Watermarking is usually used to protect the rights of intellectual property. No matter where you download the pictures or the videos, watermarks are always contained in it. Luckily, some watermark removing tools can help you finish this task with easy on Windows and Mac. Now, go ahead to read this post and you will find the best solution to remove the watermark from your video.

Part 1. How to remove watermark from video on PC

Apowersoft Watermark Remover is a professional tool to remove watermarks from video in a simple way. Besides, it also can remove the logos, texts and other unwanted marks from your file. The process of watermark removal is simple and fast. Users can get hold of the tricks even though they have no computer skills.

Here you can follow the steps as below to remove the watermark from Video with Apowersoft Watermark Remover.

Step 1. Get this watermark removal software downloaded and installed on your computer.

Step 2. Run this software, select the option “Remove watermark from video”.

Step 3. Hit on the plus sign icon to get the video imported for editing.

Step 4. After the video is imported, click on the button “Selection Tool” and get the red box placed on the watermark areas that you want to remove.


Step 5. Afterwards, click on the “Convert” button to make the videos processed. After conversion, the files will be stored to target folder on your computer.


Part 2. How to remove watermark from video on Mac

If you want to remove the watermark from video on Mac, iMovie is a good option for your considering. iMovie is multi-functional in video editing features,you can view the videos, create 4K resolution movies and build high-end trailers with iMovie. In addition, iMovie can crop the videos and remove the parts that you don’t need.

Now you can follow the specific steps as below to perform the task of removing watermark from your video.

Step 1. Run iMovie on your Mac, then get the target video imported to iMovie for removing the watermark.

Step 2. Hit on “Crop” button. Then get the frame adjusted from the top of the video.

Step 3. Make adjustments on the frame so as to remove the watermark thoroughly. After that, click to “Apply” button to keep on editing. Then choose a file to save the video which has the watermark removed.


Part 3. How to remove watermark from video via online tool

Video watermark removal online tool offers a good solution to remove the unwanted logos, images, and text overlay parts that are found from the videos. This online tool can help users identify the logos in a quick way and get rid of the traces thoroughly.

Nowadays, people would like to share videos with no logo, this Video watermark remover is able to remove the undesired watermark from videos via the website Watermarkremover.net.


Step 1. Get the target video uploaded to the online tool

Click to the Upload button and then choose the video that you want to remove the watermarks.

Step 1. Click to Submit button

After the process is finished, you need to click to the Submit button.

Step 2. Click to Download button

Click the Download button to get the video with watermarks removed from the video downloaded and saved in the same format as it is uploaded previously.

Through the above guidelines, you can remove the video watermarks easily and successfully.

Part 4. Another way to remove watermark from video

There is also another good way to remove watermark from video on Windows and Mac, that is to use Leawo Video Converter Ultimate to help you finish this task in a simple way. With the help of Leawo Video Converter Ultimate, you can crop the video or replace the original watermark with the new one to remove the watermark from the video. This software can be used to remove the watermark from different kinds of video formats, which includes MP4, H.265 MP4, AVI, MKV, H.265 MKV, MOV, FLV, RMVB, and so on.

Method 1. Use Leawo Video Converter Ultimate to remove the watermark by cropping the video

  • add-video

    Step 1. Run Leawo Video Converter Ultimate. Then import the video files to the program by either clicking to “Add Video” button or dragging and dropping the files directly to the main screen.

  • crop-the-pic

    Step 2. Enter the Edit panel. After the source video files have been imported to the program, right click on the loaded video files and then choose “Edit” option, or hit on “Edit” icon button from the end of the file. After that, you can go into the video editing panel.

  • select-the-cropping-effect

    Step 3. Click the “Crop” option on the left side toolbar. You can resize the frame by dragging as much as you need so as to remove the watermark from the video, or you can choose the different option like Letter/Pan/Custom/Full/16:9/4:3 in "Zoom” as you need to make the watermark vanish. Then, hit on “OK” to get the cropping effect applied to the video file.

Method 2. Use Leawo Video Converter Ultimate to remove the watermark by covering with the new one

  • watermark-panel

    Step 1. Click to “Watermark” option on the left side toolbar from the editing panel. Here you can import a new logo, text or image the same as importing your video files to the program.

  • crop-the-pic

    Step 2. Double click to the new watermark like logo or text or image. Then drag the new watermark to overplay with the proper size. After that, adjust the new watermark as you need, such as watermark transparency, left margin, top margin and size. Finally, hit on the button “Apply to all” to make the new watermark cover the old in all videos files and then confirm the “OK” button.

  • select-the-cropping-effect

    Step 3. Select the output format. After the watermark has been covered with the new one, you can get the video files exported in any format as you like.

With the two solutions above, the watermark can be removed easily from video with Leawo Video Converter Ultimate. Most importantly, this versatile watermark removal tool can provide you more great features but not just watermark removal, why not have a try on this perfect tool? Since Leawo Video Converter can help you perform kinds of tasks in video and audio conversion. It is worthy to get one and never miss such a wonderful tool in your digital life.