What are your methods to kill your time in your spare time? Go travelling? Play computer games? Chat with friends? Among the common leisure methods in your life, you may find another popular way to kill your time is to watch various movies and TV plays. With the development of movie and TV series industry, you can be accessible to various TVs and movies all around the world from now and then. One of the hottest TV themes is the Korean drama series. Today we are going to discuss Korean drama with you. If you are one of the group who is interested in Korean drama and desire to know more ways to download Korean drama, then you can stop here and you can find lot of useful information for your future references.

Part 1: Why do we love Korean drama?

Why are the Korean dramas so popular? Why do you love Korean drama? Generally speaking, the reasons for why Korean dramas have been so popular may vary. The most popular reasons include the intense emotions in Korean drama, the interesting stories and so on. Here I will list several reasons below, see which one is yours.


Pretty, pretty, pretty

The stars in the Korean dramas are all eye candy. For majority of the Korean drama audiences, the age mainly ranges from 14 to 30 who are inclined to be attracted by handsome boys and beautiful girls. While in the Korean dramas, you can find a lot of princess for a day makeovers or broody shower scenes.

Different culture

The culture in the Korean dramas is very interesting. When you are watching foreign movies, you can learn a lot of cultures in the local places. If you have ever watched Korean dramas, you can find the daily life in Korea and can feel very close to the super stars in the drama.

Sweet and clean

The content in the Korean dramas are very clean. Compared to the American TV series, the Korean dramas are mainly G-rated which are suitable to be watched by families and early and young age groups.

Part 2: Websites to Download Korean Drama

Since Korean dramas can be regarded as one of the most popular ways to kill our leisure time, then you must want to know where to watch Korean dramas. Where can be the Korean dramas downloaded or where can I free download Korean dramas? Next, I will introduce five famous websites to download Korean dramas.

No. 1 Sojuoppa.ga

The first website you can download Korean dramas is Sojuoppa.ga. On this website, you can enjoy various topics including dramas, movies and TV series. It is easy for you to free download Korean dramas from the website.


No. 2 Kissasian.ch

If you want to search for the newest and top-rated Korean dramas, Kissasian.ch can be your second choice. This website offers all kinds of Korean and Japanese dramas. You can find lots of dramas which have been updated on the daily basis. Keep your eye on it and you will not miss any latest dramas.


No. 3 Dramabeans

As another popular website with numerous Korean dramas, Dramabeans is very famous among the Korean drama lovers. It is very simple in its interface and design which can guide you easily to download Korean dramas. But it is limited in the amounts of Korean dramas download.


No. 4 DramaFire

Another mixed website for Korean, Japanese and Asian dramas is DramaFire. On this website, you can enjoy the newest and updated dramas in HD quality format. But if you want to free download Korean dramas with English titles, you have to go to dramafire.info which can enable you to download video.


No. 5 Dramago

Last of all, I also want to recommend Dramago to you. It is quite famous for Korean dramas specifically. The homepage of the website is pretty simple and you can watch the Korean dramas by clicking the link provided. Furthermore, it also provides an android app so that you can use it on your android phones.


Part 3: Best player software to play Korean drama

Since you have obtained the Korean drama from the websites, then you have to choose a powerful media player so as to obtain the best watching experience. Here you can make full use of Leawo Blu-ray Player. As an all-in-on media player, Leawo Blu-ray Player can provide you the cinema-like watching experience with the advanced audio and video processing technology. It is quite easy for you to handle this player.


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Usually, Korean dramas have lots of episodes, so you can add the episodes to the playlist of Leawo Blu-ray Player which can then automatically play them for you with the best quality retained. Furthermore, the customized features of the player will allow you to set the related audio and video parameters freely. Besides, Leawo Blu-ray Player's practical bonus features including useful power manager, custom skin / language / background, snap screenshots. As its name suggests, Leawo Blu-ray player can not only play download episodes, but also play blu-ray on Windows. I believe you can have a good command of the Leawo Blu-ray Player. Just try it.