Hi, I recently lost my iPhone 5S and I’m wondering if I can get some of the data on my iPhone back. The contacts, photos and other things are important to me. I’ve backed up my iPhone with iTunes and iCloud before. How can I access my old iPhone backups to get them back?

Data loss happens all the time and it’s important to back things up in advance in case anything bad happens. If you have your data backed up before, it’s easy to access your backup and get your data back. In the content below you could learn how to access iPhone backup stored in different places.

How to access iPhone backup with Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a powerful data retrieval program capable of recovering 14 types of data to your iOS device. Also you can use it to access the files in your backup as it can save the files in your iTunes backup to your computer hard drive.


Here’s how to access iPhone backup in iTunes using Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

1. Download and install the program. Open it and to access iTunes backup, click Recover Data from iTunes Backup.

2. You would see a list of all the backups you’ve made before using iTunes. Select the one with the data you’d like to access and click Scan and the program would start to scan your backup.

3. When the scanning process completes, you would see all the accessible files on the interface. Select those you need and click Recover button at the bottom right.

4. a popup would appear, set the directory for the files you’ve chosen and then click Go and the program would save the files you’ve selected to the folder you chose.

How to access iPhone backup on iCloud on Windows

if you have previously backed up your iPhone to iCloud, you can also access your iphone bakcup on iCloud on Windows PC. The program you need here is iCloud for Windows.

Here’s how to access iPhone backup on iCloud using iCloud for Windows.

1. Download and install iCloud for Windows on your computer, open it and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.

2. On the interface, select all the data you’d like to access and click Apply.

3. If you select iCloud Drive and Photos, the program would create an iCloud drive and iCloud Photos folders on your computer. You can choose to download your photos and documents on iCloud Drive using iCloud for Windows and find the downloaded files in these two folders.

How to access iPhone backup on iCloud.com

The backup you store on iCloud can also be directly accessed on iCloud.com. Here’s how to access iPhone backup on iCloud.com

1. Open your web browser and navigate to iCloud.com. And then sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.

2. Click on the icons to view different files in iCloud, and you can also click iCloud Drive to view the files in it.

Above are the ways for you to access iPhone backups. For the record, all the 3 ways mentioned above can all work on both Windows and MacOS. Leawo iOS Data Recovery has both Windows and Mac version. The iCloud app also supports both Windows and Mac OS. And you can open iCloud.com with web browsers on Windows and Mac OS.