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Asian Horror Movies - Scared All Day

If you are a movie fan and are keen on horror movies, then those horror movies that are known for their horror will definitely interest you. If you feel that European and American horror movies can no longer appeal to you, why don't you learn about the best Asian horror movies? Of course, this article will give you a specific introduction to Asian horror movies. If you are interested in these Asian horror movies after reading the article and want to download them to your computer, then at the end of the article, I will explain in detail a software that can quickly download Asian horror movies.

Part 1: Asian Horror Movies from Korean

Korean is an emerging country in Asia. Korean horror movies are also known for their realism. Here are the 3 most terrifying Korean horror movies:



At Seoul Station after sunset, an old man among the many homeless people looked like he was devouring another one. After a while, the whole street was full of lunatics, Hae-sun, a girl who ran away, broke up with her boyfriend who forced her into prostitution. She left the dilapidated hotel near Seoul Station where they witnessed people being attacked. The people who were attacked became attackers, so that their number increased exponentially. The government announced the closure of the entire area. People who have not been attacked want to escape from the attackers, but have nowhere to go.



In a remote mountain village in South Korea, although life here is not rich, it has been peaceful and worry-free for a long time, and people seem to know that the danger is approaching. Until one night, there was a sudden murder in the village, which completely broke the tranquility here. Zhong Jiu, a policeman in the village, and his colleagues rushed to the scene to investigate. He preliminarily inferred that this was a vicious murder, but the locals speculated privately that the Japanese who did not know when he appeared in the woods by the village was the biggest suspect. This Japanese may have some kind of witchcraft, he cursed people to death through evil means. After that, a series of bizarre and very common deaths occurred one after another, and even Zhong Jiu's daughter was put in danger. In desperation, Zhong Jiu had to ask the wizard for help to solve the terrible curse that fell on the villagers and his daughter.



Shi Yu, the fund manager of a securities company, is capable, but he is also a good-for-profit man. On the birthday of her daughter Xiu An, Shi Yu took time to accompany her daughter on the express train bound for Busan. At the same time, the government is trying its best to clean up the fact that it can't cover up the raging zombies. An infected person rushed into the train, and she quickly transformed into a dead body and carried out a bloody massacre of healthy people as far as she could see. It didn't take long for the zombies to grow exponentially. Shi Yu was forced to struggle with the passengers of the survivors to survive in the cramped space.

Part 2: Asian Horror Movies from Japan

As one of the developed countries in Asia, Japan also has a rich culture. Therefore, Japanese horror films contain a strong Japanese culture. Here are the 3 most exciting Japanese horror movies I have listed:



In an abandoned factory in the suburbs, a camera crew is shooting a crude zombie film. The director was dissatisfied with the heroine's acting skills, so he was furious and yelled. At the suggestion of the staff, the crew temporarily stopped filming. During the break, the heroine told the director and the actor who played the zombie about the horrible old stories of the factory during World War II. At this moment, an ominous loud noise suddenly came. Not long after, a staff member turned into a zombie and suddenly appeared, gnawing wildly at other crew members. The cast and crew scattered and fled, but the crazy director raised the camera and started shooting the movie he dreamed of.



During the Warring States Period, Genjuro and his wife Miyagi lived in a small mountain village, as well as his brother-in-law Tohei and his sister Ahama. They made a living by opening small porcelain kilns and firing porcelain. During the war, Genjuro wanted to make a fortune, while Fujibei wanted to become a samurai. They left their hometown to sell the fired porcelain, and they made a lot of money. Genjuro even ran into a beautiful noble lady Wakasa. One day, Genjuro was told by a monk if he had encountered anything unclean. And Fujibei became a samurai as he wished. In the end, the shocking facts were placed before them.



Guangsuke was a doctor who was imprisoned in a mental hospital due to amnesia. He was always troubled by a lullaby that hovered in his head. In order to find out his true identity, Guangsuke escaped from the hospital and encountered a girl who hums the song. However, the girl was killed in front of him. Kosuke, who had fled with the charge of homicide, saw in the newspaper that a man named Gensaburo Kouda had died, and this man looked similar to himself. At the same time, Gensaburo's father, Jogoro, lives alone due to illness and lives on a small island in the middle of the sea. Soon after, Gensaburo's wife was killed. In order to find out the truth, Kosuke and his servant boarded the island, only to see the most terrifying sight in the world.

