Cambodia is a lovely country in South-East Asia, whose culture has its roots in the 1st to 6th centuries. The friendly and welcoming people of Cambodia have developed a unique Khmer belief from the syncretism of indigenous animistic beliefs. These include the Indian religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Cambodia is best known for its arts and crafts. Its principal crafts include weaving, silver- and goldsmithing, jewelry making, and wood and stone sculpturing. To better understand the modern as well as the ancient Cambodian culture, it is better to watch Cambodia movie or movie about Cambodia. Therefore, we will introduce the eight best Cambodian movies.

Part 1: List of the 8 best Cambodian movies

The following are the best Cambodian movies of all time

  • 1. The Missing Picture
  • 2. Diamond Island
  • 3. Rice People
  • 4. One Evening After the War
  • 5. Last Night I Saw You Smiling
  • 6. First They Killed My Father
  • 7. Lost Loves
  • 8. Turn Left Turn Right

1. The Missing Picture

Released back in 2013, this movie will take you back in time to the atrocities Cambodia's Khmer Rouge committed between 1975 and 1979. It was narrated by Rithy Panh.

cambodia movie

2. Diamond Island

If you are in for a Cambodian drama movie, this is one of the best. Released in 2016, it portrays an adolescent who leaves rural Cambodia to become a construction worker only to be reunited with his missing older brother.

cambodia movie

3. Rice People

This is another Cambodian drama released in 1994, with an IMDB rating of 7.2. Its an inspirational story that tells how Cambodians had been induced by poverty, and how they had to learn to work hard for themselves.

cambodia movie

4. One Evening After the War

A war drama released in 1998, this Cambodian movie has won several awards. After the end of the Cambodian Civil War, people in Cambodia struggled in their return to their normal lives. Among them is a kick boxer Savannah, who lost his family to the war.

cambodia movie

5. Last Night I Saw You Smiling

An iconic building in a Cambodian city (the capital) that houses over five hundred families is about to be demolished. The story follows three families who are about to be evicted from their home, and the struggles they go through.

cambodia movie

6. First They Killed My Father

Released in 2017, this sad drama Cambodian movie reveals the brutal portrayal of Cambodia, during the Red Khmer. Everything is seen through the eyes of a 5-year old girl.

cambodia movie

7. Lost Loves

Released in 2010, this movie depicts the plight of a mother who strives to protect her children while watching thousands suffer during the dark chapter of Khmer Rouge in the history of Cambodia.

cambodia movie

8. Turn Left Turn Right

The twenty-year-old Kanitha is hyperactive and a free spirit. Her very traditional mother would like to see her married and settled, but what Kanitha really wants is to have some happy moments with her father, just as they used to during her childhood.

cambodia movie

Part 2: Where to stream Cambodian movies

There are lots of places to stream Cambodian movies, both free and paid. While we will recommend you the three best free sites that you could try, we will also mention some premium streaming services that have good Cambodian movie.

1. KissAsian

For anything Asian, be it Cambodian, Korean, Chinese or Japanese etc., this is the best site to use. Its content is regularly updated, and they will let you stream their content in various video quality ranging from 240p to 720p, and sometimes even1080p HD. It also makes HTML5 available for mobile devices.

2. AsianCrush

Another site that has top Asian content, including Cambodian movies and series is AsianCrush. It is one of the chief digital websites for your daily fix of Asian content (music, TV shows, movies and other web content). It is regularly updated with new movies and episodes, which you can watch even watch in 1080p.

3. YouTube

While it is surprising, YouTube does have Cambodian movies that you can watch free of charge. This could be due to the fact that Cambodia is an emerging economy, and finding Cambodian movies and TV shows on YouTube is thus easier.

The best Cambodian movies can also be found on popular streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix. Prices for each streaming service differ, and you can find out from the corresponding service site.

Part 3: A powerful media player to play back Cambodia movie

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