The brand new iPhone X is a big leap forward from the iPhone 7. With the brand new edge to edge LED display and Face ID, Apple once again shows people how amazing iPhone can be. Also the specs are much more impressive. But with more features comes faster battery draining speed. A lot of people find the battery life of iPhone X not satisfactory. In this case, a battery case would be of great help, especially for heavy users. Below are the top 5 iPhone X battery cases. Check them out and see if they suit your needs.

Best iPhone X Battery Cases


If your main concern of the iPhone X battery case is the battery life, then VPROOF would be a safe choice as it packs a gigantic 6000mAh battery in the back. Even heavy users should be able to get a satisfactory battery life out of this monster of an iPhone X battery case. Also it’s well built to protect your iPhone X from impact. Other than the battery itself, other parts like the cut-outs are also well crafted, the buttons are very responsive. Also the magnetic metal inside allows you to put it on your magnetic car mount easily. Overall it’s a very well-made battery case for iPhone X.

iPhone X battery cases

2. Alpatronix BXX Qi-Enabled Battery Case

Wireless charging is a well expected feature on the iPhone X. While most of the iPhone X charging cases will block wireless charging, this case is a rare one that supports this new feature. And what makes it even more intriguing is that this case is programmed to charge your iPhone X first before it would charge the case when you are using a wireless charger. Besides that, this iPhone X battery case itself features a 4200mAh battery which is able to keep your iPhone X live for at least 12 hours. The support for wireless charging is fascinating but it does come with certain drawbacks. First, it uses Micro USB ports for charging and connection. You can still use it to connect your iPhone X to your computer but you can’t use your lightning headphone while this case is on. Also, like almost all other battery cases, it adds certain weight to the device and a fairly large chin at the bottom. If those drawbacks don’t bother you, it could be one of the best case for iPhone X to have a longer battery life.

iPhone X battery cases

3. Moonmini

If you appreciate an iPhone X battery case with simple and compact design, which can be hard to find on such cases as they usually packs a big battery, check out Moonmini. Overall, this iPhone X battery case is compact but powerful. It packs a 6000mAh battery inside its small body. The case should be able to charge your iPhone X twice before it runs out. And the case is well built to secure your iPhone X in place and protects it from bumps and impact. Also, like the other iPhone X charging cases, it’s got LED lights to show you the remaining power in the case. If you have any concerns about the durability of the case, you should know that it comes with one-year warranty.

iPhone X battery cases

4. Toruibia

Toruibia shares a similar design language with the Moonmini. Both iPhone X battery cases are slim and sleek-looking, but the Toruibia packs a much smaller 3600mAh battery. Despite the small capacity, this battery case for iPhone X can still provide up to 170% extra powerful to your iPhone X. Other than the extra power, it also offers certain protection to your iPhone X. And there’s one convenient on/off button on the back that allows you to stop charging your phone whenever you need to save power for later use. Also the one-year warranty allows you to replace the case if you find problems with it during usage.

iPhone X battery cases

5. Himino Lightning Headphone Compatible Battery Case

Himino Lightning Headphone Compatible Battery Case has a unique selling point: it supports lightning audio, which is something that most battery cases are lacking. Lacking the support for lightning audio could be a deal breaker for people who have purchased a pair of expensive lightning headphones. Other than the support for lightning audio, you can also find a big battery on it that can charge your iPhone X for twice with no problem. It can also protect your iPhone from impacts and bumps.

iPhone X battery cases

While those iPhone X battery cases can provide certain degree of protection to your device, it’s still possible that you would drop your iPhone X and get it damaged. One reason for its prone to drop is that most of those battery cases are kind of heavy and it could be a burden to your hand when holding it for a long time. iPhone X is by no means durable and the screen on the back and front tend to break when you drop it. If you get Apple Care, you can replace them with a new one from apple by paying a small amount of money. But if you don’t have Apple Care, it might set you back hundreds of dollars to get them repaired.

How to Back Up iPhone X

If you did drop your iPhone and need to send to Apple for a replacement, remember to back it up first so that you can restore your data when you receive the new one. Here’s how you can back up your iPhone.

1. Back Up iPhone X with iTunes

The first and the most conventional way to back up an iPhone is to use iTunes. It will back up almost all the data on your iPhone. iTunes could be a nightmare for people who are not familiar with it. Here’s how you can back up iPhone X with iTunes.

1. Use the lightning cable that comes with your iPhone X to connect your device to your computer and then launch iTunes. Find the device icon in the top left area of the iTunes’ interface and click on it to go to Summary.

Back up iPhone X

2. In the Backups section, find the Back Up Now button and click on it to back up your iPhone X. You can also encrypt your backup by enabling the encryption options on the left-hand side of the Back Up Now button.

Back up iPhone X

2. Back Up iPhone X with Leawo iOS Data Recovery

It could take a while for iTunes to back up your iPhone if you have a lot of stuff stored on your iPhone. If you don’t need the app data on your iPhone to be backed up but just files like photos or messages, there’s a great alternative. Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery program for iOS device users to recover lost data from their iPhone. It also has a practical secondary use. It can back up 12 different kinds of data on your iPhone to your computer: Messages, Contacts, Call History, WhatsApp, Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Safari bookmark, Camera roll, Photo stream, Photo library, Message attachments, Voice memos, WhatsApp attachments. And the program is also easy to use and efficient. Check out the content below to se how to back up iPhone X using this program.


1. Plug your iPhone X to your computer and then launch this program. You will see 3 options on the interface. Click on the first one which is Recover from iOS Device.

Back Up iPhone X

2. On the next page, click on the Start button and the program will start to scan your iPhone X. Wait for the scanning process to be done.

Back Up iPhone X

3. When the scanning process is finished, you can check out your data on the interface. Select those files you want to back up and then click the Recover button.

Back Up iPhone X

4. Set the output directory for your backup on the following popup and then you can start to back them up by clicking the Go button.

Back Up iPhone X

A iPhone X charging case can help you get through a whole day easily with no problem. If you are a heavy user, you should probably consider getting one. If you are also looking for other iPhone X accessories, check out our recommendation of the top 5 iPhone leather case here.