If you are a net potato, you have definitely heard of TED talks. As a language learner, I am also asked by my teachers to watch TED talk videos for valuable ideas and lessons. If you are down and need encouragement, or if you are an environmentalist and want to listen to some ideas about climate crisis, you can get inspiration from TED talks. There is no doubt that TED is bringing us so much fun and enlightening thoughts.

In the following passage, we will talk about what TED talks are and how to download TED talks to MP3 into your own device for further use. Before we jump to the passage, let’s have a look at the topics we will cover:

Part 1: Introduction to TED Talks

A TED talk is a short and powerful presentation that aims to spread ideas. Initially, TED focuses on technology, entertainment and design, but nowadays, it covers almost all aspects of life, from arts to science to global affairs. Each talk is usually less than 18 minutes.

TED welcomes speakers from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. It is a knowledge hub consisting of the world’s most inspired thinkers. Whenever you want some new or interesting ideas, you can go to TED for help.

Part 2: Where to Watch/Listen to TED Talks

Inspiring and free, TED talks are one of the most popular videos that audience like. You can choose multiple ways to watch or listen to TED talks.

2.1 Official Website


TED website on your computer or tablet is the most direct way for you to watch TED. All you need to do is opening the official website of TED, click the “WATCH” sign in the menu bar and find the video that interests you.

2.2 Mobile & Tablet Apps


You can download the exclusive TED app onto your mobile or tablet from Apple or Android app store, Google Play, and Amazon. Sync your account seamlessly to access your watch history and stared videos. You may also save talks through these platforms for watching offline.

2.3 Smart TV Apps


As mobile phones become more and more smart, we are able to connect them to TV through wireless screen mirroring. This method, though popular and convenient, can be very tricky and unstable sometimes. Luckily, TED apps for smart TV are available now. Download the TED app on your TV, and seamlessly sync your account to access your watch history.

The TED app can be accessed on multiple TV platforms, such as Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, TELUS, Amazon Fire TV, Netflix, and more.

2.4 Smart Speaker Apps


Apart from watching TED on TV, you can also listen to TED audio on your smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can access the entire library of TED talks with a simple voice command.

2.5 Podcasts


TED has its own channel on many podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts and Spotify, for example). There is also a collection of podcasts for listeners: the TED Audio Collective. Subscribe and listen to the audio anywhere you get your podcasts.

Part 3: How to Download TED Talks via Chrome Extension?

When you see a good video, you may want to download it for saving and sharing. Some of the TED talks are free to download from the official website, while there are quite a number that can not be downloaded for copyright issues.

If you come by a video not downloadable from the website, you need to resort to download tools from the third parties. There are many downloaders on the internet, while if you want to find one that is not only free, but also convenient, you must try Turbo Download Manager (3rd Edition) (TDM).

TDM is a multi-threading download manager used for downloading video and image files. It is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers, capable of downloading files quickly and increasing download speeds. To use on Chrome, you will need to download the Turbo Download Manager Helper, which is free and quick to install.

TDM supports multiple file formats, you can download TED talk mp3 and TED talk video easily. Built-in on browsers, it can be very light and brings no burden to your computer.

Part 4: How to Download TED Talks on Mobiles?

In last section, we’ve talked about how to download TED talks on PC. You may still wonder: how can I download TED talk videos on my mobile phone?

4.1 Download TED Talks on the TED Android App


1. Visit the talk page. Open the talk page which stores the video you are going to download. In the middle of the page, find and tap the “down arrow” icon.

2. Download the talk. After tapping the arrow, the page “Download this talk” will pop up. You may start to choose the video resolution based on your needs. You can also ask you app to choose automatically next time by selecting “Remember my settings”. When the 2 settings are done, tap “DOWNLOAD” to begin downloading the talk.

Once it starts to download, the down arrow turns to red, and a progress bar appears. You can cancel the download by tapping the red arrow. When the download is complete, the down arrow becomes a checkmark, with the progress bar indicating full.

3. Check downloaded files. Go to “My Ted” page, you may start to check your files by tapping “Downloads”.

4.2 Download TED Talks on the TED iOS App

The download procedure is slightly different from that on Android app, but they are basically the same.


