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How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone during Upgrading to iOS 13

Apple devices are prevailing all over the world, especially iPhone. With Apple providing the latest iOS, millions of people are struggling with data loss during their upgrade to the latest version. It seems that iPhone upgrading to iOS13 has some problems, which are not expected. In this post, we will focus on how to recover lost data on iPhone during upgrading to iOS 13 with the best solutions.

Part 1: iOS 13 Features and Problems

It was huge when Apple announced the iOS13 in the summer of 2019. Apple’s iOS 13 comes with multiple new and enhanced features, making life easier and healthier.

First of all, iOS13 is faster and more efficient than ever. Apps update, launch, and download have been significantly improved, even the Face ID takes less time to recognize you! Second, most people like the Dark Mode option, which changes the entire look of the operating system from light to dark. This saves energy and fits users’ application preferences. Third, photos and videos are intelligently organized, making it easier to browse and relive your favorite memories. Of course, this comes with easier photo editing tools, making photo editing at your fingertips.

Another big change is about the security and privacy setting, which adds a new Sign in with Apple privacy feature that gives you a convenient and data safe way to sign into apps and websites. Also, there will be some new Emoji stickers to make your social network more user-friendly and funny.

However, we have to admit that with the exciting new features, we encounter iPhone upgrade problems and bugs during upgrade to iOS13 as well. Quite some people complain that after upgrading their iPhone to iOS13 or even later versions, they do not see any improvement in battery performance and some even go downwards. Worst of all, some users get the data lost after upgrading to iOS13. For example, after updating to iOS 13, some iPhone users found their Contacts app malfunctioning. Some have contact names but no content in them, while others just show up as empty. This issue is huge and we must address this issue and avoid any data loss during the iPhone upgrade to the latest version.


Part 2: How to Recover Lost Data from iTunes Backup

Data loss underscores the importance of backing up iPhone before we take any actions to upgrade iPhones. Normally, we will enable the auto backup to iCloud on a daily basis or sync data to iTunes before we move on to upgrade the iPhone, which is a routine gesture to protect our data.
When we face data loss after upgrading to iOS13, we will naturally think of ways to recover lost data. If we have synced the data to iTunes beforehand, we may counter restore the data to iPhone. Follow the steps below to restore your data to iPhone right now:

Step 1. Launch the iTunes app

Step 2. Trust the computer and enter your Apple ID

Step 3. Click on your iPhone under Devices in the menu
And choose Restore Backup. Choose the backup you wish to sync and click Restore.

restore backup

Note that for a new or erased iPhone, iTunes will prompt you to restore your device from the backup.

Part 3: How to Recover Lost Data from iCloud Backup

As said, backing up data to iCloud is performed on a daily basis if you enable iCloud Backup in the settings. To do so, open your iPhone and go to Settings and click your Apple ID to enter the Apple ID interface, where you will notice the iCloud tab. Hit the tab and click iCloud Backup. Then you will be able to enable the iCloud Backup. This will automatically back up your data such as photo library, accounts, documents, home configuration and settings, etc.

This will be a good and easy measure for you to keep all your data backed up and allow you to restore the data to your iPhone when needed.

To restore the lost data from iCloud backup, you can follow the guide here.

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Reset

Step 2. Tap Erase All Content and Settings

Step 3. Go through the setup pages until you get to the Apps & Data screen

Step 4. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup

Note that this is a guide for restoring all data including your iPhone settings. You can also restore partial data to your iPhone from iCloud, such as restoring photos to your iPhone.
To do so, you may sign in your Apple ID to iCloud and choose Photos.

icloud to iphone

From there, select the photos you want to recover. Then click Download. It would sync the backup photos to your iPhone.

download data

Part 4: How to recover lost data with Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Luckily, besides recovering lost data from iTunes or iCloud, we have some other professional data recovery tools to help. Leawo iOS Data Recovery is an all-inclusive data recovery software app for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. It could act as iPhone data recovery software, iPad data recovery software, and iPod data recovery software to recover deleted or lost data for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod. Compared to iTunes and iCloud, Leawo iOS Data Recovery handles complicated situations with ease for recovering lost/damaged/deleted data due to: iOS update, iOS downgrade, device jailbroken, factory settings restored, mistaken deletion, device broken, screen locked, device locked, device formatted, system crash, device stolen, password forgotten, switching to new iPhone.
Basically, it offers 3 recovery modes that allow you to recover data from iOS device itself, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. Furthermore, it recovers almost everything, in total 14 types of data including Contacts, Messages, Call History, WhatsApp, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Message Attachments, Voice Memos and WhatsApp Attachments. Despite all the powerful features it offers, it remains easy to use and fast app even for beginners.

To let you have a better understanding of this intuitive app, we have prepared a brief guide here to recover lost data with Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

Step 1. Make sure you have installed this app to your computer
Click the button below to download and install this lightweight app to your computer. Note that this app works together with iTunes so make sure you have iTunes installed as well. As said, we have three options to recover data. Here we go for iOS Device, meaning we will recover recently deleted or lost data from iOS devices directly.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

leawo recovery tool

Step 2. Connect the iPhone to the computer
Connect the iPhone to the computer with your USB cable. Select the device from the device list at the bottom.

connect iphone to pc

Step 3. Scan your device
Click Start to scan your device and locate your files and data. This may take a few minutes depending on how much data you have in the device.

scan data

Step 4. Preview the deleted or lost data
On your left pane, you will see a list of data on the device. Choose to view the deleted data only by checking Only display the deleted items option at the left bottom area. Now all the recoverable data types would be shown on the left sidebar, and all the data of that specific type are listed on the right.

display files

Step 5. Select the files and data you want to recover
Check the boxes in front of each file and click Recover to proceed.

recover data

Step 6. Set a directory to save the recovered data on your PC
When you click the button Recover, there will pop up a window to let you specify a directory to save the recovered data. Set one accordingly and move forward to click Go to recover the data and save them to your computer.

save data

With this app, no matter what you get lost during iPhone upgrading to iOS13, you will surely get them back intact.


It is frustrating when you encounter Apple iPhone upgrade problems, but never mind. We have smart solutions for you to get back your lost data from iPhone. If you are prudent, you may simply go for iTunes or iCloud to restore your data back to your iPhone once you find your data gets lost. However, in some particular occasions where iTunes or iCloud goes nowhere to restore your data, you certainly need professional recovery tools to help you recover the lost data. In this case, Leawo iOS Data Recovery will offer the best solution to recover your lost data no matter from iOS Device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup. This app is fast and accurate, allowing you to recover almost everything you get lost or deleted. The intuitive app fits to both beginners and advanced users.

Put in a nutshell, if you are looking for a solution to recover data from iPhone, try it out and you will love it immediately!



With long-term dedication into the latest market demands and technologies, the author has become an expert in posting practical, in-depth and user-oriented how-tos, tutorials, recommendations, reviews, and more digital multimedia solutions in Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, picture, Apple utilities, etc.

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