Part 3: Asian Horror Movies from Thailand

Although Thailand is only a developing country, its horror movies are also very famous. Here are the 3 scariest horror movies in Thailand:



A young couple lives in a small town by the sea in Thailand. When his wife Nana was pregnant with Liujia, when her husband Mike was drafted to Bangkok, the two separated. Day after day, Nana waited for her husband's return by the beach, while Mike was seriously injured and sent to the Buddhist temple for training. After his injury improved, Mike couldn't wait to rush home to see his wife and lovely children. The family can finally live happily together. But the good times didn't last long. When the neighbor saw Mike, he told him that Nana had died while waiting. Hearing the truth, Mike originally didn't believe it. Later, the talkative neighbor was killed, making him suspicious.



Six former classmates received invitations from their old friend Ta after being separated for many years, so they left Bangkok together for their childhood hometown. The door of memory has gradually opened. The six people thought that the past was far away, but they didn't know about this trip, but it became their nightmare that was never recovered.



After 14 years of hard work, Atty finally bought a house of his own in the outer suburbs of Chiang Mai. He will take care of everything in the room by himself, and is full of joy waiting for his wife Xiaoban, daughter Xiaonan, and son Nat to arrive from Bangkok. Although he can barely support his life, Atty is inevitably troubled by some spiritual events. One day, Atty was unfortunately unemployed. The huge pressure of life made him breathless, and various ominous events that occurred around him almost collapsed.

Part 4: How to Download Asian Horror Movies for Free?

Of course, I believe you will be attracted by these famous Asian horror movies. At present, many free movie websites like Putlocker support users to download these movies to the computer for free. Therefore, if you are passionate about horror movies, you should not miss these movies. So, at this time you just need a powerful online video downloading software.

As one of the most outstanding video download software in the market, CleverGet Video Downloader uses the built-in browser to directly log in to more than 1,000 websites such as YouTube, Facebook. Then, it can fully meet your needs of downloading movies and download videos quickly and easily. For example: it can quickly log into the most famous Pakistani video site and download the best Pakistani drama series of all time; another example: it can easily log into the most famous Hong Kong video site and download the top 10 Hong Kong dramas of all time. In addition, CleverGet Video Downloader also has other very useful functions: downloading subtitles, downloading real-time videos, batch downloading videos and so on. In short, CleverGet Video Downloader can meet all your needs for downloading Asian horror movies. Here is detailed information about how to download Asian horror movies with CleverGet Video Downloader.

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Step 1: Set output directory

You can install the latest version of CleverGet on your computer for free from the CleverGet website. Then, run it. You can customize where downloaded videos are saved on your computer before using it to download videos. Click the "..." button in the upper right corner, and CleverGet will pop up a drop-down menu. Find and click "Settings". Then under the "General" tab, customize where your downloaded videos are saved to the right of the "Save Video To" text.

Step 2: Open target movie page

Enter the address of the free Asian horror movies website into CleverGet's address bar and use CleverGet's built-in browser to access it. Finally, find the page where the movie you want to download is located.

Step 3: Download the movie

CleverGet will automatically find the downloadable video sources in the current page, and display the downloadable video sources to the user in the form of a window. Users can choose the format, size, etc. of the video. Then click the "Download" button at the bottom to download the video.

Through the list of the most terrifying horror movies in each of the above-mentioned countries, we can understand that Asian horror movies have very distinctive cultural characteristics. The success of these horror movies lies in the integration of unique cultural elements into horror movies. Therefore, if you are also very interested in Asian culture, these movies will also become an important way for you to understand the culture of several Asian countries. In short, if you are interested in Asian horror movies, then use Leawo Video Downloader to download them and enjoy the unique movie-watching experience they bring to you.



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