clips that you are aiming at merging.



When you want to have multiple video clips merged at a go, they must be consecutive to make it seamless. In case you would want to have all clips selected, it will be as simple as clicking on the first one then holding down the "shift" key of the keyboard after which you will click on the last clip.

Part 4: Merge WMV Files online

The first three WMV video mergers are good enough to merge WMV files, and you are free to choose any one of them to merge video clips. In addition to these three WMV video mergers described above, in this part, I will introduce three online video joiners (ClipChamp, Wevideo, and Cellsea).


Clipchamp is an online video editing pack which gives you tools to make video easily. You can find almost all the basic video editing features like merging, cropping, splitting, etc in it. What's more, the modern UI gives you a fresh editing experience.
Key Features:
It has a dragging-and-dropping feature and offers you a library of stock video and image.
Pros and Cons:
It has a user-friendly UI, and the procedure is simple and clear, so it is easy to use. But the free version only allows to export video in 480p and you have to sign in to get started.


2. Wevideo:

WeVideo has gained more popularity among professionals as well as beginners due to its easy-to-use and highly interactive platform. As an online video joiner, it can help you easily merge videos in various ways. Besides, its interface is intuitive, which is easy for beginners.
Key Features:
It includes all motion effects like fast and slow motion editing. You can also access green screen and Ken Burns.
Pros and Cons:
It is fast and easy to use as a video joiner online. But it is too costly to join videos online.


3. Cellsea:

Cellsea is another great online video joiner. In this tool, you can merge 2 different videos together without losing a frame. Cellsea is well known for its abilities to handle all popular media file formats like WMV, FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV and 3GP. Users can easily join their videos here with cut and merge operations.
Key Features:
Videos can be accessed via URLs or can be uploaded from computer directly.
Pros and Cons:
As a video editing tool, it is easy to use for video joiners. And it can handle several file formats online so there is no need to access additional converter tool. But the video file size is limited to 25MB only. You might lose some of the quality of the video.


After a comprehensive comparison of these video merging methods (Leawo Video Converter, DVDVideoSoft, and Windows Movie Maker) and the three online video joiners (ClipChamp, Wevideo, and Cellsea), we found that Leawo Video Converter is superior in terms of the ease of operation and the picture quality of the merged video. Leawo Video Converter is the best choice for us to edit, merge and convert video format. Actually, more than a video editor and video converter as its name shows, Leawo Video Converter has many other features as well. Users can use it to edit video, including adding watermark to videos, adding subtitles to videos, cropping video size, trimming video length, adding video effect, turning 2D video into 3D video, etc.