What will you do if your iPhone won't send pictures via MMS or iMessage? Many iPhone users find their iPhone won't send pictures even after they restored the device. Then they start to connect the carrier and want the carriers to get the problem fixed. Sometimes this problem has nothing to do with the carrier because it may be caused by some wrong controls of your iPhone. So let's check our iPhone out first, maybe we can find some easy ways to troubleshoot this annoying problem.

To begin with, I would suggest you guys have a look at whether the MMS function is enabled. Go to Settings > Messages in your iPhone, and tap MMS Messaging to ON. This sounds too simple, but sometimes you might just shut the function down by mistake.

Still get no luck? Don't worry. Go to Settings > General > Reset Settings > Reset Network Settings to reset the Wi-Fi settings and the settings of your carrier connection. This will sometimes troubleshoot the problem.

Both ways mentioned above are simple ways but sometimes it works for some iPhone users. If you can't send messages still, I suggest your reset your iPhone to factory settings, and then restore the contents with the iPhone backup in your iTunes. To reset iPhone to factory settings, you will need your computer to help. The Steps come as follows.

1. Connect iPhone to computer with the USB cable, then iTunes will launch automatically.
2. Click "Restore" button in the summary panel when your iPhone shows up.
3. Click "Restore" again in the pop-up dialog of confirmation, and then iTunes will restore your iPhone to factory settings.

Your iPhone will restart and you can set up the settings in this iPhone. Also, you are able to restore the iPhone content with previous iPhone backup. This method may make your iPhone a "new" device, and all the network or messaging settings will be restored. This method may give you a hand when your iPhone won't send pictures.

Sometimes you will find the MMS or iMessages are gone when you restored the iPhone contents with the previous backup. If you want to find the lost messages out, you can check out Leawo iOS Data Recovery, and this software will help you recover deleted messages from iPhone.

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If all the methods above can't solve the problem, you will need to connect the carrier company you take. Sometimes your MMS may blocked by the carrier. This is not very common, but if you can't send pictures for some time, you can try this way out. Maybe the carrier will provide you a good solution.

If you insist that this problem is caused by the iPhone itself, you can ask the Apple Store for help. Sometimes the Apple Store may find the problem within iPhone, and give you some advice. But you don't have to get mad with your iPhone, after all, this smartphone is very useful in our daily life.

Some iPhone users may find another problem: They can send pictures via iMessage or MMS to another iPhone user, but the iPhone won't send pictures to non-iOS devices. The texts can be sent with no efforts, but the pictures get stuck. When coming up with this situation, you can restart your iPhone firstly to see whether the function is OK now. If not, you can try out the mentioned methods. If none of the methods bring your MMS function back, just check the iOS your iPhone runs. If your iPhone runs iOS 7, you can update it to iOS 8. The iOS 8 has fixed several major bugs and the new iOS may make your iPhone work well then.