"What is the best DVD copy software? - Trying to copy some DVDs and not having any luck. Just trying to find the best software to do it." For those people who have a large amount of DVD discs and do DVD disc backup frequently, this is a big and bothering question.

DVDs can be duplicated onto computer hard drive or another DVD disc. Get a copy of your DVD collection helps you reduce DVD disc damage disk, which might bring great inconvenience to you. In order to get a satisfied DVD disc copy, a wonderful DVD copy software app could make DVD backup less work. For your convenience, this post offers you 5 best DVD copy software apps. You could select any of these to get DVD backup freely.


Basic knowledge

What is DVD copy software?

DVD copy software, as the name suggests, is computer based DVD solution that could backup and copy DVD movies from disc, folder or/and ISO image file to computer hard drive or another DVD disc with ease. With DVD copying software, you can clone DVDs – make multiple copies from one disc – or reformat the DVD for use on PCs or mobile devices.

How to select DVD copy software?

As personal demands differ, the standards for selecting DVD copy software may also differ among people. However, there're some general tips for selecting proper DVD copy software.

  1. Bypass DVD disc protection and remove disc region code;
  2. Make 1:1 disc duplication, movie-only DVD copy, chapter DVD copy, and DVD-9 to DVD-5 compression;
  3. Be able to include bonus features like subtitles, tracks, etc.
  4. Support ISO backup, including DVD disc to ISO and ISO to disc.


5 DVD Copy Software Apps

You get tens of DVD copy software choices online. With the abovementioned tips on how to select DVD copy software, you may narrow your choices into several candidates. Seeking a proper DVD copy software app is actually not difficult when you've been clear what you would like to do with DVD copy software and your DVD collections. Here we've collected 5 best DVD copy software apps to make things easier for you, upon users' feedback and program performance.

DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy offers powerful and practical solutions for people to copy DVD disc, folder and/or ISO files within simple clicks. This DVD copy software remove DVD disc protection and then back up DVD movies freely. It could copy DVD disc and folder to computer and/or blank DVD disc, and directly copy ISO to disc as well. With 3 copy modes available, people could freely choose to back up full DVD source, main movie or desired DVD titles. This powerful DVD backup software also allows you to duplicate DVD content in 1:1, compress DVD-9/DVD-5 content without quality loss, select subtitles and audio tracks freely, etc. It could even act as a DVD player to play back DVD disc and folders.



Slysoft CloneDVD is equipped with a range of basic tools that enable users to efficiently copy DVD movies. Clone DVD allows users to copy the entire movie with all the special features and original menus. Alternatively, you can choose to leave out special features and copy the movie only to save disc space. The software will remove all region codes to allow for DVD copying across different countries. A video preview is provided before burning the final product on the disc, this allows users to experience the quality of the movie before the copying process is initiated. Unfortunately, the software lacks the ability to copy DVD content onto CDs.


DVD Cloner

DVD-Cloner is a DVD copier, DVD decrypter, DVD shrinker and DVD that will enable you to copy DVD of any kind quickly and easily onto computer or blank disc. Apart from the DVD disc copy, DVD-Cloner also enables you to burn local DVD folders and ISO files to blank DVD discs with original high quality unchanged. It copies DVD movies with all kinds of DVD protections and region codes with the latest technology. Multiple copy modes are selectable for different needs: 1:1 disc to disc copy, movie-only DVD copy, Customized DVD Copy, DVD-9 to DVD-5 compression, etc. Meanwhile, DVD Cloner offers other features, including: split DVD-9 disc into 2 DVD-5 disc, select subtitles and audio tracks, preview content before backup to DVD disc, keep/remove DVD menu, etc. With an add-on, DVD-Cloner could even copy Blu-ray discs.


DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a piece of freeware for Windows users, acting as a DVD copy to back up DVD discs and save as DVD folder or ISO image file to hard drive. With the built-in decryption algorithms, copying copy-protected commercial DVD titles becomes possible. Working in conjunction with DVD burning software, it can easily burn the output files to DVD disc. As its name suggest, this free DVD copying software can also compress or shrink the data from DVD and re-author DVD. The latest official version of DVD Shrink is released 25 July 2004. Other versions that announced late are all scams. Since it has not been for years, it might not be able to decrypt some DVDs with newer copy-protection. It should be noted that some malware may also be installed when you are installing DVD Shrink on your computer. You need to decide whether to install it or not if you don't accept this.


