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10 Halloween Costume Ideas That Scream Halloween 2013

2013 Halloween is just a few weeks away! Do you have your costumes all picked out or just not sure what to wear and what to be for this year's Halloween? For someone who is still on the hunt and has nothing in mind, don't worry, I am ready for help. Today I will share 10 great Halloween costume ideas with you guys and make you stand out of the party.

Every year, so many Halloween fans choose to dress up as something or someone relevant to the popular culture. I bet you guys are exception as well. This year whether you want to parody the biggest news stories of the year, channel your favorite meme or play tribute to the celebrities we love to hate, just get inspired with our collected costume ideas for 2013 Halloween below.

1. Miley Cyrus at The VMAs

The Disney princess turned twerking queen has been in the spotlight a lot in 2013. From her dramatic haircut to her risqué outfit at MTV Video Music Awards, Miley's unique fashion style is sure to make a frighteningly memorable Halloween costume. So if you wanna be Ms. Cyrus on October 31, just get your hands on a foam finger and a plastic, wear flesh colored bikini, stick out your tongue and bring a friend dressed as Robin Thicke.


2. Breaking Bad

With Breaking Bad coming to an end just recently, the smash TV show's main character is sure to make many appearances at Halloween parties this year. Find yourself a yellow lab coat of some kind and a pair of metal framed glasses to instantly transform yourself into Walter White. Bonus points of whoever goes all-out this Halloween and shaves his head to really get into character.


3. Minions from Despicable Me

The No.1 trending costume recently is the cute cartoon character from "Despicable Me 2", which is indeed the best Halloween costume ideas for kids, and for adults. You only need to paint yourself yellow; wear blue overalls or blue jeans; and add ski goggles. There, you're done!


4. The Fox (Spurred by Ylvis's "What Does the Fox Say" music video)

You could get more inspirations from this most entertaining music video of 2013 – dress up as a fox especially you love to dance. So how to make the Fox look at home? Just pull out those old cat ears you having somewhere in the back of your closet and repurpose them: Paint them brown and white; add face paint; and sing the song repeatedly.


5. The Great Gatsby

If you're the big fan of The Great Gatsby, why not dress up as one of your favorite characters on this blockbuster for Halloween. Girls could be Daisy Buchanan's glamorously elegant looks - a flapper-inspired party dress, a beaded headband, a pair of retro pumps, and pearl bracelets. Men could be Gatsby with a tux and a glass of champagne. Don't forget to drop Gatsby's catchphrase, "old sport," throughout the evening.


6. Grumpy Cat

If you're a fan of Internet memes, Grumpy Cat is definitely a great, easy-to-assemble option. Wear cat ears, some face paint and an ever-present scowl, and you've got yourself a solid costume that will be appreciated by anyone on the party.


7. The Royal Family

Wow, great Halloween costume ideas for couples. Actually dressing as the royal family is fairly simple - a blue polka dot dress with pumps and a blue button down with boyish side combed hair and you have Kate Middleton and Prince William.


8. Spring Breakers

Here come the great Halloween costume ideas for women. Many women and girls opt for the sexy route when considering Halloween costumes. And this year they could get several options from the film Spring Breakers debuted earlier this year – make a bikini top and short-shorts a viable costume. You could even kick it up a notch and bring your own grill-wearing, corn-rowed "Alien."


9. Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty fans, this one is for you! Dress up as Uncle Si this Halloween in honor of the great television show. Buy some black-out for your teeth, grab a Louisiana accent and get ready to hoot and holler all night long. If it is possible, you can get together with either family or friends and dress up as the entire Robinson family.


10. Zombie from The Walking Dead

You must get that the hit show The Walking Dead is coming back this fall. Now it's the time to show off your best impression as a "Walker" on Halloween. Just Paint your face a greenish gray, layer on some fake blood and stagger around like you're ready to sink your teeth into your next victim.


If you're stuck on what to dress up as for Halloween this year, pick from our list of top Halloween costume ideas 2013. Most of the costumes are extremely easy to make and easily recognizable, making them a sure-fire way to enjoy the spooky holiday.

Okay, at last one tip for you guys. Once on the Halloween party, do remember to take some photos and videos to share on your blog and some other places you like. If you wanna post the records online, you can take use of Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate to help you resolve the video format incompatibility problem. Besides, the app could even help you play Halloween records on portable devices, burn Halloween memories to DVD disc for sharing with friends conveniently, watch collected Halloween DVD or Blu-ray movies on mobile devices, and more. Happy Halloween!



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