"Hi, I was trying to make more space on my Mac by cleaning up the trash can. And later I found that some old photos I’ve deleted are still useful. I don’t know what to do since they are deleted from the trash can. Is it still possible for me to get them back?"

A lot of people have the experience of getting their important files deleted on their computer. Most of the time, if you haven’t deleted them permanently, you can get them back in the Trash Can. Even if the files are deleted from the Trash can, it’s still possible to get them back. A lot of people don’t know how to recover deleted files mac after empty trash, or think it’s just impossible. But in fact, it’s fairly easy. All you need is a piece of third-party data recovery software. To recover deleted files Mac users can check out Leawo Data Recovery, it’s a powerful piece of software that can help you recover all kinds of common files on your Mac. In this post I’ll be using this program as an example to show you how to recover deleted files on Mac.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

The program we are using for recovering deleted files from Mac is Leawo Data Recovery. Before you start, be sure to download it to your computer first. After you’ve prepared the program, read the following content to see how to recover deleted files on Mac with it.


Data Recovery for Mac 

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1. Launch the program on your Mac and you will see 3 options on the main interface: File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery. If the files you are recovering are photos, you can choose Photo Recovery. Data Recovery is a data recovery mode that can recover all kinds of files. So you can directly choose Data Recovery.

Recover deleted files Mac

2. The next step is to choose from which drive or volume you want to recover data. After selecting the drive, click on the More Options button to set the kind of files you want the program to scan. Select the right type of files on the list and it’ll save you some time from the scanning process. When you are done setting the file types, click OK to go back to the drive list and click on Next to proceed.

Recover deleted files Mac

3. After moving on from the drive selecting step, the program will start scanning your drive to look for the files you’ve deleted on that drive. Wait for the scanning process to be done.

Recover deleted files Mac

4. After the scanning process is finished, the deleted files will be sorted by type and you can check out different types of files by selecting them on the list on the left column. Click on the file on the file list on the bottom of the right side and you will be able to preview the file on the top of the file list. Select all the files you want to recover and then click on the Recover button found in the bottom right corner.

Recover deleted files Mac

Above are the instructions for how to recover deleted files Mac users could try. A word of warning, though: try not to write more data on your drive after you delete the file and use a data recovery program to recover them as soon as possible. If you have new data written on the drive before recovering deleted files Mac OS might write the new data on the space that stores your deleted files. And your deleted data will be overwritten and it would significantly lower the possibility of you getting them back. So this is something you should keep in mind when you try to recover something important from your Mac computer.

If the files you are trying to recover are photos, videos or music files, I would suggest that you check out Leawo Photo Recovery. It's basically the same as the Photo Recovery mode in Leawo Data Recovery but with a lower price. And it can recover photos, videos and audio files from your hard drive, external hard drive, MP3/MP4, smartphones, camera and a lot of other storage devices. A lot of people would have their photos stored on their computer hard drive and a photo recovery program like this would significantly lower the odds of you losing your important photos by accident.