If you have been dealing with DVD related matters for a while, you must be familiar with the M2V video format. As a video format commonly used to store video content in DVD materials, M2V can contain video, and only video information. There is no sound, subtitles or menus in a M2V video file. So M2V files are always saved along with all other file types to deliver great DVD movies. If you want to do more with the M2V video file, like adding subtitles, editing it or playing it on more platforms and systems, you need to convert the M2V video to a format like MPEG with an M2V to MPEG converter program. In case you don’t know which M2V to MPEG converter program is the best for your videos, we have prepared a several great choices for your reference in this article. Take a look and I’m sure you will be able to convert your M2V videos to MPEG easily.