Although the Nepali movie industry has started late, there are still quite some outstanding Nepali movies that are worth the time. Very likely you have already watched the great movie named Satya Harishchandra, and would like to go through more Nepali movie lists with us. Then you are now at the right place. We will share the best Nepali movie list for you and introduce the best websites to watch Nepali movies online download Nepali movies. In the end, we will also talk about the best Nepali movie player for your interest.

Part 1: Best Nepali Movies List

Nepal, country of Asia, lying along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is a landlocked country located between India to the east, south, and west and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north. This fair land has witnessed so many famous literature works as well as movie production. Now we will go through with you the best Nepali movie list.

1. Satya Harishchandra

Many of you started enjoying Nepali movie from its breakthrough masterpiece “Satya Harishchandra”, a movie based on the great poet Raghavanka's 'Harishchandra Kavya'. It talks about the story of the mythological king Raja Harishchandra, who was known for upholding truth and justice under any circumstance. It opened the Nepali movie industry and laid the foundation of Nepali movie in the past few decades.

2. Jatra

In recent years, Nepali movie has climbed to a new level with a couple of new releases like Jatra. Orignally, Jatra is a traditional performing art form of Nepal. The movie named Jatra has filmed for more than 2 hours, talking about an innocent, poor and hardworking man Phadindra Timsina (Bipin Karki) who finds a sack full of 3 Crores Nepalese rupees stolen from a bank. It was released in 2016 and soon won a wide reputation across the country.

3. Loot

Loot is one of the best Nepali movies in the cinema, featuring Haku Kale. Actually, Loot is a Nepali crime action movie written and directed by Nischal Basnet. The movie is character centric which the audience can feel like they are connected to the screen.

4. TalakJung Vs Tulke

Directed by the same director of Loot, this Nepali movie “TalakJung Vs Tulke” talks about a simple villager who moves to the city after being falsely accused of a crime. Tulké is a day-laborer in a Nepalese mountain village. He struggles to reclaim his lost aristocratic identity, while a violent revolution disrupts every aspect of village life.

5. Kabaddi

It is a romantic comedy Nepali film that will make you laugh. Directed by Ram Babu Gurung, it wins a wide popularity across the country. In this Nepali film, Kaji tries to live rest of his life with Maiya's memories but he falls in love with another girl. The story will surely bring you laughter.

6. Jhola

This is a Yadav Kumar Bhattarai film, released in 2013. "Jhola" recites a promising story of a young wife, Kanchi married to an old ailing husband through the innocent eyes of their son. It's a story of a woman, representing an every women in our society, caged in a social ghetto.

7. Kathaa

The director Prashant Rasaily has successfully shot a film with a romantic yet tragic love story. Though unfortunate events happen between two lovers, they cherish each other more and more as time goes by. Viewers will burst in tears easily. The hero and heroin are two lovers living in a remote mountain village. While they can’t easily express their love through words, as both of them suffer speech disorder—Kancha has a stammer and Kumari is mute, their love for each other is beautifully depicted in this Nepali movie.

8. Kagbeni

Kagbeni is a village in Nepal and the movie was filmed depicting a story of Krishna, who has returned to his village (Kagbeni) from Malaysia, and is reminiscing with his old friend Ramesh. They come upon an old hermit, who presents them with a cursed monkey's paw that has the power both to grant wishes, and twist their meaning to cause tragedies.

9. Sano Sansar

In this Nepali movie, you will find resemblance in average people’s life. Little do they know that they are living in a Small World (Sano Sansar) where everyone knows everyone, even if they think they do not. This movie will go through a love story between an average guy and a not-average girl.

10. November Rain

November Rain is a popular Nepali movie released on 6th May 2014, talking about a story where a father swaps the heart of another child born on the same day with her daughter because her daughter was born with heart disease.

Part 2: Best Websites to Download Nepali Movie

Since there are so many popular and worth-watching Nepali movies, you will be wondering how to watch Nepali movie online and where to download these Nepali movies for offline streaming. Here you will get the five best websites to download Nepali movies.

1. YouTube

YouTube is home to a variety of movies, TV shows, and music. Basically, you can stream or watch Nepali movie online and download what you like here, including Nepali movies. To locate the best Nepali movie list, you will approach your favorite movie list with clicks.

Nepali Movie


FOPI is a Nepali video-on-demand application that can be downloaded locally or globally through an app store or locally hosted networks (hotspots). This application provides authentic movies, songs, videos, and series. They can also download the songs, videos, and podcasts to stream it offline at their handiness.

Nepali Movie

3. Movie N Masti

Movie N Masti is a product, powered by Nepal Telecom, developed with an aim to entertain users with a wide variety of content including movies, music videos, live TV, and many more, provided by Music Nepal. Here you can find all Nepali popular movies within clicks.

Nepali Movie

4. Net TV Nepal

As a trending product, NetTV Nepal is the first MobileOTT IPTV application in Nepal that offers a wide range of entertainment content including Nepali movies, songs, TV shows, and so on. From this app, you can watch Nepali movie online or download them for offline streaming, even download 4K HD movies.

Nepali Movie


Like YouTube, Hamromovie is a subscription-based app that can let you watch all types of Nepali movies with HD quality at any time while relaxing at home. It is a digital collection that stores a wide range of Nepali movies. You can search for your favorite Nepali movies by genre and quickly locate what you like. Best of all, it offers 30 days of free trial to new users. You can experience and then decide whether to subscribe.

Nepali Movie

Part 3: Best Program to Download Nepali Movie

CleverGet Video Downloader, a comprehensive online Nepali movie downloader that could not only download online videos, but also free movies, paid movies and even live streams, could help you easily complete online free movie download tasks in simple clicks. With it, you could easily download free movies from various free movie websites mentioned above and not mentioned above, like YouTube, Twitter, Tubi, Facebook live, and various other free movie sites.

Part 4: Best Nepali Movie Player

Nepali movies have entertained viewers across the globe for the past few decades, thanks to multimedia evolution, nowadays we can enjoy all types of Nepali movies with apps like YouTube, NetTV, and so on. In addition, viewers can download Nepali movies for offline streaming, which they can play on a professional multimedia player called Leawo Free Blu-ray Player, a 6-in-1 media player for all. Basically, it contains all media playback solutions you need for your leisure entertainment. It acts as a free Blu-ray disc player, free DVD disc player, free HD video player (free 4K video player), free ISO file player, and free audio player (free music player). It is not only 100% free of charge but also region free, meaning that you can stream any region-locked media files with this player, for instance, playing region A Blu-ray disc in UK. Besides, it provides a lot of custom features to make the media player a stylish one for you. Despite all-powerful features it provides, it remains an intuitive media player for both beginners and advanced users.

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Nepali movies have become more and more popular in the world. We have shared ten valuable Nepali movies for your interest and the five best websites to download Nepali movies for offline streaming. No matter you want to stream Nepali movies online or download them for offline streaming, we offer a powerful and professional media player named Leawo Blu-ray Player for you. With this media player, you will be getting a cinema-like movie experience at home. Check it out!