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How to Record BBC Radio Easily

As the world-known radio channel, BBC Radio not only offers radio service, but also provides an ample amount of dramas and music, and podcasts. Innumerable users prefer to listen to BBC Radio for getting the latest news. And many BBC Radio audio tracks are favored as studying references. However, it is limited for BBC radio download. If you are looking for ways to download BBC audio tracks for offline listening easily, it is recommended to record BBC radio audio. The post will introduce several different solutions to easily record BBC radio.

Part 1: Why Do You Need to Record BBC Radio?

As a matter of fact, you can enjoy BBC radio tracks without any limitation by using BBC iPlayer, a video on demand service from the BBC. On BBC iPlayer, you can not only listen to live radio programs and audio tracks but also watch live BBC TV channels, enjoy TV programmes you missed and view exclusive content. It is joyful that the Download option is offered for its users so that you can download some audio tracks for offline listening. However, most BBC radio tracks can only be available to listen offline for 30 days after they are broadcast. And the downloaded audio tracks will expire at the end of the 30-day period. And it is worth noting that you are also not allowed to download some BBC radio tracks due to rights agreement. If you are intended to listen to BBC audio tracks offline and keep them without time limitation in this case, the best solution is to record BBC radio with powerful recording software.


Part 2: How to Record BBC Radio on PC with Leawo Music Recorder?

When it comes to BBC Radio audio recording, Leawo Music Recorder is one of the best recording software that you can expect. It offers you the easiest way to record BBC Radio audio tracks and then save recordings into MP3 or WAV format for offline listening on multiple audio players. With user-friendly interface and powerful algorithm, this recording software could help you record any streaming audio tracks in only a few clicks with no quality loss. It not alloy lets you record music from hundreds of online sources like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc. but also record audios from a variety of Radio and Podcasts like AOL Radio, Sound Cloud, NPC, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, BBC Radio Audio, and many others. Leawo Music Recorder not only works for Windows but also for Mac. If you’re using a Mac computer, you could use Leawo Music Recorder for Mac to record BBC Radio audio on Mac without any quality loss. You can just follow the steps below to easily record BBC Radio audio with Leawo Music Recorder.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo Music Recorder

Visit the official site directly and download Leawo Music Recorder for free. Simply install it on your computer in minutes.

  • music-recorder
  • Leawo Music Recorder

    - Record any sound from computer stream audio and built-in input audio.
    - Record music from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc.
    - Schedule music recording via the internal recording task scheduler.
    - Automatically/manually add and complete music tags like artist, album, cover, genre, etc.
    - Save recorded musicfiles into either WAV or MP3 format for wide uses.

Step 2. Set audio source to record BBC Radio

Launch Leawo Music Recorder to enter the main interface, click the “Audio Source” icon to pop up the Audio Source settings panel and select “Record Computer Audio” to record BBC radio audio online.


Step 3. Output Settings

After setting audio source, you can switch to the “Format” tab to choose MP3 or WAV as the output format. You can also adjust the audio parameters in the “Audio Setting” box, including bit rate and sample rate. In addition, you can switch to “General” tab to select an output file folder for saving the recordings and set the language of the interface.


Step 4: Start to record BBC radio

When all settings are done, click the red start button on the upper left corner and then get BBC radio played. The recording software will automatically detect the sound and start recording BBC radio audio file once captured.


Step 5: Manually editing if needed

Music tags like artist, album, title, album artwork, year, genre, etc. could be automatically added by this Music Recorder. You can also manually edit the tags of recordings. Right click the desired recording and selecting “Edit Music Tags” option to edit music tags.


All the BBC audio recordings are listed in the “Library” tab, you can feel free to play a recorded audio track with the built-in player by double clicking it.

Part 3: How to Record BBC Radio on Mac with QuickTime Player?

Except for Leawo Music Recorder, there are also other audio recorders that could help you record BBC radio. If you are using a Mac-based computer and you want to record BBC radio for offline listening, QuickTime player can easily make it with high quality. As you know, QuickTime is capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, etc. It is powerful and easy-to-use and can be used to record BBC radio in consistent quality. The following are the steps to help you simply record BBC radio.



  1. Run QuickTime Player on your Mac, then choose File > New Audio Recording.
  2. Click the Options pop-up menu to choose the recording quality. There are two types of quality available: High and Maximum quality. It should be noted that maximum-quality recordings produce uncompressed files.
  3. Adjust the volume control to make sure you can hear the audio you’re recording.
  4. Click the Record button to start recording BBC radio you want to download for offline listening.
  5. Once you have recorded the required duration, stop recording. And then you can choose File > Save to save and name the recording.

Part 4: How to Record BBC Radio on Mobile with Recording App?

If you want to get BBC radio tracks as useful learning materials and work document on your mobile phone for offline reference, you need to get BBC radio download. As mentioned before, it is not easy to download BBC radio and keep downloaded BBC radio. Fortunately, Google introduced a way for apps to capture audio via a broad audio input sharing API with Android 10. After that, it was quickly used for adding internal audio recording to screen capture apps. Currently, it would be easier for you to record BBC Radio on an Android smartphone by using such screen recording apps.


Take Screen Recorder for example. It is an intuitive, fast and free recording app, a go-to solution for Android users. Once you’ve given all the necessary permissions and selected an output folder, you can head to the app settings and choose “internal sound” as the audio source. Besides, there are also other options available, like resolution, frame rate, and a delay before recordings start, so you can make some changes if needed to make your recordings unique.

Note that it only works for Android. If you are using iPhone, learn more by reading How to Record Audio on iPhone.

Part 5: How to Record BBC Radio Online with Online Recorder?

Some of you are reluctant to download any software or app on your personal computer or mobile phones. In this case, you can resort to online recorder to record BBC radio online. Online recorder is a browser-based audio recorder, so you don’t have to download or install anything on a personal computer before audio recording. Among many online recorders, you can use Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder. There is no need to install plug-in or subscribe to any service. It helps you record any audio on Windows or Mac computer. With clean and simple webpage, it is easy to operate and record BBC radio with good quality. Besides, it also records the sound from various audio inputs, such as System Sound, Microphone, or both. Now please take a look at how to record BBC radio with web-based recorder Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder.



  1. Visit the web-based recorder and click “Start Recording” button. Note that you will be required to download and install launcher when using it for the first time. Then you need to give permissions to run the launcher, the audio recorder will be loaded after that.
  2. Choose “System sound” as you want to download BBC radio.
  3. Go to BBC radio and play the audio track you want to record. At the same time, click the red button of the web-based BBC radio recorder to start recording BBC radio. You can also click “Pause” and “Stop” buttons to suspend or stop the recording.
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