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[Full Guide] How to Stream ESPN for Free? & Free ESPN Plus Accounts That Working in 2024

“Can I stream ESPN free? How to watch ESPN Plus for free?” If you are a sporting fan, you must know ESPN and ESPN+. Short for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, ESPN, ever since its premiere in 1979, has then become one of the most popular streaming sites for sports. The ESPN+ service was first launched in 2018 to be a standalone service for streaming live sports including MLB, MLS, UFC matches, etc. If you are wondering ways on how to watch ESPN for free and whether or not there is an ESPN+ free trial in 2024, this post would help. Here we would like to introduce several different ways for you to watch ESPN and ESPN+ free in 2024.

Part 1: Can I Watch ESPN & ESPN+ for Free?

Can you watch ESPN & ESPN+ for free? Actually, the answers depend since ESPN and ESPN+ offer different content and therefore the streaming service owner has made different streaming policies. If you want to directly watch ESPN and ESPN+ for free, you might be disappointed since ESPN streaming requires a cable subscription, while ESPN+ has stopped providing a free trial version since 2020 and requires you to subscribe ESPN+ plan for streaming.

watch espn free

However, there are still some other ways to help you watch ESPN and ESPN+ for free indirectly.
1) The first solution to help you stream ESPN free is to make use of other platforms that have a free trial and can stream content from ESPN.
2) The second solution for you to watch ESPN for free is to make use of ESPN video downloader tools to download and watch ESPN offline. An ESPN Plus video downloader tool could help you download on-demand videos from ESPN+ streaming services as long as your subscription is valid. You could download on-demand ESPN+ videos at high quality to your computer.
3) And the third method to watch ESPN and ESPN Plus for free is to make use of free ESPN Plus accounts that you will find on the Part 4.

  • CleverGet ESPN+ Downloader
  • CleverGet ESPN+ Downloader

    - Download up to 720P videos from ESPN+ at high speed.
    - Save ESPN+ sports videos in 60fps framerate.
    - Filter and remove ads from downloaded espn+ videos.
    - Output in MP4/MKV formats.

Part 2: How to Stream ESPN for Free with a Free Trial?

As mentioned above you could still stream ESPN for free with a free trial subscription on other streaming services that have ESPN channels. There are quite a few options you could choose to create a free trial version to watch ESPN for free, such as DirecTV, Fubo TV, WatchESPN, YouTube TV, etc. These streaming services offer free trial versions for a certain period. You could then make use of their free trial version to watch ESPN for free, like Fubo TV and DirecTV ESPN channels. You can watch ESPN on channels 206 and 1206 with DIRECTV via Satellite.

watch espn free on directv

How to watch ESPN for free with a DirecTV free trial:

  1. Open the website or the app to view all packages available.
  2. Select the package you need and then click the Start your free trial option.
  3. Add any additional offers or even optional premium channels you want.
  4. Check the “Start 5-day free trail” option.
  5. Input with account details to create your user ID.
  6. Review all “Terms of service” details and click to confirm the acception.
  7. Then click the “Continue to payment” option to proceed and complete the payment requirements. Once you have started your free trial version, open the channel 206 or 1206 on DirecTV to stream ESPN for free.

Once your free trial version expires, just cancel your subscription plan and create a new one with a new email address to start another free trial version.

Part 3: How to Stream ESPN for Free on Other Sites?

If you want to stream ESPN for free, you could still get quite a lot of free sites that provide you access to ESPN content for free. These free ESPN stream sites enable you to watch most of ESPN content, including on-demand videos and live streamings for free. Here we have collected 3 sites for you to stream ESPN for free. All these 3 sites stream multiple ESPN channels.


