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Have Fun on Easter! Create, Rip and Edit Easter DVD Movies

To well enjoy 2016 Easter, apart from Easter eggs hunting game, watching Easter movies seems to be an ideal way. Family and friends can gather toghther to enjoy Easter movies and Easter videos. To make your kids happy on 2016 Easter, you could play some Easter movies of kid category. In the post, top 3 Easter movies for kids are introduced, and if you want to create and rip some Easter DVDs as well, you can read the post carefully to find the solution. Moreover, the post gives extra on how to edit Easter DVD movies.

Part 1: Top 3 Easter Movies for Kids

Top 3 Easter movies for kids are presented in this part. Choose one or all to enjoy on 2016 Easter. Check these out!

The Young Messiah

1. The Young Messiah (2016)

The Young Messiah is among the good Easter movies for kids as it's about Jesus Chris when he was a young kid. The movie is also named Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, based on "legends" that have been attributed to Jesus Chris' adolescent years. "The Young Messiah" can be warmly endorsed for a wide range of audiences and with a Jesus at young age, it's more easily to talk about Jesus with kids. This is one of the latest Easter movies for family & kids.

Gods Not Dead 2

2. God's Not Dead 2 (2016)

"God's Not Dead" is arguably one of the most successful faith-based movies for Easter of all time. 2016 sees its sequel. God's Not Dead 2 centers on a Christian teacher who is facing an epic court battle for her statement to a student's question Jesus. This Christian-themed movie expresses the important inspiration behind the story.

Miracles From Heaven

3. Miracles From Heaven (2016)

"Miracles From Heaven" is a 2016 new Easter-themed movie for kids & families. It tells an incredible true story of the Beam family that the young 10-year-old daughter Anna, who is seriously ill, is healed miraculously after experiencing a serious accident. It's an amazing story, telling people how important it is to participate more in your faith.

Part 2: How to Create Easter DVDs from Easter Videos?

If you have some Easter videos or Easter movies in HD or SD MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. format, and would like to create Easter DVDs from these Easter videos, you can try Leawo DVD Creator to burn Easter videos into Easter DVDs for playing on the DVD player in your living room.

Download , install and Launch Leawo DVD Creator (for Mac) on your computer(Mac):

How to create Easter DVDs from Easter videos with Leawo DVD Creator?

Step 1: Add Easter movies

Insert a blank DVD disc into computer's DVD drive. On the main interface of Leawo DVD Creator, click the "Add Video" button to browse and add Easter movies. You could add multiple Easter movies.

Note: Set output disc type (DVD5 or DVD9, according to the DVD disc you've inserted into the drive if you want to burn Easter movies to Easter DVD disc. If you only want to burn Easter movies to Easter DVD folder or ISO image file for saving on computer, select any one as you like), aspect ratio and frame rate at the bottom.

Add Easter movies

Step 2: Add a disc menu (optional)

Select a disc menu template on the right sidebar. You could preview selected disc menu by clicking its middle. On the preview panel, click the pencil icon to edit disc menu, like adding background music/video/image, title and text editing, etc.

Set disc menu

Step 3: Burning settings

Click the big green "Burn" button to carry out some Easter movie burning settings, including: "Burn to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" options.

Note: Insert a DVD disc into DVD drive, set output DVD disc type at the bottom of the main interface (mentioned in Step 1), and then choose DVD drive as target under "Burn to" option to burn Easter movies to DVD disc. To burn Easter movies to DVD folder or ISO iamge file, select Folder or ISO file under the "Burn to" option. "Burn to" option allows multiple choices.


Step 4: Burn Easter movie to Easter DVD

At last, click the bottom "Burn" button. This Blu-ray Creator would start to burn Easter movie to Easter DVD immediately. You could view the burning progress on the Burning interface. After burning, you get DVD disc of Easter movies.

Burn Easter movie to Easter DVD

Video Demonstration of Leawo DVD Creator:

Part 3: How to Rip Easter DVDs?

If you already have Easter DVD collection in hand, and would like to rip DVD into Easter videos in common format like MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, etc., you can take advantage of Leawo DVD Ripper.

Download , install and Launch Leawo DVD Ripper (for Mac) on your computer(Mac):

How to Rip Easter DVDs to Easter movies in common video formats?

Step 1: Load Easter DVD disc

On the main interface of Leawo DVD Ripper, click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button at the upper left corner to import Easter DVD disc into the software window. Of course, you need to plug the DVD disc into the computer at first.

load Easter DVD disc

Step 2: Choose Format for Output

Click the MP4 button beside "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button, and then choose a video format as output.

Choose Format for Output

Step 3: Rip Easter DVD to Easter videos

After output format is set, you will see the main interface of the software again. Click "Convert" button at the upper right corner, and then choose a folder on your computer to save the exported files. Then hit the "Convert" button at the middle bottom to start converting Easter DVD movie to Easter videos. The progress bar will show you the percentage of the conversion.

Rip Easter DVD to Easter videos

Video Demonstration of Leawo DVD Ripper:

Extension: How to Edit Easter DVDs?

In addition to ripping DVD, Leawo DVD Ripper also allows users to edit DVD (Easter DVD is included) by trimming, watermarking, cropping and effecting. After the loading of Easter DVD movies, click "Edit" icon at the end of each DVD title to enter the internal DVD editor.

Trim video length
In "Trim" tab, you can trim video length by dragging and then positioning the limiters on the playbar, clicking "Set as start time" and "Set as end time" buttons, or manually inputting millisecond time indexes below.

Trim video length

Watermark output videos
In "Watermark" tab, by switching "Watermark" option to green, you can add image or text watermark. You can also customize watermark parameters.

Watermark output videos

Crop video size
In "Crop" tab, set the "Left" and "Top" parameters, select a Zoom type, or adjust the dot frame on the left Original Preview window to remove the back margins and unwanted parts on the video frame.

Crop video size

Adjust video effect
In "Effect" tab, change video Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Volume Zoom, and get instant preview.
Besides these, you can also rotate the videos for a special angle view, like Horizontal Flip, Vertical Flip, 90° clockwise rotation, 90° counter-clockwise rotation, etc.

Adjust video effect


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