It is time for New Year’s resolution again. My New Year’s resolution 2014 is to finish the New Year’s resolution of 2014 which I made in 2013. What is your New Year’s resolution? Let’s see what the New Year’s resolutions of people around the world are.


“I want to read more books in the New Year. I decide to start with War and Peace. Hope I would not give it up this time.”---Larry Lee, 25, Britain.

“I want to lose the fat on my belly. So maybe for me, my New Year’s solution will be loss three pounds. But delicious food is really hard to resist.”---Jasmine Perry, 31, New Zealand.

“I want to travel to other places. Last year, my friends all visited London, but I miss it because of my pregnancy. I do want to go to some place besides Seattle. Let’s say, Vegas.” ---Ursula Buffet, 29, United State.

“I want to keep in touch with my friends more often. Maybe hang out with them twice a month.” ---Ono Sayako, 15, Japan.

“I want to get enough sleep this year. I will try to sleep a little bit earlier every day.” Johnny Smith, 17, Australia.

“I want to have better skin. I will try to eat more vegetables and fruits in the New Year.” ---Ashwarya Kumar, 35, India.

“I want to watch more movies. Maybe I will save to buy some Blu-ray discs. I want to have some common topic with my friends.” ---Yao Liqiang, 32, China.

“I want to get married this year. I hope I can find someone to spend the rest of my life with.” ---Sylvie Diane, 27, France.