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How to Play MP4 to Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox 360?

The Xbox gaming console series might be one of the most successful and popular gaming consoles in the world. With an Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox 360 gaming console, you can not only play hundreds of excellent games with your friends and families, but also enjoy movies or music in various formats. However, if you have ever tired to play a video in the MP4 format, you might have encountered some playback failure problems. That kind of problems do not only happen to you, but also happen to many other Xbox users. So it raises a question to all Xbox users: Do Xbox gaming console series support the MP4 format? And how to play MP4 to Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox 360? Well, let’s find out together.

Part 1. Why can't you play MP4 on Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox 360?

To begin with, let’s talk about whether the Xbox gaming series support the MP4 format or not. As the most popular Xbox gaming console module, Xbox 360 is a video game console released on 2005 which brings lots of fun to people. Theoretically, videos can be played offline through Xbox 360 with USB storage device, Windows Media Player, Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center. The supported video formats in Xbox include avi, divx, wmv, MP4, m4v, MP4, and mov.

Apparently, the MP4 video format is compatible with the Xbox gaming console. However, there are cases when you try to stream MP4 to Xbox 360 with Windows Media Player, the program notifies “no videos found” in the MP4 folder. Why does this kind of problem happen? Well, It’s because Xbox 360 only support MP4 formats with fixed specification. So not all MP4 can be played on Xbox 360, and in order to be played on Xbox, your MP4 file must be encoded with the H.264 codec, or is compressed with compression format MPEG-4 Part 2.

If the MP4 format for your video does not meet the specifications above, then it’s not be able to be played in the Xbox console. In addition, the MP4 video must also be smaller than 4GB in size. If your MO4 video cannot be played in your Xbox device, then you have to convert the file format and make it compatible with your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox 360 gaming console.

Part 2: How to convert MP4 to Xbox 360 compatible formats with Leawo Video Converter

As mentioned above, in order to play the MP4 file you couldn’t play before on the Xbox gaming console, you need to convert the video to an Xbox compatible format with a video converter program like Leawo Video Converter. Leawo Video Converter is a professional video converter that supports more than 180 video or audio formats as input and output. With an advanced video converting engine, Leawo Video Converter is able to convert your video to other formats in a 6 times higher speed than the average, and keep the original video and audio quality at the same time. Besides, Leawo Video Converter also has a practical video editor built in, enabling you to do various adjustments to your video including trimming, cropping, modifying video parameters, adding image or text watermark to video, adding 3D effects to video and removing noise.

Leawo Video Converter also has a clean and tidy user interface. Thanks to the straightforward software design, Leawo Video Converter makes it easy for anyone to do the video conversion effortlessly. Now I’ll give you a detailed instruction on how to convert MP4 to Xbox compatible format with Leawo Video Converter.

Step 1: Import Source video
Launch Leawo Video Converter. In order to import your source video into the program, firstly click the “Video Converter” entry to enter the video converter function module, and then drag and drop your video onto the program. You can also click the “Add Video” button to find your video manually.


Step 2: Set output format
Once your video is imported, you need to set an output format for the conversion task. To set the output format, click the “MP4 Video” area next to the green “Convert” button. In the dropdown menu, click “Change” to go to the format library panel. All of the available output formats are listed in the panel and you can click to choose any one of them..


Step 3: Further editing
If you want to do some further editing to the video, you can click the “Edit” button and go to the video editing panel. On the video editing panel, you will have various video editing options. Once you are done editing, click “OK” to confirm adjustments and go back to the main interface.


Step 4: Start converting
When you are ready, click the green “Convert” button, set an output directory and then click the “Convert” icon to start the conversion task.


Part 3: How to convert MP4 to Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox 360 compatible formats with Any Video Converter

As you can see from the above, Leawo Video Converter has a complete function design and user-friendly converting process, making it almost a perfect video converter program for Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox 360. But there are also other choices if prefer more options. Any Video Converter, for example, is one that’s worth mentioning. Any Video Converter is an easy to use video converter. It doesn’t support as many video formats as Leawo Video Converter does, but still can support up to 50 input video formats. The software has a good compatibility for old operation systems so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the operating system compatibility when you are using an old PC. However, there are additional software installed when you launch Any Video Converter. So if you are okay with additional software being installed, then the software may be worth trying. Here is how you can convert MP4 to Xbox compatible formats with Any Video Converter

Step 1: Download, install and launch Any Video Converter. On the main interface, Click the "Add Video(s)" Button at the top bar to add MP4 video file(s) you would like to convert.
Step 2: Find the video format dropdown list on the left of the blue “Convert Now!” button. Click the dropdown button and directly select Xbox as the output video format profile. You can also specify a video format for the converting task.
Step 3. Click the blue "Convert Now!" Button to start the conversion.


Part 4: How to convert MP4 to Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox 360 compatible formats with Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is another tool that you can use to convert MP4 to Xbox 360 compatible formats. Like the name suggests, Freemake Video Converter is a free video converter program for you to convert various video files. The program was initially released in 2010, and has gained millions of users within more than a decade. Freemake Video Converter has everything for a basic video converter program. It’s free, it can provide decent output result, and it offers some simple video options as well. Despite the fact that the software is a relatively old product and some features must be activated using a Web Pack after three days, Freemake Video Converter could be a good helper if you want a simple video converter program. The way to convert MP4 to Xbox compatible formats with Freemake Video Converter is not too complicated. Here is a brief guide on how to convert the MP4 video with Freemake Video Converter.

Step 1: Launch Freemake Video Converter, and click your desired target format in the bottom row. If you don’t see your target format, click the arrow on the sides to reveal more.
Step 2: After clicking the target format, there will be a new window popped up, where you can import your source MP4 video file and set a target folder for output.
Step 3: Finally, click the “Start” button to start the conversion. When the conversion is done, there will be a notification window telling you that the conversion is completed. Click the “OK” button to confirm.


Part 5: How to convert MP4 to Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox 360 compatible formats with Zamzar

Besides using professional video converter programs introduced above, you can also sues one of the online video converter tools to convert your MP4 to Xbox compatible formats. Although there are always some restrictions in file size, converting speed, or supported format, the online converter approach is still worth recommending if you want you video converted fast without any complicated operations. When it comes to the online video converter tools, Zamzar is an option that’s totally worth your attention as the most recommended tool in the top 5 free video converters. Comparing to other video converter tools, Zamzar has a more intuitive interacting method and a simpler user interface. For users who don’t want to spend to much time on the video converting process, Zamzar is the tool that can help you save a lot of time and energy. To convert your MP4 to Xbox compatible formats with Zamzar, just follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Visit and open the Zamzar webpage.
Step 2: Click the “Add Files” button to upload the source video file from your computer.
Step 3: Click the “Convert to” dropdown button and choose your output format in the dropdown menu.
Step 4: Finally, click the “Convert Now” button to start the video converting task.

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Leila Lee

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