In 2016, Li Ziqi began to post the video of her rural life in Sichuan province. Since then, she has been well known as one of the most famous influencers on social media. She owns a large number of followers from different kinds of social media platform, like 22 million on microblog, 34 million on TikTok. She also has 8.3 million followers on YouTube. Her videos were made by herself initially, but now a small team creates videos for her, which focus on the traditional village culture.

Part 1: Who is Li ziqi?

Li ziqi, who showcases Chinese traditional food and countryside life in her videos, is one of the well-known and popular vloggers in China. She being a celebrity throughout the internet, more and more people all over the world have got to know her from YouTube and other social media platforms. Although she lives in a remote area of Sichuan in China, 8 million people from overseas and 20 million people from China are her followers. Her food cooking, manual skills and the special rural life have attracted a lot of oversea followers, even though they don’t know Chinese language.


Although she is leading a lifestyle that many people are dreaming of right now, her life was quite hard before she became famous. Li Ziqi experienced a miserable childhood. She was maltreated by her stepmother after her parents got divorced. After her father died, she became an orphan when she was a little girl. Therefore, she was raised by her grandmother in the remote mountain area, and her grandmother gave a lot of care and love to this poor little girl. Li Ziqi did different jobs before becoming a popular vlogger, she even worked as DJ in the bars. Afterwards, her grandmother got illness which pushed her decide to go back to her hometown for taking care of her sicked grandmother. You may note that there was an old lady always appeared in her videos, that was her grandmother.

Part 2: What Kinds of Videos are There in Liziqi Channel's Playlist?

Li’s videos cover everything that you cannot imagine, such as Chinese cooking, hand-made craft and some culture reflection.

About Chinese cooking, a lot of cooking methods are contained in it, for example, make soybean milk for breakfast, steam purple potato cake, make hotpot, stew meat, roast the whole lamb, make traditional pigeon soup for Spring Festival Feast, while sweet persimmons, homemade beer and ice cream have been made for snacks in videos. And about sauces cooking, there are handmade soy sauce, bean curd paste, old brown sugar and so on. Apart from her hometown Sichuan specialty like spicy hotpot, other famous food from different areas in China which includes noodles in Guangxi, drunk crabs in Jiangsu.

It seems that there’s nothing she cannot do, only the thing you cannot imagine. In her videos, food making does not just include cooking with recipe, instead, it covers the whole process from the source of food to eating at the end, such as the step starts from planting, harvesting, cooking to eating.


As for handmade craft, you can view the beautiful wool cloak, the warm silk quilt and the oven were created by herself. Everything she made begins from scratch, but not just the semi-finished stuff. For instance, she intended to make some furniture, what she would do first was to go to the remote mountains and then cut the trees for getting some good woods. To have a silk quilt, she would begin with raising silkworms for getting some original silk.

Concerning to Chinese culture, she will make some stuff that can show the essence of traditional culture in China, like Sichuan embroidery, the four stationery treasures for scholars in China, which includes brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper.

Li Ziqi is admired by a lot of people because her videos fully present the traditional concept of Chinese family and her thought of living in harmony between man and nature. And her video will trigger your interest in local fool and different places in China.

Part 3: Comment about Li Ziqi

Li Ziqi’s video reflects the psychology of the mainland audience, for audiences, this traditional culture which is known as “retro” has become a trend for many years. The youth express pastoral desire of this country lifestyle, however, people feel disappointed at this desire due to today’s changing and industrial society. It seems that the young integrate more traditional concept in their daily life, wearing traditional clothing and watching historical TV shows, following the lifestyle of Li Ziqi.


And in the western country, living closer to nature becomes very popular among millennials from the city. In China, traffic jams, poor quality and employment scarcity have become problems in the big city like Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou. Li Ziqi’s popularity reflects the particular trend of Chinese desire, which means that we long for and miss rural life. Nowadays, the young living the urban life is very prevalent. They really are tired of the city life, so the fantasy rural life looks like an ideal life in the pursuit. At the same time, Li’s videos embody that rural economic development depends on the technology innovation, which is also a good way of advocating traditional China culture in front of a great number of audiences to make CPC to come true gradually. Therefore, young people using the combination of science and technology is a great help to promote countryside innovation mode.

Part 4: How to Download Videos from Liziqi Channel via CleverGet Video Downloader?

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