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6 Best Online Learning Platforms during Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spreading of coronavirus all over the world, schools have been shut down for an extended period to prevent the potential infection crisis for students and teachers. This is the most effective way to mitigate the spreading of coronavirus. But if the schools are closed, the big challenge for the students is how to ensure all students go on their studies at home. In this case, learning online is an urgent need for the students who stay at home to free from getting infected in coronavirus pandemic. How can we learn and source the study resource online? Don’t worry, this article will introduce you 6 best online learning platforms.

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Part 1: What can we do during Coronavirus pandemic

The education mode has been changed globally since coronavirus pandemic is widely spreading throughout the world. The new learning mode will be the best solution for the students who stay at home as the school have been shut down. Coronavirus is spreading in a rapid way and each country has taken the kinds of measures to slow the spreading of coronavirus pandemic. Many schools and universities have announced the suspending attendance, which severely affects the education of school students and urge them to accept the education of homeschooling, so thus digital learning is the best alternative to the outmoded classrooms’ study. Learning at home will help the students to go on their education and this solution has been implemented all over the world. More than 120 million Chinese gained learning material via multiple kinds of learning platforms. And in Hong Kong, students have learned via interactive apps. Similarly, the students in Lebanon have begun online learning, which also includes the subjects like physical education. Thus it can be seen that learning online will be the supplement for traditional classroom learning. Even though coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly, we still can make education online learning become our daily routine.


Part 2: 6 best online learning platform recommendations

Since we know learning online would let us go learning in this special period, do you know where you can gain study material from online, here we will show you 6 best free online learning platforms as below, go ahead and you will definitely find one learning platform to suit your study’s need.

  • 1. Coursera
  • Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms which cooperates with the global universities and organizations, this online course website offers you a searchable database with a wide range and multiple topics and perspectives. This is a powerful learning tool to help students learn free online, the courses from a lot of top universities and trusts are included in it, which allows the students to learn various kinds of course due to its diversified in-depth courses. If you would like to learn multiple different topics or want to gain courses from the different schools, Coursera is greatly helpful for you.

  • 2. Khan Academy
  • Khan Academy is cooperating with lots of post-secondary schools, it offers an easy-to-use and well-organized user interface. Multiple kinds of courses are provided around web on Khan Academy, different subjects always give the students an impressive depth. Khan Academy is incredibly useful for students as it can keep the learning goals more easily among the famous education online sites.

  • 3. Open Culture Online Courses
  • You can have a try on Open Culture Online Courses if you are searching for the material that cannot be found in other sites. Around 1000 videos or lectures or podcasts are highlighted on the page from different universities all over the world. You can browse different categories and look for the material which only can be found from the private sites of universities. That means a great number of different university courses can be found here and you don’t need to access each university on their own sites. The features courses of Open Culture include England, Australia and lots of state universities in the United States. This is a very useful platform to find a great number of courses in the dedicated area of the study.

  • 4. Udemy
  • Udemy is a free online learning platform that is similar to Coursera. But users are allowed to set up custom courses according to their lessons. This platform has partnered with top professors and universities. Furthermore, it has mixed customized platforms from other sites to highly focus on high-quality content. In the meantime, this platform mixes the free resource and paid resource.

  • 5. Academic Earth
  • This is another online learning platform with multiple courses from a lot of different schools. It is similar to the three sites mentioned above, and Academic Earth collects many top coursed from different sources, it emphasizes on providing a wide range of topics. Academic Earth offers courses according to the subjects and schools, so you will find it easier to search for what you need.

  • 6. edX
  • Another great free online learning platform is edX, it also collects many courses from a great number of different schools. This platform provides many impressive and high-quality information for students. Additionally, it covers a wide ranges of subjects.


    Part 3: How to transfer your study notes between iPhone and computer

    Since we have got to know 6 best free course websites to help us learn at home during the period of coronavirus pandemic. You will make a lot of study notes while you are learning from online course websties. To improve your memories of what you learn from online course, the effective method is to review them in the repeated times so that you can remember the knowledge that you have gained and learned from online resources. As we are not always sitting by computer to learn for a long time in the day, to transfer the study noted from computer to our iPhone would be a great solution to help us review what we learn in a convenient way. Do you have any simple method to transfer your study notes from computer to iPhone with ease? Here we will recommend a powerful third-party tool Leawo iTransfer to assist you to finish the data transfer task effectively.

    Leawo iTransfer is an excellent transfer program for iPod, iPad and iPhone. It offers a perfect solution to the transfer issue between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. There are around 12 kinds of data which include photos, notes, contacts, apps and more available on this transfer tool. Furthermore, it is an amazing back up tool for iPad, iPhone and iPad as well. Besides that, Leawo iTransfer act well as a great music manager to help users to manage the playlists of the iOS devices and iTunes with no limits.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Here, we will list full instructions of how to transfer your study notes from iPhone to your computer by using Leawo iTransfer as below:

    Step 1: Install and launch Leawo iTranfer on computer and then associate your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Afterwards, your iPhone will be detected by iTransfer in an automatic way, then the library and playlists of your device will be listed in the left column of iTranfer window.


    Step 2. Navigate to“iPhone > LIBRARY > Notes”. You are able to edit your notes as you prefer and then click the “Export” button at top middle.

    choose notes

    Step 3. A dialogue will pop up and ask you to choose a target folder. Afterthat, you need to click "Save".

    target folder


    From this article, you have learned that there are multiple online learning platforms that can help you continue your study during the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus update infected number is rising rapidly. The most effective way to protect yourself from getting infected is to stay at home. Keep in mind that don’t give up your study even you are at home, this is also the precious time that you can learn more from different resources online. What’s more, making study notes and reviewing will help you master well the knowledge you have gained from online. Leawo iTranfer is rightly a great transfer tool to help you transfer your study notes in a rapid and safe way.



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