For those who like to enjoy movies or TV series at home, web series is a new form of entertainment. With various kinds of web series, you don’t have to go to the movie theater, you don’t have to wait in front of your TV, and you don’t have to buy DVD or Blu-ray discs. The only thing you need to do to enjoy the latest shows is to open your computer or phone or tablet, connect the internet and play the web series. Web series don’t usually have very much budget to provide audience stunning visual effects, but some web series are still fantastic due to their well-done script and good act, even for the fantasy category. Today let’s see some of the best fantasy web series that you should watch online.

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Part 1: Best fantasy web series you should watch

Despite not having enough budget to make amazing visual effects, fantasy web series can also achieve success through scripts and good act. Here are some of the best fantasy web series hand picked by us, and if you are a fantasy fan, you might just try some of these series and they might surprise you.

The Few

Superheroes have been so popular at the cinema and on television for several years now. It may seem like the genre doesn’t have any more tread left. The British superhero web series The Few refutes that notion with style and flare. The Few tells an origin story of the rise of individuals with superhuman powers in modern London, England. The series centers on a young police detective determined to track down a pair of disillusioned citizens. A couple who are using their powers to follow a dark path.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is an Emmy Award-winning musical mini-series that was exclusively distributed over the internet as a web series. Joss Whedon created it during the writers’ strike 2008 and wrote it with Maurissa Tancharoen and his brothers Zack and Jed. The show contains three parts, each having a duration of just under 15 minutes. The show follows Billy, aka the aspiring super-villain Dr. Horrible, who wants to join the Evil League of Evil. Captain Hammer is his arch-nemesis and Penny is the girl from the laundromat who has no idea of Billy’s alter ego or his feelings for her.

Here We Wait

As a poignant supernatural drama, Here We Wait boasts a most unique and intriguing premise: when people die, their souls are immediately transported to purgatory – a restaurant ironically named “Here.” There they enjoy a final meal before moving on to their final destination in the afterlife. The wait staff of Here are lost souls who must serve the restaurant’s patrons until they receive their call to move on.

Created by Olivia Baptista and Diane Chen, this 20-episode web series serves up provocative commentary on the complexities of the human condition sans the cynicism and pretentious, murky mythology plagued by similar genre dramas like Lost, The Leftovers, and The OA.

Part 2: How to download fantasy web series

As the name implies, web series are supposed to be distributed only online, meaning you can only watch web series through the Internet. This is good, in a way, because watching on the Internet is the easiest way to enjoy a movie or series. However, if we can download web series to our PC and transfer it to other devices so that we can watch it anywhere, wouldn’t it be better? The question is, how can we do that?

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Part 3: How to watch downloaded fantasy web series on PC

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Today I introduced you some of my favorite sci-fi fantasy web series. If you are a sci-fi lover, you can’t miss these web series. Also, I provided you a way to download web series online with Leawo Video Downloader and play it with Leawo Blu-ray Player. Both the programs are very easy to use and very powerful. With these programs installed on your computer, I believe you will have a better experience with your fantasy web series.