1. Visit the talk page. Open the talk page and tap the “down arrow” icon in the middle.

2. Download the talk. After tapping the arrow, the download begins. The down arrow turns into a “◊” icon, and a blue progress bar shows at the bottom. You can stop and continue the download by taping the “◊” icon.

3. Check downloaded files. Go to the profile page, you can check your videos by taping “Downloads”. Downloading TED talks on mobile phones is relatively easy.

Part 5: How to Download TED Talks Video in MP3?

In this part, we will introduce you a handy tool to download TED talks videos: Leawo Prof. Media. It is an all-in-one-tool capable of downloading and editing your video files. In this part, we are going to use 2 modules integrated in the application: Leawo Video Downloader and Leawo Video Converter.

  • Leawo Video Downloader
  • Leawo Video Downloader

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Leawo Video Downloader is an excellent tool able to download videos from 1000+ sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, etc. You can download almost all videos from the internet, only if you have the link to the video. Leawo Video Converter empowers you to convert video and audio files in a variety of formats.

Now install Leawo Prof. Media from the official website, open the video you want to save and we will download together.

5.1 Download TED Talks with Video Downloader

Step 1: Open Video Downloader

Open Leawo Prof. Media you have installed on your computer, and you will see the module “Video Downloader” on the main window. It is the tool we are going to use for downloading. Click and open it.

The other way to open Video Downloader is clicking the “Download” icon in the menu at the top.

Step 2: Paste the video link

On the Download page, you will see an input box below the first menu. Copy the video link from your browser and paste it here. Click the green right arrow at the very right side, or just press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. The Downloader will immediately go to the video page.

Step 3: Set Downloader output format

Before downloading, you’ll need to set output format for the Downloader.

Click the gear icon at the very top, the “Settings” window will pop up. Go to the “Downloader” section. You may begin to set the max. download task number, output directory, and more. After the settings, click “Apply” and “OK”.

Step 4: Download the video

After you have done with the settings, the Download window will be back. Click the green button on the right border to open a small download panel.

On the new panel, you will see multiple videos waiting to be selected. Video Downloader analyzes the input link and recognizes the video you want to save, after which providing multiple video resolution for you to choose.

Select based on your needs and click the “down arrow” icon on the right. The download begins.

Wait for several seconds, go to the “Downloaded” window to check your file.

5.2 Convert TED Talks with Video Converter

If the downloaded video file can not fully meet your needs, you may convert and edit it with Leawo Video Converter.

  • Leawo Video Converter
  • Leawo Video Converter

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    2. Support 720P, 1080P and even real 4K video output
    3. Create photo slideshows from photos stored on camera, computer, camcorder, etc
    4. Built-in video editor to trim, crop, add watermark, apply special effect, etc
    5. 2D to 3D converter with 6 different 3D movie effects available

Step 1: Open Leawo Video Converter

Like the Video Downloader, you need to click the “Video Converter” in the bottom-left corner on the main panel to enter the converting mode. Another way is clicking the “Convert” icon in the menu at the top.

Step 2: Add TED talk video

There are 2 ways to add your video. You can either directly drag the file into the dotted box as directed on the main panel, or click the “Add Video” menu, choose the “Add Video” tab in the drop-down box and then select the file.

If you want to convert multiple videos in a batch, in the drop-down box you can select “Add Video Folder” which allows you to load multiple videos at one time.

Step 3: Set output format

In the Video Downloader, you may not find the file format you want. In this case, you can change it with the Converter. Go to the format tag located right before the green “Converter”, and click “Change” in the drop-down box.

On the “Profile” panel that pops up, you may choose the MP3 format you want the new file to be. Or slide the bottom scroll bar for more options.

Step 4: Output the video

On the “Convert” panel, click “Convert”.

There will appear the “Save to” panel after you click “Convert”. Click the more options icon on the right and select your output directory. At last, click the “Convert” button at the bottom. The converted TED video is saved.

Apart from what we have talked about, Leawo Video Converter provides more solutions for you to edit your videos, such as watermarking videos to protect video from being stolen, trimming and cropping videos for specific use, converting audio to video files, and more.

Now begin to customize and enjoy your TED talks.