Many music fans must’ve heard the name of Vevo, it’s actually a video hosting service provided by a joint venture of Universal Music Ground(UMG), Google, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media. The videos on Vevo are syndicated across the internet, with Google and Vevo sharing the advertising revenue.

For music fans, the easist ways to get access to Vevo videos are through its official site and YouTube. it’s got an official Vevo Channel on YouTube which contains all the music videos on Vevo’s official site which makes looking for the latest music easy. But if you want to watch those Vevo music videos on the go without internet access, you are going to to have to look for help from third-party programs. Luckily, there are a lot of third-party programs that could work as a Vevo downloader and help you download Vevo videos easily. In this post you could find several ways to download Vevo videos.

Part 1: Download Vevo Videos from YouTube with Vevo Downloader

The easist way to download Vevo video from YouTube would be using a third-party video downloader, easpecially when you download Vevo videos at a frequent rate. YouTube is the biggest online video sharing website and surely there would be a lot of people who want to download videos they like from YouTube. And with the need of video downloading from YouTube there would be programs for it. There are a lot of video downloaders that you can choose to download videos from popular online video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook and Vimeo, etc. Here I recommend to you Leawo Video Downloader. It’s a powerful video downloader that’s capable of downloading videos from all popular online video sharing websites. With it you can easily download whatever vevo videos you like with ease.


Step 1: Download and Install Leawo Video Downloader

First thing to do is to download and install Leawo Video Downloader on its official site or by clicking the Download button above. Install the program as it finishes downloading. You should instantly notice that it’s integrated into a software package named Prof. Media. Just fire up Prof. Media and click Video Downloader tab on the interface to open Leawo Video Downloader.

Open Leawo Video Downloader

Step 2: Open the Link with the Video You Want

After entering the Video Downloader module, the built-in web browser would take you to automatically and you can change it to any website you like in the settings. You can directly search Vevo channel or the song you’d like to download on YouTube. If you already have the link of the video copied, you can directly paste the link on the address bar and click Go button to open the video link with the Vevo video you want to download.

Video Downloader

Step 3: Download Vevo Videos

When you open the link, the downloader would start to scan all the downloadable video sources automatically and show them to you on the sidebar. To call out the sidebar, click the green button on the scroll bar with a triangle on it. All video sources and related informations would be shown on the sidebar, you can see the size, format, length and resolution of the video on it. Choose the one you’d like to download and click the Download button on it to start downloading the video.

Download video

Step 4: Manage Downloaded Videos

The ongoing download task can be found under “Downloading” tab. And the downloaded videos are listed under Downloaded tab. You can sort the downloaded videos by Time, Size, Name and Length. Also there’s a built-in video player that you can use to play back the downloaded videos.


Part 2: Download Vevo Videos from YouTube with Online Vevo Downloader

Professional video downloaders like Leawo Video Downloader is no doubt the best choice for massive online video downloading tasks, but for people who download Vevo videos occasionally, there’s another option available. There’s this kind of website that provides online video downloading service, and usually this kind of website is free of charges, which means you can download Vevo videos free. But this kind of website has its limitations. When it comes to massive video downloading task, it’s still professional video downloader that offers better user-experience. But you can give both of them a shot first before you make any kind of decision.

Below are the instructions for using this kind of online Vevo downloader to download Vevo videos online.

Step 1: Let’s take onlinevideoconverter.comas an example to show you how to download Vevo videos online with online Vevo downloader. Open and on the index you should see 3 tabs on it, click the left one to enter the online video downloading page.

Step 2: Copy the link of the Vevo music video and paste it in the link box on the downloading page. And then click the Format box to call out the drop-down menu and the output format you prefer the video to be in. Click More Settings to choose the quality of the video. Lastly, click the Start button and this Vevo music downloader would start processing the video link.

Paste video link

Step 3: When the online Vevo music downloader finishes analyzing the video link, it would provide you with a download link to download the Vevo video you want.

Download video

With this free vevo downloader, you can easily download vevo videos online with no limitation. And there’s no learning curve in using this kind of online video downloader, you can learn how to download Vevo video with them with no effort.