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What Is IFO?

If you are a DVD lover, you must be certainly aware of IFO. Actually, IFO is the name for a DVD Information File which stores all the relevant information that is necessary for a DVD player to know if it is to play a DVD video or audio. Generally speaking, each DVD consists of three types of files, VOB, IFO and BUP. All the files are located in “VIDEO_TS” directory at the root of a DVD. Among them, IFO usually works with VOB or VRO files which contain the actual audio and video data. Its purpose is to tell DVD players what screen to show at start-up, where each chapter starts, where audio tracks are located on DVD, etc. The “Video_TS.ifo” file is needed to be present on a DVD-compliant disc. And the question is how to open IFO file? Actually, an IFO file can be opened in many video programs, such as Windows Media Player, WinDVD or VLC Player. Therefore, without IFO files, the DVD can not be played successfully. Now the question is how to transfer a DVD IFO file into MP4 video format in order to be compatible with other media devices? The answer is quite easy. You only need to obtain the help of all-in-one converting tool. In order to convert IFO file to MP4 successfully, here I will introduce a powerful converting tool for your reference —— Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (Leawo DVD Ripper doesn’t support IFO input video format.). Next please refer to the tutorial for further reference.

Steps to Use IFO to MP4 Converter from Other Vendors

Step 1. Download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Run Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. After installation, just open Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate on your desktop.

convert ifo to mp4

Step 3. Add IFO file to the program. You can click on Add Files button or just drag the IFO file from file browser to the interface. Or you can click the Load DVD button and select Load IFO Files afterwards.

convert ifo to mp4

Step 4. Select MP4 as the output video format. After loading IFO file, you need to select MP4 as your required output format. Just click icon besides Convert all files, and then select Video, and MP4.

convert ifo to mp4

Step 5. Start the converting process. Once you selected the output MP4 format, you need to start converting process. Just simply click Convert button. If you want to find the converted file, you can click Converted button.

convert ifo to mp4

Step 6. Edit and Customize Video. This piece of converting tool could also allow you to edit your videos according to your own preference. You can choose to perform various editing task on your video just before converting it.

convert ifo to mp4

These are the whole converting steps. You just need to follow the above instructions, then you can convert IFO to MP4 with ease and accuracy.

DVD-Related Solutions from Leawo

Besides the above program, you can find other professional DVD programs, such as Leawo DVD Ripper and Leawo DVD Copy. You can refer to the detailed information about the two pieces of DVD software.

Leawo DVD Ripper

As a professional DVD to video converter, Leawo DVD Ripper could help users to convert practical, professional and powerful DVD to video and audio in 180+ formats, like 3GP, MP4, AVI, FLV, RMVB, etc. In addition, Leawo DVD ripper can also act as a video editor. And it can help you to select subtitles and audio tracks from source DVD movies for output videos. It has 6X-faster DVD ripping speed and guarantee 100% original quality. Besides, Leawo DVD Ripper allows you to set the output effects according to your personal preference.

With the great help from this program, you can even watch DVD on Apple TV! Sounds good? Please just check the detailed tutorial linked to know more details.


Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy is regarded as the best DVD copy software with 6X faster speed and 1:1 output quality. Leawo DVD Copy has 3 different copy modes which provides 3 different ways to copy the DVD: Full Mode, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Without any restriction, Leawo DVD Copy can remove CSS protection and region codes applied to the DVD disc thus allowing you to copy any protected DVD. You can also use Leawo DVD Copy to back up ISO image to DVD, instead of only DVD to DVD Copy. Moreover, the subtitles and audio tracks feature, DVD-9 to DVD-5 compression function and multi-language support make Leawo DVD Copy the most comprehensive DVD movie clone program.


Therefore, if you have the requirements about DVD ripping and copying, don’t hesitate trying the listed DVD programs.