YouTube is a place where you can share anything with people all around the world. It’s known to all that there are many fantastic videos shred on YouTube. But besides interesting videos, a lot of people would also like to share their excellent photos on YouTube. By making a YouTube photo slideshow with your photos, you can easily share your photos on YouTube in an intriguing way. There are a lot of tools that you can use to make a nice YouTube photo slideshow. But if you want to make your photo slideshow stand out from all the videos on YouTube, a decent YouTube photo slideshow maker tool is necessary. So in this article, we will introduce some of the best YouTube photo slideshow maker tools, and also show you how to make a YouTube photo slideshow with these tools efficiently.

Solution 1: Create YouTube Photo Slideshow via YouTube Online

Uploading videos on YouTube may be an intuitive action for most YouTubers. But it’s rarely known that YouTube actually provides a way for you to directly make a photo slideshow out of your photos. By using YouTube’s official photo slideshow maker tool, you can easily make a YouTube photo slideshow video with only several minutes and directly upload the fresh made photo slideshow to your YouTube channel. What’s more, the official YouTube photo slideshow maker tool can also automatically optimize your YouTube photo slideshow video so that it will have the best video playback performance after it’s uploaded to your YouTube channel. If you never knew that you could make photo slideshow directly on YouTube, now it’s a good chance to get to know the easy-to-use tool. Here is a simple guide on how to make a YouTube photo slideshow video with YouTube’s built-in photo slideshow maker tool.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account. On the video uploader page, you should be able to see a “Photo slideshow” option in the “Create videos” section on the right. Click the “Create” button under “Photo slideshow” and then you will be brought to the homepage of the YouTube’s official photo slideshow maker tool.


Step 2: Once you have landed on the YouTube photo slideshow maker page, you will be able to upload your photos for your slideshow video. You can either drag and drop your photos from your local folder to the webpage, or directly add photos from “Your photos” and “Photo albums”. It will take a few seconds for your photos to be completely uploaded.


Step 3: After your photos being successfully uploaded, you can preview the uploaded photos in the section below. You can add more photos or delete photos from the list. Once you are satisfied with your photos, you can click the “Next” button and move on to the photo editing and settings page.


Step 4: On the “Editing settings” page, you can set parameters like slide duration, slide effect and transition effect. Also, you can add a background music from YouTube’s recommended tracks. You can also check the “No audio” option to make a muted photo slideshow. After you have done with all the editing and settings, just click the “Upload” button at the lower right corner to directly upload the YouTube photo slideshow to your YouTube channel.


Solution 2: Create YouTube Photo Slideshow via Leawo Video Converter

As you can see, YouTube provides an official photo slideshow maker tool for your to directly make a photo slideshow video. Although the slideshow maker tool is easy to use and pretty efficient, it’s not suitable for people who have some customization demands on the photo slideshow. If you want your photo slideshow to be impressive and unique, it’s still recommended that you use a professional YouTube photo slideshow maker tool like Leawo Video Converter.

As a professional video editor and converter tool, Leawo Video Converter is capable of converting videos from one format to another, as well as converting photos to a brilliant YouTube photo slideshow. The program supports most of the photo formats, and allows you to import your own music as the background music of the photo slideshow. As for the customization function, Leawo Video Converter gives you the freedom to freely adjust parameters like photo duration, transition duration, transition effect and more. In addition, Leawo Video Converter also has an intuitive user interface which makes the YouTube photo slideshow making process extremely easy. With the straightforward software design, you can make an excellent YouTube photo slideshow with Leawo Video Converter within only a few minutes. With a Mac version of Leawo Video Converter, you can also make photo slideshow on Mac easily. Now let me show you how to make an impressive YouTube photo slideshow video with Leawo Video Converter.

Step 1: Download, install and Launch Leawo Video Converter. At the main interface of the program, click the “Video Converter” entrance to enter the video converter module. After that, click the “Add Photo” button to browse and import your photos into the program. Leawo Video Converter gives you the option to either import photos individually, or import photos in batch by folder. Selected photos will be automatically generated into a photo slideshow once they are successfully imported. By simply clicking the thumbnail, you can make Leawo Video Converter play the generated slideshow for you to have a preview.


Step 2: To customize the YouTube photo slideshow, just click the “Edit” icon on the preview panel to enter the Slideshow Editor interface, where you can open the “Video” panel to adjust Video Settings (photo duration, transition duration, transition effect). You could adjust the photo’s position by dragging it, and insert other photos into the created photo slideshow by clicking the “+” button on the timeline.


Step 3: To customize the audio performance of the YouTube photo slideshow, just click the “Audio” tab under the “Video” tab, and then you can click the “Add Music” button or directly drag your music or song from your computer into the generated photo slideshow. You can drag one or several songs as background music, change music position or adjust output audio effect.


Step 4: The default output format in Leawo Video Converter is “MP4 Video”. But the program gives you the freedom to change the output format to whatever you want. To do that, just click the “MP4 Video” area next to the green “Convert” button, and select “Change” to enter the profile selection panel. On the panel, you can select any preset profile as the output format. After that, you can click the big green “Convert” button, set the output directory in the “Save to” box and then click the bottom “Convert” button to start converting your photos to a YouTube photo slideshow.


Solution 3: Create YouTube Photo Slideshow via Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a media creation application toolkit developed by Adobe. Being one of the most popular multimedia creation tools, Adobe Spark is widely used for designing and creating social graphics, web pages, short videos and of course, YouTube photo slideshows. Besides, Adobe Spark is an online art design tool, which means you don’t need to download and install the program. Only by visiting the official website of Adobe Spark, you can immediately start making your YouTube photo slideshow video. One of the most convenient features of Adobe Spark is the cross-platform compatibility. Not only can you access the program on your computer using the web browser, you can also use your smartphone or tablet to create YouTube photo slideshow with Adobe Spark. Also, Adobe Spark provides a lot of different template for your creations so that your photo slideshow can be unique and attractive. Here is how to create a YouTube photo slideshow with Adobe Spark.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Adobe Spark and sign in with an account.
Step 2: Choose “Photo Slideshow” to enter the photo slideshow maker module. You can either start making your photo slideshow from scratch or choose a preset template to start with.
Step 3: To import your photos, click the “+” button at to bottom row. You can freely customize each photo by adding texts or move any element around.
Step 4: On the right, there is a section where you can change the performance of the slideshow. Click any one of the function buttons and you can customize the corresponding part. When you are happy with the slideshow, just click the “Download” button at the top to download the YouTube photo slideshow to your computer.


Solution 4: Create YouTube Photo Slideshow via Animoto

Animoto is a free and easy-to-use online video maker tool. With Animoto, you can easily make great videos for your business marketing campaigns or just for sharing photos on YouTube. Like Adobe Spark, Animoto also provides you some pre-designed video templates so that you can start making your own YouTube photo slideshow quickly. As for the ease of use, Animoto has a pretty straightforward user interface and does not require you to download or install any additional program. If you are interested in using Animoto to make your YouTube photo slideshow, just take a loot at the following guide and do as it says.

Step 1: Sign in with Facebook on Animoto’s official website.
Step 2: To upload your photos, click the “+” button on the photo preview area. You can add background music by clicking the music section above the area.
Step 3: You can use the tools on the left to customize your YouTube photo slideshow. Changing style, adding logo, pictures or text are all supported.
Step 4: Finally, click the “PREVIEW VIDEO” to have a preview on your YouTube photo slideshow. If you are happy with the result, just click the “Save” button to save your work.