iPad users usually will buy some accessories to use with their beloved iPad. Let’s see what kind iPad accessory will be eye-catching as well as interesting.

No. 1 Safari TV iPad Stand

iPad Stand
This product is released by Safari Cardboard. Like their other products, this iPad stand is made of environmental friendly hard cardboard. It looks like an old TV by appearance,but the buttons and radiator on the right side are simply decorations. iPad can be put inside this fake TV as the screen. For iPad users who like vintage style, this accessory will be very attractive.

No.2 Gamevice

Specially designed for iPad Mini, this Gamevice will turn your iPad into a game station. Do you miss the feeling of pressing and controlling? It would provide such memory for you. Wikipad has not leak the details about the release and price. But it is said that it would hopefully arrive before New Year.

No.3 iSense

iSense is a 3D scanner developed by 3D System. Installed on iPad, it can capture anything in life and convert them to images on iPad. For its powerful function, the price is also high. $499 for one iSense, which is nearly the price of an iPad. Anyway, for users who are not that sensitive to price, it would be quite cool and useful.

No.4 iTypewriter

Making iPad into some old stuff seems like a trend. This iTypewriter, as its name suggests, is a typewriter for iPad. It can make iPad into an antique in a second. Compare with other iPad keyboards, this may be a little bit different. Imagine you are typing with this iTypewriter, it must be cool and awesome.


It is an intellectual food scale which can help you to weigh out the calorie and nutrition in the food. For ladies who want to keep fit, it must be a pretty good helper. Also for those who want to lose weight, it can help you to keep an eye on what you eat.

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