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How to Upload Video to Reddit

“I want to post a 24 second clip from my xbox game dvr and upload it to reddit videos. I downloaded the .mp4 and when I drag/browse for the file it will go in(under post, Image & Video), and look like the video is uploaded(I can watch the video in the image&video under post). I put a title and flair and click post. the video never gets posted. I have tried several different filetypes and from my pc (chrome) and iphone (app). Please help me.”

“The video loads, I add the title and press Post. Then it's stuck on 'Submitting...' for a very long time and I give up. It's on the Android app.”

Those are 2 questions being asked by Reddit users and many people still wondering how to post videos on Reddit. Today we’re going to make an all-side tutorial about uploading video to Reddit on different devices and fix certain errors like “can’t upload video to Reddit” as well.

Part 1: What Video Format does Reddit Support

Being a popular discussion website, Reddit allows registered members to submit content to the site such as text post, images, videos and useful links, covering a wide range of categories. Reddit is genuinely a wealth of information and discussion as an open and close-knit community. When it comes to posting a video to Reddit, there are specific requirements:

how to upload video to reddit
  • Supported video formats: MOV, MP4
  • Maximum file size: 1GB
  • Maximum video length: 15 minutes
  • Mobile App: iOS and Android
  • Internet: Stable internet connection
  • Part 2: How to Upload Video to Reddit on Mobile Phones

    1. Upload Video to Reddit on Android Phones/Tablets

    Step 1: Open the official Reddit app on phones/tablets. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

    Step 2: Log into Reddit with your own account.

    Step 3: Tap the New Post button by clicking on a pencil-shaped icon.

    Step 4: Pick out Video indicator to call out the “Video Post” panel.

    Step 5: Tap the Choose a community menu to select a desired subreddit.

    Step 6: Select or record a video from 2 separate icons.

    Step 7: Enter the title and post it.

    how to upload video to reddit

    2. Upload Video to Reddit on iPhone/iPad

    The steps on posting video on iPhone is quite similar to the way applied on Android phones, here is a detailed guide below:

    Step 1: Download Reddit app from App Store.

    Step 2: Log in with your username and password.

    Step 3: Tap Post something interesting at the top of panel.

    Step 4: Choose the desired media file after clicking the Library icon.

    Step 5: Confirm a subreddit and give the video a name.

    Step 6: Post it.

    It’s quite a simple task to post video on mobile devices, you are allowed to share something of monumental value any time any where.

    Part 3: How to Upload Video to Reddit on Windows/Mac

    Generally, there are 2 different approaches to sharing videos on Reddit if you’re using computer. Sometimes we just tend to post YouTube video to Reddit, then how can we make it?

    • First, head to the page of YouTube video
    • Click the SHARE button below the video
    • Choose Reddit icon from a pop-up window to share this video
    • The Post button will turn to blue after selecting a subreddit
    • Click the Post button

    To post videos on Reddit within a web browser, you can refer to the step-by-step tutorial:

    Step 1. Visit Reddit site, and click the Log In button.

    Step 2. Click the + (Create Post) icon at the top right corner, then the new post form will appear.

    how to upload video to reddit

    Step 3. Hit the Image & Video tab, where you can drag and drop the source files into this panel or click the Upload to import video file.

    how to upload video to reddit

    Part 4: What to Do If You Can't Upload Video to Reddit

    It’s not a small probability that people fail to upload videos to Reddit or are stuck on the “Submitting” state forever, well that’s quite an annoying thing when we can’t wait to share wonderful videos with others. Here are some possible solutions to fix it:

    • 1. Reboot the mobile phones or any device
    • 2. Reinstall app
    • 3. Log in again
    • 4. Check the internet connection
    • 5. Make sure the video content complies with the rules of the website
    • 6. Compress or convert the video if needed

    For the most part, people can convert the original video to MP4 or MOV and re-upload it to Reddit with Leawo Prof. Media. Designed to convert video files between various formats, Leawo Prof. Media is an all-around combo to convert video and audio files, rip and convert 4K/3D/regular Blu-ray/DVD/ISO files to video/audio in 180+ formats, including Lossless MP4, Lossless MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, M4V, F4V, MP3, AAC, etc.

    • Leawo Prof. Media
    • Leawo Prof. Media 11

      An 11-in-1 All-inclusive Total Media Converter Ultimate Solution
      Convert All Media files of Video, Audio, 4K UHD Blu-ray and DVD
      Download Videos and Audios from 1000+ Sites
      Professional Photo Slideshow Maker and Burner
      Greatly Enhance Blu-ray/DVD/Video Output Effects

    To make this video converter work, click the module “Video Converter” in the main interface, and it would lead you to the corresponding function part. Let’s see how to convert video to MP4/MOV in detailed:

    Step 1: Import the source video files into the program

    Click Add Video from the toolbar to import the source files. Batch importing is supported but it will slow down the entire conversion process if your files are too large.

    how to post videos on reddit

    Step 2: Change the output format

    Click Change under the format drop-down menu to navigate to the Profile panel, where you will be able to change the output format to the target one.

    how to post videos on reddit

    Step 3: Adjust the parameters of video

    Twist the parameters to make your video file smaller if needed.

    how to post videos on reddit

    Step 4: Set an output directory to save the converted file

    Click the Convert button and you will see a sidebar pop up to let you specify a directory to save the output file. After that, click the round button Convert below to start conversion. This process will take a couple of minutes depending on how large your file is.

    how to post videos on reddit

    When conversion kicks off, you may view the green progress bar to monitor the real status. Once 100% is done, you will be able to find your converted files under the directory you set previously.



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