Despite its massive content volume and popularity, many people reported errors when using YouTube, among which, "YouTube audio renderer error" is the one that most users have encountered. It's an issue that happened on Windows when watching YouTube. If you are reading this tutorial, it means you are struggling with the same issue. Want to know how to fix it? Just read on.

Part 1: Probable Cause for YouTube Audio Renderer Error

"YouTube Audio renderer error " is what most people often Google for a solution, it's an issue that often happens when you open YouTube, with a notice asking you to restart the computer. This issue is reported by Windows users especially those running Windows 10, and it's not specific to one but occurs with several different web browsers. What is causing the "audio renderer error YouTube" issue? It could be an audio driver glitch or something to do with software. After analyzing some reports, here're all the possible causes for YouTube audio renderer error.

  • Audio device connection. YouTube audio renderer error happens as the consequence of improper audio device connection. You can look into your sound device if you are using a pair of wired headphones, speaker, jack, USB, etc. to see if they are properly connected to your computer.
  • Audio driver glitch. An audio driver is a file that is used to recognize and properly interact with an audio device. When it goes wrong, it might trigger the YouTube audio renderer error. When it's outdated or glitched, then it can be a problem affecting your YouTube viewing for sure.
  • Web browser issue. If you are experiencing YouTube audio renderer error with a web browser, then consider looking into the application to see if it's outdated. YouTube can not work well with an outdated browser as the built-in player functions closely related to the browser.
  • Bugged BIOS. BIOS is a set of computer instructions in the firmware that control input and output operations. Consider it as software that needs to be updated. When it's bugged without the latest update, it might give rise to the YouTube audio renderer error you encountered.

Part 2: Complete Guide to Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Now we have analyzed all the possible causes for YouTube audio renderer error, it's time to move on to the solutions. We've concluded this complete guide to fix YouTube audio renderer error, just read on to learn more.

1. Plug/Unplug audio devices

If you have audio devices such as speakers and headphones connected to your computer when having YouTube audio renderer error, just unplug the audio devices to see if YouTube can work properly. If you don't encounter the YouTube audio renderer error then just plug audio devices back in and it could fix the issue occasionally.