BDlot DVD ISO Master

BDlot DVD ISO Master is a free DVD ripper for users to backup any DVD to ISO and burn any ISO to DVD/CD/Blu-ray Disc. It can rip common and encrypted DVD to ISO without support from a third party DVD decrypting software, as it has the ability to remove both DVD region codes and other DVD protections like CSS, CPRM, CPPM, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, Rip-Guard, and Disney X protection. Though it's equipped with the most powerful DVD decryption technology, its output is limited to ISO. Thus, a third-party DVD to video converter is still necessary for converting ISO files to videos playable on portable devices. BDlot DVD ISO Master is an excellent and easy to use tool to backup your precious DVD collection.


DVD Copy Software Comparison Chart

The above 5 best DVD copying software apps might help you make the decision. But you still can't get all of them to copy DVD movies. However, with the below comparison chart, you may finally decide which one to take for DVD backup.

Leawo DVD Copy CloneDVD DVD Cloner DVD Shrink BDLot DVD ISO Master


DVD disc
DVD folder
ISO Image File


DVD disc
DVD folder
ISO Image File


1:1 disc copy
Movie-only copy
Customized Copy
Decrypt disc
Remove region code
Select subtitles
Select audio tracks
Preview DVD
Compress DVD-9 to DVD-5


Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista


Price $29.95 $42.55 $59.99 Free Free


Best DVD Copy Software

People get the best of what they want by comparing between different options and upon personal needs. The above-mentioned 5 DVD copy software programs all perform great for DVD backup. However, through comparison, some DVD copy apps might stand out and attract more eyes.

Leawo DVD Copy is the best DVD copying software for you to copy and backup DVD movies onto computer hard drive or another DVD disc. It's an all-inclusive DVD backup software app that offers you the most comprehensive solutions on backup DVD disc, folder and ISO files, with user-friendly bonus features and practical DVD copy settings.

Why is Leawo DVD Copy the best DVD copy software?


1. Decrypt, rip any CSS-DVD discs and remove DVD disc region code.
2. 1:1 disc to disc duplication. Copy DVD movies to disc, folder or ISO freely at will.
3. 1click DVD copy and ISO burner to directly copy and burn ISO to DVD disc.
4. 3 copy modes for multiple purposes: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode.


How to copy DVD disc or/and folder with Leawo DVD Copy?

Before you try to use Leawo DVD Copy to copy DVD movies on your computer, you should firstly get well prepared. The below things are needed for preparation:

  1. Source DVD movie (disc, DVD movie folder, or ISO file);
  2. Computer (better with DVD disc recorder drive in case of DVD disc copy and ISO to disc backup);
  3. Enough hard drive storage space;
  4. Blank and writable DVD disc (DVD-R or DVD+R disc);
  5. Internet connection is required.

Step 1: Add source DVD movies

Launch Leawo DVD Copy and click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button to import source DVD movies from disc drive or DVD movie folder. If you want to copy DVD disc, you need to insert source DVD disc into the disc drive ahead.

Step 2: Set copy mode

After importing source DVD movie, at the bottom left corner, select target DVD disc type (DVD-9 or DVD-5) from the drop-down box. After that, select a copy mode from Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode.

Step 3: DVD backup settings

Click the big green "Copy" button. On the popup sidebar, set "Copy to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" option. To copy DVD disc to disc, you need to get another DVD disc recorder drive on your computer, insert a blank DVD-R or DVD+R disc into the drive, and then choose the blank disc as output under "Copy to". If you only get one disc drive, save DVD disc into ISO file and then make use of this DVD copy to burn saved ISO file to blank DVD disc.

Step 4: Start DVD copying

After the above settings, move mouse to the bottom of the sidebar. Click "Copy" button to start copying DVD with Leawo DVD Copy.

How to burn ISO file to DVD with Leawo DVD Copy?

Step 1: Add source ISO file

Open Leawo DVD Copy and click the drop-down arrow icon next to the “Add Blu-ray/DVD” button. Select "Add iso file" option. This ISO to DVD burner would lead you to browse and add source ISO file.

Step 2: Settings

On the popup “Add iso file” window, set Copy to and Disc Label. You need to insert blank DVD-R or DVD+R disc into disc drive before you could set “Copy to” option. After these settings, click the “Burn” button to start burning ISO to DVD disc.

DVD Copy Tutorial Video