TheAppTV is a website that provides 100+ channels for you to stream various live TVs of various platforms. It enables you to stream ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews and ESPNU channels for free. It also provides a premium service. You could also learn detailed steps on using your Android phone for casting a video or live stream to your smart TV.

watch espn free

2.Buffstream TVStreams

BuffStream TV Streams provides plenty of games and nationally televised games. You could even occasionally get live game streaming on these channels. To watch ESPN for free on this website, you could simple click any ESPN icon to get to the live streaming page.

watch espn free


Playoffs Stream is another free site to watch ESPN for free online. From this free streaming site, you could watch preseason, season and playoffs of all ESPN game streams in HD quality daily. You could even watch ESPN Live Stream videos.

watch epsn free

Part 4: Watch ESPN Plus for Free - Free ESPN Plus Accounts List 2024

To watch ESPN Plus for free, you could also turn to some sites that provide free ESPN Plus accounts. Many people have shared free ESPN Plus accounts online. With free ESPN Plus accounts, you could not only watch ESPN Plus for free, but also watch ESPN Plus without ads and at high quality. Check the list of free ESPN Plus accounts in 2024.

Account Email Info Account Password Info
[email protected] kjha9874s
[email protected] wnaifix496
[email protected] clownman11
[email protected] |eORQ@DS2
[email protected] |eORQ@DS2
[email protected] theman34
[email protected] 7nS^:LqE!L
[email protected] 1234pabloa
[email protected] Chersycolom
[email protected] e]$ZSd!m0$2L
[email protected] 098n345sc
[email protected] shooter116
[email protected] Latvia31
[email protected] 0948mm45
[email protected] gotrigspols
[email protected] Bearcat44
[email protected] premmm121
[email protected] 83726755dog
[email protected] figo7777
[email protected] opet2007
[email protected] Maximus1234
[email protected] asasa123
[email protected] losranchos73
[email protected] Applecore2-
[email protected] Justin02@
[email protected] cod-boogie66
[email protected] Beast@101
[email protected] Good1uck
[email protected] 1001pelit
[email protected] Lucyaa11!!
[email protected] Hockey1291$

It should be noted that these free ESPN Plus accounts should work normally for 2024, but there are also odds that some of them have been invalid. Please do NOT change the info of the account and its password.

Part 5: FAQ

To help you better understand ESPN and ESPN Plus streaming, here we have collected some FAQs for you.

1.Can I watch ESPN anywhere?

If you are within USA, with an ESPN app installed on your device, or your computer, you could watch ESPN anywhere. However, if you are outside of the USA, you will have to use a VPN to watch ESPN anywhere you like.

2.Can I watch ESPN with an ESPN Plus subscription?

No. An ESPN+ service provides exclusive content and certain events while ESPN streams video clips, highlights, sports news, sports analysis, etc. ESPN Plus subscribers cannot stream the traditional TVs of ESPN. You need to subscribe ESPN TV networks to stream ESPN.

3.Is it safe to watch ESPN on other sites?

In most cases it should be safe. However, you are recommended to use the private mode or make use of browser plugins to watch ESPN for free on other sites. Meanwhile, make sure you don’t click any other unrelated icons on these sites for security issues, and don’t provide your own information.

4.What quality does ESPN Plus provide?

You could get HD video enjoyment on ESPN Plus. It plays videos in high quality at 60 fps.

5.Can I access ESPN Plus from multiple devices of mine? And how if yes?

Yes, you could access ESPN Plus from multiple devices. Currently, ESPN+ has no limit on the devices. If you want to access ESPN+ on your other devices, make sure you have installed ESPN+ app on the devices and then simply log into the ESPN+ app with your account username and code. If you have bought and completed the ESPN Plus subscription through in-app purchasing on Apple, Google or Amazon devices, you need to open the ESPN app on your device and then link your ESPN+ purchase to the ESPN account before accessing ESPN+ content within the ESPN app.

6.Can I watch any game I like on ESPN Plus after I subscribe to it?

No, not exactly. With an ESPN Plus subscription, you could watch most games the ESPN's partners have decided to stream through ESPN. There are certain games you couldn’t get streaming on ESPN Plus.



Cassie is an experienced member of the Leawo editorial team. She provides information and valuable tips on entertainment and multimedia programs.

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