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10 Best Podcasts in Sports for Sports Enthusiast

Traditionally, the ultimate way of enjoying sports is by either going to see it live at the designated place, or enjoying it through live streaming or TV. However, given the fact that podcasts are now more popular than ever before, we think that they can be perfect for the sports enthusiast.

You probably cannot watch some sports shows while you are biking, driving, looking at groceries, cooking, doing some garden work or pretty much any other situation that does not require distractions. Podcasts change all that, because they can be listened everywhere which means you can just plug-in your headphones and start listening to your sports shows no matter the situation. In this post, we aim to introduce the 10 best sports podcasts that you can listen to, and we will also show you how you can download them so that you can listen on any of your devices.

Part 1: 10 best sports podcasts for sports fans

Many podcast publishers are in the business of providing the best podcasts, but there will always be a few that standout to provide the ultimate podcasts for ultimate enjoyment. Before we explore the sports podcasts ranking, we will first explore the publishers who provide them so that you can look for more podcasts is the 10 we are going to provide are not going to be enough for you.

  • The best places to find sports podcasts
  • 1. ESPN. Given that ESPN is a sports channel, this is the best place to find sports podcasts.
    2. Apple Podcasts. If you want a wide array of podcasts, which also includes sports, then this is your ultimate stop for the podcasts.
    3. NPR. NPR is also worth a try, given that it is in the top 5 of podcasting publishers, and they also have some sports podcasts.
    4. iHeartRadio. They have been in the business for a very long time, and they surely have some goodies when it comes to sports.
    5. Wondery. Wondery is the publisher of Sports Wars, one of the best sports podcasts on the market. They have plenty of other sports podcasts too.

  • The 10 best sports podcasts for sports fans
  • 1. The Bill Simmons Podcast. Bill Simmons is an influential ESPN sports analyst. His unfiltered personality and affinity for viral moments helped him to get millions of followers. The Bill Simmons Podcast and The Ringer sports network were his creations that in many ways pioneered modern sports podcasting. This podcast remains a credible and entertaining source for the latest sports news. Celebrities and athletes join him and help maintain a light-hearted yet passionate vibe.


    2. Pardon My Take. Hosts Big Cat and PFT Commenter have a lot of humor while covering the biggest sports headlines. This makes Pardon My Take a mix of comedy and sports analysis that connects with the listener. Their sometimes off the cuff commentary is qualified by their deep understanding of sports culture. Guests partake in the show’s sense of humor while still delivering illuminating interviews. Episodes are dropped frequently, at least 2 or 3 times a week.


    3. Around the NFL. If you are an American football fanatic, then this podcast is just for you. Football fans that want to keep up to date ought to have Around the NFL in the rotation. The crew of Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler and Chris Wesseling recap each week every Sunday. Beyond the thoughtful analysis and insight, there is a genuine friendliness that shines through and maintains a conversational tone. A careful balance of humor and information helps the listener catch up with an overview of the NFL.


    4. The Woj Pod. Looking for the best NBA podcast? Then this one might just be for you. Adrian Wojnarowski in this podcast boasts an impressive array of guests that includes superstars, coaches, front office leaders and sports journalists. Adrian’s scoops have been so integral to the NBA that he is an automatic Twitter follow among executives. This podcast’s style can contrast the conversational tone of other podcasts, but by design it gleans as much information as possible, as efficiently as possible, with most episodes hovering around 45 minutes or less.


    5. Posted Up with Chris Haynes. This is another NBA podcast that is hosted by NBA insider, Chris Haynes. He sits down with guests to tackle pertinent current events in basketball, while peering into the human side of the business. His ability to sincerely engage on a personal level is the strongest suit of the show. The majority of Posted Up with Chris Haynes features active players, but candid talks with former players like Lamar Odom, Ice cube etc., are sprinkled in. Episodes range from 25 minutes to an hour but seem to go by fast.


    6. Starting 9. This is a baseball podcast, hosted by former MLB pitcher Dallas Brayden and blogger Jared Carrabis. They form a dynamic duo for Starting 9. Focused around interviews with baseball greats, the two are able to cover a wide range of relevant baseball news without being swallowed up by the bigger markets.


    7. Spittin’ Chiclets. This is a hockey podcast, which is is among the most popular hockey podcasts and for good reason – they know their audience and supply relevant content with credibility. Retired NHL players Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette share their experiences with the grueling NHL schedule and physical toll that the sport takes on the body, providing a context that enriches their stories. The hosts are all excellent conversationalists that engage with their guests and keep the audience entertained.


    8. Men in Blazers. Here is something for soccer junkies. According to them, they discuss football and wear blazers, usually at the same time. Men in Blazers is driven by the belief that soccer is America’s sport of the future, as it has been since 1972. They have a lot of good podcasts about the Premier League, the U.S. national teams, MLS and more. They also host some popular guests.


    9. The Tennis Podcast. The Tennis Podcast hosted by ATP media veteran David Law and Prime Video Presenter Catherine Whitaker, and it is one of the popular podcasts with the latest tennis news. They release daily episodes during the slams and weekly episodes outside of the slams. They also release random interviews with top pros and coaches which is very interesting.


    10. Sports Wars. Conflict is a part of human nature, and it can happen in sports too. Sports rivalries can fuel fans and athletes to fight and argue for years. But what is the real story behind these epic battles? Sports Wars is a new series that offers an immersive look at some of the greatest athletic rivalries of all time.


    Part 2: How to save audio from sports podcasts

    Sports podcasts are readily available from many podcast publishers like Wondery, Apple Podcasts, NPR, iHeartRadio, ESPN and many more participants. The good news is they are almost always free to listen to, but what you should understand is that it can only happen on authorized devices. What that means is the audio files sometimes come encrypted with DRM, to prevent unauthorized sharing and distribution. Therefore, you could not be able to play them on your old MP3 player, your car radio or pretty much any unauthorized device.

    For that reason, we developed Music Recorder, a software tool that you can use to bypass those restrictions. Quite simply, it is a professional recording software that can 100% legally capture and save audio from any audio or video source. It will not only work on the podcasting publisher’s software mentioned above, but it will also work on the other big music streaming services and websites like Google Play Music, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, 8tracks etc. If you want to learn more about how to download the best sports podcasts, please follow the easy steps below.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1: Set the Audio Source

    Launch Leawo Music Recorder on your computer and then click the microphone icon on the main interface. When the panel pops-up, proceed to click the“Audio Source” menu, then choose the “Record Computer Audio” option. This will ensure that the software can record from the source.


    Step 2: Set the output format

    Click on the “Format” menu in the panel to choose “Output Format: MP3 Audio (*.mp3)” or WAV Audio (*.wav) if you want to preserve the original quality of the music. You can also adjust the bit rate and sample rate of the recordings in this panel.


    Step 3: Set the output folder

    Click “General” and then click the folder icon to choose a folder to save the best sports podcast recordings.


    Step 4: Click on the red recording button to begin recording

    Click on the recording button again if you want to finish this task. Under “Media> Library> Newly Recordings” you can enter the “Music Tags Edit” panel to adjust the info of the podcast recordings if necessary.



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